April 2014 Publisher's Statement

Right to Repair agreement

News comes and goes, often more quickly than deserved.  Such, perhaps, was the news that the “Right to Repair” debate concluded with a national agreement and the promising prospect of further collaboration. 

March 2014 Publisher's Statement

National Car Care Month approaches

As we put the winter of 2014 in the rear view mirror, it’s time to begin contemplating National Car Care Month in April.  This award-winning industry program continues to expand and improve.  And, it is not too early, at all, to begin making plans as to how your business can leverage the Car Care Council’s national consumer media campaign to help grow your business and make a marketing impression in your community.

February 2014 Publisher's Statement

Devil in the data collection and retention details

In early January, we opened our MEMA/AASA newsletter to read an article from the Detroit News regarding a report on vehicle data collection.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO), in a report released on Jan. 6, found major automakers have differing policies about how much data they collect and how long they keep it.  The GAO report stated that major automakers are keeping information about where drivers have been, collected from onboard navigation systems, for varying lengths of time.

January 2014 Publisher's Statement

Looking ahead at 2014

December 2013 Publisher's Statement

Industry’s well-being on display

Once again, trade show and convention attendees from all the various segments of the automotive parts and service industry, as well as enthusiasts of all stripes at SEMA, came to Las Vegas, won, and it didn’t have to stay in Vegas.

November 2013 Publisher's Statement

A core issue

Parts & People attended the recent Motor & Equipment Remanufacturing Association (MERA) conference, “Advancing Sustainability Through Remanufacturing,” in Troy, Mich., where, among several issues, it addressed challenges of core retention in relation to OE quality, high-tech vehicles, parts, and component lifecycle planning.

October 2013 Publisher's Statement

Technical school collision repair programs play a larger role

The Collision Repair Education Foundation and I-CAR released its “Snapshot of the Collision Repair Industry” and confirmed through survey results the industry’s perceived need for a continual supply of qualified entry-level technicians. 

September 2013 Publisher's Statement

Shift in vehicle parc accelerates

A significant change in the U.S. vehicle fleet population is emerging and the shift in the number of aging vehicles and new vehicles provides new opportunities for certain segments and new challenges for others.

August 2013 Publisher's Statement

Long-term paradigm shift, short-term preservation

A new, future cycle of emerging vehicle technology and changing paradigms for service providers and distribution channel partners excites the imagination and motivates the minds of business owners and executives to adapt and determine new paths.

July 2013 Publisher's Statement

Inventory management meets industry challenges

Inventory management for wholesale parts distributors and jobbers in an industry with a couple million part numbers including some 80,000 new OEM part numbers every year, is a challenge.  So too is having the capital, credit and the square footage to maintain that inventory. However, it’s the inter-relationship between availability and affordability, and all that makes up both, that tells the tale.

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