December 2014 - Publisher's Statement

Industry’s well-being on display

Once again, trade show and convention attendees from all the various segments of the automotive parts and service industry as well as enthusiasts of all stripes came to Las Vegas, and what happened didn’t have to stay in Vegas.

November 2014 - Publisher's Statement

Manufacturers and service industry strive to increase cooperation

Amidst consolidations and leaner budgets, efforts continue to inform shop owners and technicians of new tools and equipment, parts and procedures, and new technology necessary to provide professional service.  While manufacturers reach out to produce, provide, and support the needed information, service shop owners, individually and collectively, step up their efforts to receive and integrate the information to better shop performance and profitability.


October 2014 Publisher's Statement

In-market presence: roots and boots on the ground

September 2014 Publisher's Statement

Education and training drive industry event attendance

Amidst the quantum-like leaps in vehicle technology and new materials, the need for new equipment and technician training continues at a similar pace. Training offerings at the national and regional levels are taking on additional importance, as well as the trade shows.


NACE bounces back

August 2014 Publisher's Statement

Tomorrow is here and the past isn’t coming back

Of all the current, conversational comments heard while attending shows and events in this industry around the country, the phrase “it ain’t coming back,” was one often expressed.

Yes, welcome to the future!  And we are glad you made it.  But, for those hesitating or searching for their keys, reminders were often made that the past is not coming back, at least in some regards not soon enough for a business model to remain stagnant and expect to flourish.

July 2014 Publisher's Statement

Preserving a balanced industry infrastructure

For 30 years, Parts & People has viewed the distribution channel as the infrastructure that connects manufacturers and remanufacturers with the independent service industry delivering the right part, on time, at the right cost and, just as importantly, collectively helps define each local and regional market with supplier value-added services and adaptable marketing models.

JUNE 2014 Publisher's Statement

Suppliers and channel partners face value-added choices

Distributors and jobbers have historically partnered with suppliers to provide the best combination of parts coverage, quality, delivery, and catalog information possible.  Many distributors are identified by the suppliers with whom they partner, be they the key product lines sold or niche product lines that fill local market needs.  Often, a distributor’s primary product suppliers are also the key factor in determining the value-added services a distributor or jobber is able to provide.

May 2014 Publisher's Statement

Auto Care Association

On April 24, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) rebranded to the Auto Care Association.

Changes in our industry and the society in which it works offer the opportunity to strengthen the image and better communicate our value.  When communicating outside of the industry to motorists, agencies, and legislatures, the representation of the industry must be clear and understandable.

April 2014 Publisher's Statement

Right to Repair agreement

News comes and goes, often more quickly than deserved.  Such, perhaps, was the news that the “Right to Repair” debate concluded with a national agreement and the promising prospect of further collaboration. 

March 2014 Publisher's Statement

National Car Care Month approaches

As we put the winter of 2014 in the rear view mirror, it’s time to begin contemplating National Car Care Month in April.  This award-winning industry program continues to expand and improve.  And, it is not too early, at all, to begin making plans as to how your business can leverage the Car Care Council’s national consumer media campaign to help grow your business and make a marketing impression in your community.

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