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Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska Volume 105 Number 3 March 2013
U . S . P o s t a g e
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Pages 15-17 C1-C4
Family atmosphere and web marketing
fuel growth at Portland shop . . . . . . . 15
John Spinnett, general
manager of Steve’s
Imports, recommends
treating employees and
customers like family,
because family are the
people you’re most loyal to.
Business attorney tests shop owners’
knowledge of employee law . . . . . C-2
Cory King offers attendees at the recent CIC
a pop quiz on their knowledge of human
resources practices.
Toyota’s Predictive Estimating promises
quicker, more accurate repairs . . . . C-4
Software tool will be integrated into
estimating platform, with other OEs to follow.
Collision Tools & Equipment . . . . . C-4
Collision Repair Training Notes . . . 17
by Jerold B. Smith
SeaTac, Wash.—Northwest Air
Conditioning has been a fixture in
the region since 1967 when Bob
and Mary Fulford began the
business servicing air systems on
cars and trucks, Mary Fulford said.
In 1969, a full line of A/C parts
were added and 24 years ago their
daughter, Nancy Fulford, joined
the company.
Known throughout the region,
including Alaska, Northwest Air
became a key source for
performing in-house service,
offering training for technicians
and providing an extensive array
of A/C parts and test equipment, Fulford
Over the years, dozens of A/C classes
have been held at Northwest Air using
some of the nation’s top trainers, she said.
The parts and service equipment
inventory, including Robinair service
machines, grew to one of the largest in
the region, Nancy Fulford said. Not only
has the business sold Robinair equipment
for decades, they became an authorized
service center many years ago and
service and repair hundreds of A/C
machines each year, she said.
When Bob Fulford died six years ago,
the mother-and-daughter team continued
the business, providing products to parts
stores, repair shops, fleets, and
government agencies, as well as repair
service on air, heating, and underhood
During the recent visit by Parts &
People, the Fulfords said they had just
returned from the 33rd annual MACS
(Mobile Air Conditioning Society)
Training Event and Trade Show in
Orlando, Fla. Issues relating to
air service, refrigerants, and new
product offerings were still fresh
in their thoughts as they
discussed the matters that were
prevalent at MACS.
Though much discussion of the
new refrigerant R-1234yf took
place at MACS, the Fulfords said
the R-134a refrigerant remains
the standard for now in the U.S.
While Europe has adopted the R-
1234yf in many vehicles,
including Mercedes-Benz
models, the first in North
America vehicle production is
found on the Cadillac XTS,
followed by the Cadillac ATS, they said.
“Other than for autobody repair shops
and dealerships, it will be some time
before the general repair trade sees the
INSIDE Parts & People
More than 11,600 circulated
Dealership changes are positive for
longtime Husky Trucks in Seattle . . . 3
Truck dealer absorbs
the addition of parts
and service as two lines
of product are meshed
into its main operation
and experiences near-
record sales.
New website ‘toolbox’ can help shops
prepare for NCCM in April . . . . . . . . . . 3
As emerging technology gains traction,
charging systems are adapting . . . . . 7
Auto Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
DuFresne’s Auto emphasizes proper
repair, not the lowest price . . . . . . . . . 11
technicians are
concerned more with
customer safety than
cutting corners.
Heavy-duty industry arrives in record
numbers for HDAW 2013 . . . . . . . . . . 13
Successful execution of brand promise
and value drives profits . . . . . . . . . . 14
Recently Driven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Parts & People tests the 2013 Hyundai Santa
Fe Sport AWD and the Volvo S60 T5 AWD.
Innovation — from concept to market —
sets Peterson Manufacturing apart . 21
OTC breaks new ground with launch of
tablet-based diagnostic tool . . . . . . . 22
New Product Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
ASA Washington names Industry Leader
of the Year at retreat . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Cooper’s Keys to Auto Repair Profits . 27
People & Places . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Mechanical Repair Training Notes . . 30
Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Mary (l.) and Nancy Fulford say using quality lamps and
dyes in leak detection kits is imperative for properly
diagnosing A/C and other fluid system leaks.
Northwest Air returns from MACS Training Event and
Trade Show with news on R-1234yf and new products
More photos and
articles at
Continued on page 18
Online Edition at
Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck
. . .
Underhood Maintenance
& Air Conditioning
Underhood Maintenance
& Air Conditioning
. . .
Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Coming focus issues
Diagnostic Strategies /
Automotive Refnishing
Page 2 March 2013 Parts & People
The Federated Car Care program is one of the fastest growing, complete support programs for the nation’s best automotive service providers. The Federated “Get Dirty
with Kenny and the Two Guys” contest is open to any fully enrolled Federated Car Care Center member. Current members are automatically eligible. New members
must be enrolled by June 1st, 2013 to be eligible.
It’s time to get “Dirty with Kenny” and this year Kenny Schrader is bringing along his friends,
Kevin Byrd and Willie B, the hosts of the Federated sponsored SPEED show Two Guys Garage.
Kenny and the “Two Guys” will be taping a special episode of Two Guys Garage featuring the winners of this exclusive
Federated Car Care promotion as they learn how to race from the king of dirt himself, Schrader. The annual dirt
track driving experience extravaganza will again take place at the Federated Auto Parts I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Mo.
To find out how to “Get Dirty with Kenny and the Two Guys”, visit
with Kenny
The Federate
wo Guys” contest is open to y and the TTw
ed Car Care program is one of the fast
must be enrolled by June 1st,
o any fully enrolled Federated Car Care
est growing, complete support program
2013 to be eligible.
. Current members ar e Center member
s best automotive ser ms for the nation’
re automatically eligible. New member
rvice providers. The Federated “Get Di
by Jerold B. Smith
Seattle—Founded in 1985, Husky
Trucks has been a successful
International dealer in the region, as
well as providing Isuzu trucks and
parts to commercial customers,
Parts Manager Darren Hendrickson
said. The company operates a
Seattle branch and one in Spokane,
he added, as well as Idealease truck
leasing and rental operations at both
Owned by the McDevitt family,
with Mike McDevitt serving as
CEO, Husky operated a Husky
Truck Center for years at a nearby
location, Hendrickson said. That
operation sold the Isuzu line, as well
as handled GMC medium-duty parts and
sold Volvo heavy-duty units, he said. On
Jan. 1, that all changed when Tec
Equipment purchased the Volvo franchise
and the GMC parts and Isuzu sales,
service, and parts moved to Husky Trucks’
main operation center, Hendrickson said.
“While it’s been a challenge to
incorporate an extensive amount of new
parts into our department, it’s also been
exciting, as we had a near-record month
in sales in January,” Hendrickson said.
With approximately 15,000 square feet of
parts space, he said the department is
undergoing a major transformation to
handle the entire lineup of products sold.
A new front parts and accessories
showroom has also recently been added,
he said, noting that he manages a $1
million parts inventory.
“International sales basically
incorporate King County, but we handle
parts sales all over the U.S.,”
Hendrickson said. “We just sold 80
sleeper cabs, so sales are brisk.”
Isuzu new vehicle and parts sales are
more extensive geographically,
Hendrickson said, with accounts in
Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and a few in
Oregon. “We have two outside parts sales
people, and we will likely soon grow to
three with our expanding business,” he
said, adding that he also
makes calls in the field.
“We also just hired Bruce
Burrows, a 20-year Isuzu
parts specialist in the
region, to handle inside
sales for us.”
“It’s all about CSI for
us and taking care of our
customers, regardless of
the brand,” said
Hendrickson, who has an
extensive parts and
service background at
Puget Sound-area
dealerships and Schuck’s
Auto Supply. “Recently
we had a local port
account that experienced a cracked axle
on an Ottawa yard
truck, a product line we
also sell. It turns out a
total of 28 units had to
have axles replaced and
it could’ve been weeks
to get them produced at
the out-of-country
manufacturing facility,
but we were able to get
them within a week
from the Kansas distribution center and
get the yard trucks back in operation.
Sometimes it just takes the extra effort to
make customers pleased,” he said. “In the
end, it’s all about relationships and caring
about your customers.”
With 13 people in the parts department,
Hendrickson said they offer five
deliveries a day within the greater Seattle
area. The department is open from 7 a.m.
to midnight, Monday to Friday, and 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday,
he said. “On the inside, we work closely
with Mike Lathan, our service manager,
and his staff to handle the needs in our
service department,” he said. That
includes a back parts counter adjacent to
service that is manned all hours the parts
department is open to meet the parts
needs of the shop, he said.
“We have a tenured parts staff,
including Rich Hemmingsen, who has
been a parts specialist here since the store
opened in 1985,”
Hendrickson said.
“Scott Melberg, our
front counter parts
specialist, has a total
of 13 years, Kelly
Harding in the back
has 20 years with us,
and Fred Schilling,
our inventory control
manager who handles
special orders and special purchasing, has
also been here 20 years.”
Hendrickson said his department
Parts & People March 2013 Page 3
Underhood Maintenance & Air Conditioning / Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Focus Issue
New website ‘toolbox’ can help shops prepare for National Car Care Month in April
by Rob Merwin
Bethesda, Md.—As National Car Care
Month (NCCM) approaches, shops can
leverage the Car Care Council’s national
consumer media campaign, new website,
and abundance of materials to help
expand their businesses in April, said
Rich White, executive director, Car Care
“We want to help the industry use the
content to promote National Car Care
Month,” White said. “We’re hoping more
and more shops and stores participate.
There’s no one-size-fits-all — there’s
numerous ways to get involved.”
He said the Car Care Council’s new
website makes it easier for consumers to
navigate, and it also has a new section for
the industry that offers resources to get
involved in NCCM. It features a toolbox
of various materials for shops to use
depending on their degree of
involvement. The industry tool kit for car
care month and hosting events can be
found at
Many auto repair shops and parts stores
throughout the country celebrate National
Car Care Month by hosting community
car care events, White said. At these
events, businesses volunteer their time to
check components on vehicles that
typically get overlooked, including tires,
air filters, lubricants and fluids, belts and
hoses, battery cables, and lights. The free
vehicle inspection events emphasize the
importance of preventive maintenance
and educate consumers about how to take
proper care of their cars.
Shops that are interested in holding a
car care event can visit the website, or
contact the Car Care Council by e-mail, and, or call them
directly at 240-333-1088 and 240-333-
1030, respectively.
“We can talk and walk you through it,”
White said. “It’s a good opportunity to
touch base with existing customers to
reinforce their loyalty and to meet new
customers, too.” n
Five quick ways shops can participate
Bethesda, Md.—Supporting National
Car Care Month doesn’t have to take a
lot of time, said Rich White, executive
director of the Car Care Council. “Just a
few minutes is all it takes to help your
customers learn the safety and
economic benefits of regular vehicle
The Car Care Council suggests five
quick and easy ways to get involved in
National Car Care Month:
1. Suggest your customers sign up for
the free customized service schedule
and e-mail service from the nonprofit
Car Care Council at
2. Send your customers to to
view the free digital Car Care Guide,
available in English and Spanish, or
order a free printed copy for their
glove compartment.
3. Print out car care tips at
resource/car-care-tips and leave them
out for customers to read while they
are in a waiting room or standing at
the counter.
4. Hang a Car Care Month poster and
banner, and place a Car Care Month
mirror dangler on each customer’s
rear-view mirror. Make your own
signs or get a special point-of-sale kit
from the Car Care Council at
5. Hosting a car care event in your
community? Visit
participants/host-an-event to list your
event at no charge on the Car Care
Council’s website. n
Husky experiences near-record sales after moving GMC parts and Isuzu sales to main hub
Matt McDevitt (l.), general manager of Husky Trucks in Seattle,
stands in front of new International Trucks on the Husky Trucks
lot with Parts Manager Darren Hendrickson.
Continued on page 6
“While it’s been a
challenge to incorporate
an extensive amount of
new parts into our
department, it’s also
been exciting.”
Page 4 March 2013 Parts & People
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Sign on Bonus for Diesel Technicians.
Shifting ‘sweet spot’ is an industry challenge
The “Aftermarket sweet spot” is an accepted concept in the
industry generally agreed to be the age range of vehicles where
the entire aftermarket channel, especially independent repair
and maintenance, thrives. Sweet-spot vehicles range from
those just out of warranty to older ones that are still worth
putting significant money into maintenance and repair.
A recent AASA (Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers
Association) Industry Analysis, well-crafted and written by
Paul McCarthy, vice president of industry analysis, and Bailey
Watson, AASA analyst, brings clarity to the concept and
describes a shrinking, shifting sweet spot in an expanding
vehicle parc anticipated now through 2018.
During the last few years, following the economic downturn
and resulting drop in new vehicle sales, the sweet spot
expanded in size to a range of six to 12 years. The sweet spot’s
larger size and range provided momentum and a profitable
target for the industry as a whole, but as the analysis reports, it
peaked in 2011 at 104 million vehicles and is estimated to drop
to 82 million by 2018. The decline of 22 million over six years
is directly linked to new car sales having dropped over the last
half decade. Now, an accelerated cycle of new vehicles
subsequently impacting the aftermarket sweet spot has begun.
The analysis concludes this is neither a headwind nor
tailwind, but rather advises that suppliers can prepare in
advance for the declining sweet spot. The report states
emphatically, however, “The market is not going away.” The
large U.S. vehicle parc of more than 243 million vehicles in
operation is not shrinking but, according to AASA projections,
will continue to grow into future years.
Resist unneeded reduction of sweet-spot vehicles
The AASA analysis not only provides clarity to the concept
of a diminishing sweet spot but confirmation of the challenge
ahead. More, perhaps, than any aftermarket segment, the
service industry thrives within the sweet spot of five to nine
years. From 10 years old and older, the vehicles coming to the
service industry for repair are less profitable and efficient to
service. Many in the industry view much of the 10 and over
vehicle population benefitting the retail parts business and
“shadow” service providers outside the mainstream industry.
As suggested in this column before, other threats of
influence and intervention remain to further reduce sweet-spot
numbers. Industry leaders and associations will hopefully
maintain vigil to resist initiatives that will compound the
The current surge in new vehicle sales is driven, in great
part, by vehicle credit loans characterized by some credit
agencies as almost 50-percent subprime. In this economy,
“repo” will become “previously owned,” crowding the used
car market and providing impetus for vehicle parc turnover.
Under the guise of “green” there is building pressure to turn
the fleet faster to meet new standards. Programs such as the
ill-fated “Cash for Clunkers” need to be resisted. The number
of foreign buyers at vehicle auctions and the subsequent
exporting of U.S. vehicles should be curtailed, too. The
growing pressure toward GPS monitoring in all vehicles for
insurance, registration, and location-revealing purposes will
add additional pressure for vehicle parc turnover.
An empowered EPA will skirt the need for legislation and
exercise its regulatory powers to thin the vehicle parc of “old
technology” and determine vehicle life span for vehicles
currently in the sweet spot and beyond. Similarly, preventing
increased total-loss determination by insurers in collision
repair shops will keep more mid-age vehicles on the road.
Reducing further, unnecessary loss to the vehicle parc
“sweet spot” should remain a top-of-mind concern during the
next five years. n
Wilmington, Del.—An SAE
International Cooperative Research
Program reported progress in expanding
its evaluation of HFO-1234yf, stating that
their “high level of confidence that
R1234yf can be used safely in automotive
applications continues to grow.”
An earlier Cooperative Research
Program was completed in 2009 and
concluded that HFO-1234yf is a safe and
acceptable alternative refrigerant for
mobile air conditioning systems that can
be used to meet new environmental and
consumer needs.
The previous evaluation has now been
expanded, and SAE International said
“the findings of the original CRP1234
remain well founded.”
The evaluations
done by the
automotive industry
under the SAE
program have
involved extensive
According to
SAE, the
Cooperative Research Program is “using
universally accepted engineering
methods, including analysis of recent
OEM testing from actual vehicle crash
data, on-vehicle
bench tests and
more than 100
releases. Based on this testing, the CRP
has found that the refrigerant is highly
unlikely to ignite and that ignition
requires extremely idealized conditions.”
“SAE programs have conducted years
of rigorous safety testing for this
refrigerant, and all results were brought
together under an internationally accepted
approach to risk assessment,” said Joseph
Martinko, global business and market
manager, DuPont Opteon products.
“SAE International Cooperative Research
Programs follow a process that brings a
disciplined and thorough approach to
collaborative industry programs.” n
Parts & People March 2013 Page 5
Meet the AISIN Family
You’ve been using our products for just didn’t know it...
Meet the
AISIN WORLD CORP. OF AMERICA 24330 Garnier Street, Torrance, California 90505-5327
AISIN Cooling System Products
You’ve picked the right choice
Regardless of whether it’s a Water
Pump, Fan Clutch, Fan Pulley Bracket,
Tensioner or an OE matched Timing
Belt Kit, AISIN cooling system products
are the right OE match for your vehicle.
AISIN is the largest OE water pump
manufacturer in the world and has a
great understanding in the development
and engineering of the cooling system.
Water Pump Timing Belt Kit
OE fit, form & function
Tensioner Fan Pulley Bracket Fan Clutch
Clutch Kit Clutch Hydraulics Free Wheel Hub Oil Pump Timing Chain Cover Form In-Place Gasket Door Lock Actuator Automatic Transmission Fluid
SAE International technical group’s report bolsters confidence in HFO-1234yf safety
Attendees welcome
new format at MACS
2013 Training Event
and Trade Show
Lansdale, Pa.—The global mobile air
conditioning industry came together in
Orlando, Fla., Feb. 6-9, to learn, network,
and determine the best way forward for
the industry.
More than 1250
attended MACS’
2013 Training
Event and Trade
Show and visited 92
exhibitors in 136
booths during
Friday’s trade show.
introduced a new
convention format
for our three-day
event with great success,” said Elvis L.
Hoffpauir, MACS president and COO. “In
an economy that is still finding its footing,
we are pleased with the attendance at our
show and the enthusiasm of our
J. Marcello Ganasevici, of Delphi, a
MACS member and exhibitor, said, “I
heard very positive comments all day
Friday, especially around the training and
technical sessions — reaching the
technicians is paramount for Delphi, and
training is extremely important. Also I
enjoyed Kenny Wallace as the guest
speaker at the keynote lunch.
Phil Eggen of Supercool, a MACS
member and exhibitor, added, “We had a
good show, with more people visiting our
booth than last year. We met with both
domestic and international customers
and made some good new contacts as
well.” n
“The CRP has found that the
refrigerant is highly unlikely to
ignite and that ignition requires
extremely idealized conditions.”
Elvis L. Hoffpauir,
MACS president
and COO
handles parts for a variety of customers,
including large fleets such as Ryder and
Penske. “Many of our accounts use the
International Fleet Charge credit card
system that allows for central pricing and
ease of purchase by customers.” Full lines
of International, Isuzu, Ottawa, and GMC
parts are inventoried at Husky, he said,
and even though GMC stopped making
medium-duty trucks in 2009, that
business remains brisk for the company.
The 20-bay service department in
Seattle handles more than 400 trucks a
month on average, said Shop Foreman Ed
Linge, a six-year veteran at Husky who
recently moved over from Husky Truck
Center. “That equates to about 50 Isuzu
trucks a month, with the remainder being
International and other brands,”
he said, adding that the shop
performs work on all makes of
trucks, as they have Caterpillar
and Cummins certified
A total of 12 technicians, six of
them ASE-certified, handle the
Husky Trucks service needs,
while an additional five techs
work on Idealease trucks, he said.
Bill McJannet, who heads up the
Idealease operation in Seattle,
said they have a fleet of 450 units
in the leasing and rental programs.
The success of Husky Trucks is directly
impacted by the team of people at the
store, Hendrickson said. “Not only our
parts and service personnel, but people
like Matt McDevitt, our general manager,
as well as his father Mike McDevitt, and
our CFO Alexis Patten, who is the heart
of the organization and works well with
everybody, help make this a fun job,” he
In total, there are 66 employees in
Seattle, while Spokane, managed by
Matt’s brother, Chris McDevitt, has 38
personnel, Patten said, and new and used
sales at both stores were strong in 2012,
Hendrickson said. n
MACS honors new product showcase winners
Page 6 March 2013 Parts & People
Husky experiences near-record sales after moving GMC parts and Isuzu sales to main hub
Continued from page 3
Ed Linge, shop foreman at Husky Trucks, says the
service department works on International Trucks
such as this one equipped with special hoists.
Lansdale, Pa.—The 2013 MACS
Training Event and Trade Show featured a
new products showcase with 24 new
mobile A/C and engine cooling products on
display. A panel of the motor press
attending the show judged the following
products as standouts in three categories:
Most innovative new product:
AGS Swedge Lokr Kit. The Swedge-Lokr
Tool and Swedge-Lok System is the key to
permanent, fast, and economical A/C
repairs. The Swedge-Lokr Tool is designed
to fit into the
spaces where
A/C lines are
allowing most
repairs to be
right on the
vehicle. The
Swedge-Lok repair fittings consist of tube-
to-tube unions, tube-to-hose unions, and
block-offs. The specialized alloy and
design of those fittings makes for
corrosion-proof and leak-proof repairs that
are pressure-rated and tested up to 1,000
Most service friendly new
product: Beck/Arnley European
Coolants. Beck/Arnley’s new lineup of
Genuine OE Quality European Fluids
includes Euro Concentrate, Euro SF+, and
Euro ++. They are bottled in Europe and
formulated specifically for Audi, BMW,
Mini, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and Volvo
models. The bottle includes a collapsible
spout for ease of pouring.
Best use of technology in a new
product: Santech No. MT3710 – Dual
Channel Thermometer Kit. This is a J/K-
type digital
thermometer that
will display two
separate probe
readings at the
same time on
one screen. The
unit will also
perform a
reading of the
two probes. The
comes with a
protective rubber
cover. The
probes are direct contact for accurate
readings. n
Santech No. MT3710
– Dual Channel
Thermometer Kit
Beck/Arnley European Coolants
AGS Swedge Lokr Kit
by Matthew Sevart
Lenexa, Kan.—The need for greater fuel
economy and the electrical demand inside
today’s vehicles, stemming from a wide
variety of in-cabin conveniences such as
heated seats and DVD players, is changing
the way the OEMs are looking at vehicle
battery technology, said Jim O’Hara, vice
president of marketing at Clore
Automotive, a manufacturer of battery
charging systems and related products.
“No longer is the battery just for starting
a car. It’s being used for a variety of things,
and it’s being cycled far more than in the
past,” he said. “In addition to starting a car
— reducing up to 7 percent of the battery’s
capacity, which the alternator then
recharges — the battery is used more and
more, and therefore heavily discharged and
Between the in-cabin
amenities and the power
needed to run the vehicle,
O’Hara said the alternator
is becoming overwhelmed,
which has led the OEMs to
develop sophisticated
electrical systems systems
that require a battery that
can supplement the
alternator during periods
of peak demand.
As a result, O’Hara said,
vehicle manufacturers began looking for
alternatives to the standard flooded acid
batteries, resulting in new technologies
such as AGM, deep cycle, and gel cell
batteries, of which AGM is the most
“AGM stands for absorption glass mat,
and technically, it differs from traditional
flooded acid batteries in the sense that the
battery’s plates are wrapped with thin
fiberglass mat separators, which absorb the
battery’s electrolyte, rather than flooding
all the plates,” said O’Hara, adding that this
results in a battery that is better suited to
handle the deeper cycling required on
modern passenger vehicles.
By the early 2000s, O’Hara said, those
non-traditional batteries were being
installed as original equipment on a
handful of makes and models, including
the Mercedes S Class in 2000, Chevrolet
Corvette and Toyota Prius in 2001, and
BMW 3 Series in 2003.
Since then, the AGM and other non-
traditional batteries have picked up
Parts & People March 2013 Page 7
Nick Sebesta / Seattle DC
Weasler Engineering • Pioneer Products
Monte Thompson / NAPA Portland
NAPA Belts/Hose offers a complete line of belts for
agricultural and lawn and garden equipment, in sizes and
power ratings for almost any application. For heavy
equipment such as tractors and harvesters, heavy duty and
industrial belts provide long life, high reliability, strength ñ and
OE fit, form and function. A full range of profiles is offered,
including numerous types of V-belts, joined V-belts for multi-
sheave drives, and specialty belts for backside idlers,
low-clearance situations, high heat, shock resistance and
other punishing circumstances.
Discover NAPA Belts/Hose BladeRunner
and PoweRated
fractional-horsepower belts for lawn mowers, tillers, edgers,
snow blowers and other light duty equipment used by
homeowners, lawn professionals, golf courses, municipalities,
large-scale agriculture and everything between.
agricultural applications
demand heavy duty parts.
As emerging technology gains traction, battery charging systems are adapting
Clore Automotive Vice President of
Marketing Jim O’Hara says the days of
the traditional flooded-acid battery are
numbered, and new technology such as
AGM and gel cell batteries require new
battery charging systems.
Continued on page 8
Clore Automotive, under its Solar brand,
has released Pro-Logix battery chargers,
such as this wheeled charger model
PL3750, with the ability to properly charge
all battery varieties.
As emerging technology gains traction, battery charging systems are adapting
momentum, and although still
relatively small in share volume,
they can be found in nearly 15
percent of nameplates, and by
2017, O’Hara said it is estimated
that more than 50 percent of the
vehicles sold in North America will
have non-traditional batteries such
as the AGM.
“The flooded battery is going
away,” O’Hara said, “and although
the AGMs are currently 30 to 100
percent more expensive than the
comparable flooded battery, there
are so many benefits. You get a
battery that can have more power,
more vibration resistance, and can
handle more cycling applications
— overall, it’s just a smarter battery.”
However, a smarter battery requires a
smarter battery charger, O’Hara said.
“AGM and gel cell batteries, in
particular, require a battery charger that is
compatible with their specific charging
needs,” he said. “Generally, this means
that the charger will charge the battery
using a ‘smart’ charging routine that
incorporates a constant amperage rate for
the majority of the
charging process and will
precisely control battery
voltage throughout the
charging process.”
For those applications,
Clore Automotive, under
its Solar brand, has
released Pro-Logix battery
chargers, with the ability
to properly charge all
varieties including
flooded, AGM, gel cell,
spiral wound, deep cycle,
and marine types.
Failure to use an AGM
or gel cell compatible
charger on those battery
types will have detrimental
effects on battery life,
O’Hara said.
“Using a
traditional battery
charger on an AGM
battery will result in
excessive voltage
and heat creation,
destroying the
battery’s chemical
composition and
shortening the useful life of the battery.”
A good rule of thumb, if unaware
whether the battery is flooded or AGM, is
to choose the AGM setting, O’Hara said.
“You’re not going to hurt a flooded
battery when charging in the AGM mode,
but the same can’t be said for charging an
AGM battery on the flooded mode, so
when in doubt, go with AGM,” said
O’Hara, adding that technicians should
also use resources such as Mitchell or
AllData when working on a vehicle to
verify what battery application is OEM.
From the distribution level, O’Hara
added that tool and equipment vendors
will have to adapt to the new technology.
“The techs in the shops are going to
look at their tool house to point them in the
right direction,” he said, “and from a Clore
perspective, we feel we’ve made it easy
for everybody in the channel because Pro-
Logix is all we have in our Solar-branded
chargers, and those are all fully automatic
chargers with the ability to charge all lead-
acid battery types.”
Under the Solar Pro-Logix brand,
O’Hara said Clore offers eight smart
chargers, ranging from wheel chargers to
portable maintenance chargers, adding that
the investment for a Pro-Logix smart
charger, that can handle all battery types,
starts at $80 for a portable unit and as
much as $650 for a top-of-the-line
wheeled unit, with multiple units and price
points in-between.
To help keep the shop owner, technician,
and other industry
professionals stay
abreast on the
changing battery
technology, and
subsequently, the
effect it has on
charging equipment,
O’Hara said Clore
Automotive has been building a content
library, which can be found at
“Our goal is to provide education on
how to charge batteries more safely, faster
and more efficiently,” he said. “We cover
areas like how battery chargers have
changed, what to look for in a product that
will meet the needs of today and tomorrow
and the things to remember to get the most
out of your equipment purchase. Those
things are important regardless of which
brand of unit you have, and if you follow
those, you will get a longer life on your
investment.” n
Page 8 March 2013 Parts & People
Hands-On Training by AR&D
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Diagnostics
It All Starts Here
Technology and Training Since 1987
AR&D Training
2010 E. Lindberg Road
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Mail To:
By credit card:
Call: 586.718.9469 (or)
Fax: 360.504.2790
Week of June 3-7, 2013 (Madison, WI):
4-Day Hybrid Vehicle Systems - Part 1
5-Day SAE Advanced HEV Diagnostics Credential
Week of June 10-13, 2013 (Madison, WI):
4-Day Hybrid & Electric Vehicle
Maintenance - Service and Diagnostics
Week of June 24-28, 2013 (Portland, OR):
4-Day Hybrid Vehicle Systems - Part 1
5-Day SAE Advanced HEV Diagnostics Credential
Week of July 8-12, 2013 (Port Angeles, WA):
4-Day Hybrid Vehicle Systems - Part 1
5-Day SAE Advanced HEV Diagnostics Credential
Week of July 15-18, 2013 (Port Angeles, WA):
4-Day Hybrid & Electric Vehicle
Maintenance - Service and Diagnostics
Week of July 29-August 2, 2013 (Flat Rock, NC):
4-Day Hybrid Vehicle Systems - Part 1
5-Day SAE Advanced HEV Diagnostics Credential
Week of August 6-9, 2013 (Flat Rock, NC):
4-Day Hybrid & Electric Vehicle
Maintenance - Service and Diagnostics
essional offe r P
tial eden r C
ailable v A !
ainin r T On Hands-
ehi V ic tr id and Elec ybr H
ed HE anc dv y SAE A 5-Da
e st y ehicle S V id ybr y H 4-Da
a eek of June 3-7, 2013 (M W
y AR&D ng b
nostics cle Diag
eden r nostics C Diag
t 1 ar ms - P
WI): adison,
em st y ehicle S VVe id ybr y H 4 Da
t or eek of July 8-12, 2013 (P W
V D ed HE anc dv y SAE A 5-Da
e st y ehicle S V id ybr y H 4-Da
eek of June 24-28, 2013 ( W
e and vic er e - S enanc t ain M
eh V ic tr id & Elec ybr y H 4-Da
eek of June 10-13, 2013 ( W
t 1 ar ms P
): A W , ngeles t A
tial eden r nostics C Diag
t 1 ar ms - P
, OR): tland or (P
nostics Diag
WI): adison, (M
o: ail TTo M
A 9836 W , ngeles t A or P
oad g R . Lindber 2010 E
aining r AR&DT
d edit car y cr B
om .c V o2HE . G w w w
V Dia ed HE anc dv y SAE A 5-Da
em st y ehicle S VVe id ybr y H 4-Da
ugust 2, 20 A eek of July 29- W
e and D vic er e - S enanc t ain M
ehic V ic tr id & Elec ybr y H 4-Da
o eek of July 15-18, 2013 (P W
V Dia ed HE anc dv y SAE A 5-Da
em st y ehicle S VVe id ybr y H 4-Da
tial eden r nostics C ag
t 1 ar ms - P
): , NC ock t R la 013 (F
nostics Diag
): A W , ngeles t A or
tial eden r nostics C ag
t 1 ar ms - P
all C
om .c aining@go2hev tr
x Fa
: 586.718.9469 (or)
: 360.504.2790
e and D
rts Here It All Staar
2HE www.Go
vic er e - S enanc t ain M
ehic V ic tr id & Elec ybr y H 4-Da
l ugust 6-9, 2013 (F eek of A W
): , NC ock t R a
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The Clore Automotive Solar Pro-Logix PL2320 is a fully automatic,
portable, smart charger, that handles not only the traditional
flooded battery, but also new technologies including AGM, gel cell,
spiral wound, marine, and deep cycle batteries.
“No longer is the battery just
for starting a car — it is
being used for a variety of
things, and it is being cycled
far more than in the past.”
New breakout sessions
will drive change at GAAS
Chicago—For the first time, GAAS
2013 will feature four practical, hands-on
breakout sessions on succession planning,
improving employee morale and customer
loyalty, groundbreaking trends impacting
the automotive aftermarket, and
successfully closing the gap between
strategic planning and execution. The four
seminars will be May 22, and will be
repeated twice.
“We are excited to take attendees deeper
into several important subject matters with
our new breakout sessions,” GAAS
Chairman Denny Welvaert said. “These
sessions will be a strong complement to an
impressive lineup of presentations and
panel discussions on important industry
Welvaert said GAAS announced that
Danielle Russell, automotive industry
director for Google, will present,
“Consumer Insights and Opportunities —
Three Game-Changing Trends.” Russell
will serve as the closing speaker for GAAS
2013. She will explain how consumers are
increasingly turning to the Internet for
parts and service information and what
information the aftermarket must embrace
to make the customers’ experience a
satisfactory one that sells more product. n
Parts & People March 2013 Page 9
Special service. On Jan. 24, the
first customer hand-over of two all-
new Range Rovers took place at a
state-of-the-art visitor center in
Solihull, UK. It’s the first Jaguar
Land Rover facility of its kind in
the world and was designed to
offer customers the opportunity to
undergo a high-quality multimedia
experience as part of receiving
their new Range Rovers.
With the appearance of a
boutique hotel, the Solihull visitor
center offers customers special parking, a
personal concierge, and a VIP lounge that
features 16-foot ceilings. A Meridian
cinema-style theater provides Land Rover
buyers an introduction to the brand. Guests
then move to a room where their Range
Rover will be unveiled using a 3D
projection technology that silhouettes the
actual building of the vehicle, all with
dramatic lighting and Meridian audio
sound to enhance the experience.
More than 6,000 guests currently visit
Solihull each year to take part in factory
tours and off-road experiences, and Jaguar
Land Rover expects an additional 2,000
guests will visit in 2013 with the opening
of the new visitor center.
Bad economy? Apparently plenty of
buyers have money to spend on luxury
cars, as Porsche Cars North America
reported a 32 percent increase over January
2012 with sales of 3,358 vehicles for the
first month of 2013. This follows a record-
setting 2012 in the U.S. with 35,043
vehicles sold.
January’s sales leader was the Porsche
Cayenne SUV with 1,500 units sold (993
were sold in January 2012). The other hot
seller was the combination of 911
models, including the 911 Carrera 4
models that hit the market.
Industry report. At the recent Portland
International Auto Show, Ford Motor Co.
U.S. Sales Analyst Erich Merkle provided
automotive media with data on the auto
industry and projections for the future.
Citing 14.8 million unit sales for 2012 in
the U.S., Merkle said the 13-percent
increase over 2011 was tied to housing
starts across the country and shifts in
buying habits by consumers.
“In the 1970s the industry sold small cars
and minivans, shifting
to larger vehicles and
SUVs in the 1990s,”
Merkle said. “Moving
forward, Boomers
began downsizing from
SUVs in 2004-2005
forward as the cost of
ownership, including
fuel costs, became vital.
In 2012, small cars
represented 21 percent
of sales, the highest
ever, and consumers are
focusing on smaller and
mid-size vehicles.” He
added that hybrid and
plug-in electric vehicles
now represent 4 percent of industry sales
and are growing with monthly sales of
50,000 units.
Merkle also said that smaller utility
vehicles and crossovers represented 12.5-13
percent of sales in 2012 and will continue to
be aggressive, with fuel efficiency being an
important issue for any vehicle. “Trends
will be toward smaller engines that provide
better fuel economy but top performance,”
he said. “At Ford, we sold 334,364 vehicles
with our EcoBoost engines in 2012, and we
expect that number to increase to 500,000
in 2013.”
Hot show. The recent 2013 North
American International Auto Show
(NAIAS) in Detroit had 42 vehicle debuts,
38 of those worldwide introductions. More
than 5,000 automotive journalists from 58
countries were on hand and the show drew
771,000 visitors, according to NAIAS
producers. The most expensive car on
display was the Bentley Mulsanne, a hand-
crafted luxury sedan priced at $368,000.
The 2013 Cadillac ATS was crowned the
North American Car of the Year at the
Detroit show, while the 2013 Dodge Ram
1500 was named the 2013 Truck/Utility of
the Year. Both vehicles utilize an extensive
amount of advance high-strength steel in
their bodies. n
The new visitor center at Jaguar Land Rover’s Solihull,
UK, plant offers a unique experience for Range Rover
customers to take delivery of their vehicles.
The Porsche Cayenne SUV was the top
seller for the company in January in the U.S.
The 2013 Cadillac ATS won top honors at
the Detroit auto show. The luxury sports
sedan was hailed for its technological
advancements, driver-focused interior, and
exquisite driving capabilities.
Ford Motor Co.
U.S. Sales
Analyst Erich
Merkle provided
media with data
on the auto
industry and
projections for
the future at the
recent Portland
Auto Show.
The 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 was named the
2013 North American Truck/Utility of the
Year at NAIAS. Noted as a rugged pickup,
the Ram has a new air suspension system, a
new eight-speed transmission, and a variety
of engine choices to meet the demands of
personal and commercial buyers.
Page 10 March 2013 Parts & People
• 65,000 Mile Warranty*
• Green Technologies
• Improved Rolling Resistance
• Fuel Efficient
• Compounding and
design promotes reduced
CO2 emissions
• Utilizes 5% Recycled
ground rubber (EP 422 Only)
• Silica compound for
improved wet traction
• Fits Hybrid and Non-Hybrid
• Popular fitments – Including
Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Buick,
Hyundai, Ford, Volvo, Audi,
Chrysler, Dodge and more…
7515 N. Leadbetter Rd
Portland, OR 97203
Exceeding Expectations - One Tire At A Time.
EP 422
Dueler H/L
Ecopia 422
*Certain restrictions and limitations apply. See your authorized retailer for complete details.
When you’re looking for quality parts
and real-world marketing programs,
call your Federated parts professionals:
Western Washington
Seattle Automotive
(800) 932-3500
S.W. Washington/Oregon
AED Inc.
Portland, Oregon
(800) 666-2660
Eastern Washington
Automotive Jobbers Supply
Spokane, Washington
(800) 333-2291
South Central Washington
P & F Automotive Warehouse
Yakima, Washington
(800) 572-0491
Auto Notes compiled by Jerold B. Smith
DuFresne’s Auto Service owner emphasizes proper repair, not the lowest price
by Steve Sharp
Portland, Ore.—Nancy Scheewe has
co-owned DuFresne’s Auto Service since
1968, and became sole owner in 1995.
Located off the beaten path south of
Portland, the family-operated facility
services the local need for latte as well as
service and repair of their vehicle. Being
the local coffee stop is just one way the
ladies at DuFresne’s keep customers
coming through the door, Scheewe said.
“I love what I do and I love the people,”
Scheewe said. “Customers come by for
coffee and just to say, ‘Hi.’ People have
been coming here for their coffee for
years. Customers, delivery drivers, mail
man, we get them all. The coffee shop is a
great way to get new people through our
doors. Customer Service Representative
Gina Gattuccio doubles as our barista,”
she said.
The last of four Shell stations co-owned
by Scheewe became DuFresne’s when the
oil company pulled out of the area, she
said. The facility sits on one-third acre and
has five bays and five lifts. Scheewe
employs four technicians, a service writer,
a customer service rep, and daughter Tee
DuFresne as its full-time marketing
“We always have some sort of
promotion for service customers,”
DuFresne said. “Movie tickets for
referrals, dart throws, rock-em sockems,
we want them to enjoy the experience, and
it’s fun for all of us. Right now when
customers pick up their car, we have them
throw darts for a chance to win as much as
$500 in free service. We had one lady
come in and win $500 and her husband
was so thrilled he took her out to
Awarding mocha to a customer is one
thing, providing a quality repair is another.
DuFresne’s is an AAA Approved Auto
Repair facility and won the AAA customer
satisfaction award in 2006,
Scheewe said. “We have a great
group of techs and they do a
fantastic job for our customers.”
The shop provides service for
all makes and models with
technicians who have OE
certifications and ASE Master
L1 status. “Gerry Reed is our
ASE Master Technician,”
Scheewe said. “Our staff of four
technicians holds a variety of
factory certifications including
Honda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.”
“Our emphasis is providing a proper
repair, not the lowest price. It always has
been that way and always will be,”
Scheewe said. “In many ways we are
responsible for the safety of our customers
and their kids. It would be wrong to cut
corners on the work we do or the parts we
use. Customers expect a quality repair
using quality parts.”
To maintain proficiency, technicians
continually update their training.
“WORLDPAC, Automotive Products, and
Beaverton Auto Parts NAPA are our
primary resources for training as well as
parts,” Scheewe said. “Tracy Fitch at
Parts & People March 2013 Page 11
(800) 634-0969 (907) 563-7278 (510) 569-9802 (503) 691-6251 (800) 876-5152
(800) 288-5573 (800) 234-1410 (800) 876-5152 (800) 876-5152
Se habla español (800) 650-1747
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DuFresne’s Auto Service Owner Nancy
Scheewe (l.) and her daughter and
marketing director, Tee DuFresne, work
together to keep the bays full and the
lattes hot.
“It would be wrong to
cut corners on the work we
do or the parts we use.
Customers expect a quality
repair using quality parts.”
WORLDPAC, Sid Sulkow of Automotive
Products, and Brad Showers from
Beaverton Auto Parts NAPA have all been
extremely helpful to our business and
keeping our staff trained.”
DuFresne’s uses a variety of scan tools
and diagnostic testing equipment from
Master Tech, Drew Tech, Bosch, Genesis,
OTC, and others, she said. The shop has
also benefitted from the installation of a
new Hunter Hawkeye alignment rack. “We
can do an alignment in just a few minutes,
including printouts of before and after for
the customers,” Service Writer Steve Lund
said. “The new Hunter system is just what
we needed and so easy to use.”
Having started her automotive experience
as a bookkeeper for a chain of gas stations,
Scheewe still keeps her eye on the numbers.
“Tee and I come in at six every morning and
run the numbers; when things get slow we
do an e-mail special for oil, brake, and tire
rotations and we’ll have the bays filled by
eight. We keep it positive — you can’t just
sit and wait for it to get better.”
The shop and local coffee stop is tied to
the community. “It is who we are,”
Scheewe said. “We are a part of the
community we serve.”
The team at DuFresne’s has been actively
supporting their local community for years
and in several areas. In support of NATA
and the Car Care Council, they hold free
safety inspections twice a year. DuFresne’s
has also hosted several AAA programs,
including a battery roundup where locals
can drop off old batteries for proper disposal
and a women’s car care clinic co-sponsored
by Baxter Auto Parts NAPA, she said.
But it is December when DuFresne’s
work with the community really shines.
“Every December we do a food drive for
the Oregon Food Bank. We ask customers
to bring in a minimum of six canned goods
and in return we give them a free brake
inspection including free brake pads if
needed. All they pay for is the additional
labor. Toyota, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz, we
pay more than $200 for some of the pads,
but it is well worth it,” Scheewe said. “Last
year they filled a 10-foot container with
more than 6,000 pounds of food and the
people at the Oregon Food Bank were
thrilled.” n
Carfax service history check
helps shops increase ticket averages
Orlando, Fla.—Carfax has launched a
new product that helps Carfax Service
Network members improve customer
service and increase ticket averages.
Carfax Service History Check gives
members access to VIN-specific
maintenance details reported by more
than 25,000 service locations. The
information is readily available to all
members through a web-based system at
More than $60 billion in manufacturer-
suggested maintenance goes unperformed
every year, according to the 2012 AASA
Automotive Aftermarket Status Report.
Service History Check helps shop
technicians identify unperformed
maintenance by listing all service details
reported to Carfax for a specific vehicle.
Using that information, they can make
better service recommendations and build
trust with customers.
“Carfax Service History Check helps
shop owners tap into an enormous pool of
additional service revenue,” said Jeff
Ranalli, vice president of Carfax. “By
supporting their maintenance
recommendations with hard data from a
trusted source, Carfax Service Network
members gain both the trust of their
customers and a big advantage over their
competition.” n
Page 12 March 2013 Parts & People
DuFresne’s Auto Service emphasizes
proper repair, not the lowest price
Continued from page 11
Master L1 Technician Eric Draper (l.)
confers with Service Manager Steve Lund.
“Adding Steve has been a big boost to the
business,” Owner Nancy Scheewe says.
Each December, Owner Nancy Scheewe
and her team hold a “Brakes for Food”
drive. In 2012 the group collected more
than 6,000 pounds of canned goods for
the Oregon Food Bank.
Heavy-duty industry arrives in record numbers for ‘Formula for Success’ at HDAW 2013
by Rob Merwin
Las Vegas—A
record-setting 2,100
attendees were
welcomed to the eighth
annual Heavy Duty
Aftermarket Week
(HDAW 2013) at The
Mirage in Las Vegas,
Jan. 21-24, where they
participated in its
Product Expo, one-on-
one meetings and
opportunities, and
education sessions and
presentations inspired
by the conference’s
theme, “Formula for
Success — Focus on
the Future,” developed
by Co-chairs Tom Stewart, president of
Carolina Rim and Wheel, and Walt
Sherbourne, director of North American
Field Sales for Aftermarket for Meritor.
During welcoming remarks, Stewart
explained the theme was decided upon
with the current economic climate in
mind. “We felt it was important to
determine what our businesses should be
doing now to ensure success tomorrow,”
adding, “Life isn’t about waiting for the
storm to pass, it’s learning how to dance
in the rain.”
Keynote speaker Sam Geist, an
entrepreneur and marketer, shared
insights gained through years of business
experience (see article, p. 14) and
economist William Strauss predicted the
heavy-duty industry will continue to
experience the current trend rate of
growth. Speaker Mike Workman
presented, “Unbundled Services: Is It
Time?” and Derek Kaufman, president of
C3 Network, offered, “Technology
Trends Driving Aftermarket
Sherbourne said more than 200 people
participated in the event’s new education
SOLD! (Service Opportunities and
Learning Day) program, which focused
on owners and managers of independent
service shops and distributors offering
service. It provided educational
information on industry trends, new
technologies, and key profit
opportunities. “It’s clear the service side
of our industry is hungry for education,”
he added.
The event also enjoyed a record
number of suppliers, including 40 new
exhibitors, Stewart said, and with nearly
430 booths, the Product Expo was the
largest in conference history. All available
exhibit space sold out a month prior to
the event’s opening.
For the second time, the annual Truck
Parts & Service Distributor of the Year
award was presented to Midwest Wheel
Companies. Chip Magner of Randall-
Reilly Media, who presented the award,
said the 11-year-old distinction
recognizes the best in heavy-duty truck
parts distribution. The award’s four other
finalists were Six Robblee’s Inc., Point
Spring and Driveshaft Co., Parts For
Trucks Inc., and Inland Truck Parts,
Magner said. Midwest Wheel also won in
Mark Seng, of Polk, presented the
Heavy Duty Aftermarket Industry Hall of
Fame Award to Harvey Peterson, former
president of Catgo, who grew the
company into 18 locations in multiple
states as well as being part of numerous
industry boards and winner of several
Sherbourne said, “We are elated by the
growth we have seen in the participation
of both exhibitors and suppliers as well as
the incredible turnout for SOLD! We see
this as an indicator for continued growth
and prosperity both for HDAW and our
aftermarket.” n
Last year’s HDAW co-chairs, Mike Betts (second from l.), of
Betts Spring Co., and Kevin Duval (third from l.), president of
Canadian Wheel Industries, accept plaques of appreciation
for the success of HDAW 2012 from HDAW 2013 Co-chairs
Walt Sherbourne (l.) and Tom Stewart (r.).
HDAW 2013 statistics
• Total in attendance: ..................... 2,100
• SOLD! program attendance: .......... 207
• Distributors in attendance: ............. 590
• Total exhibit booths: ....................... 429
• One-on-One meetings: ..................1618
Parts & People March 2013 Page 13
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N We are your source for
Automotive, 4x4, Heavy-Duty,
Industrial, Marine, and
Agricultural Drivelines and PTOs!
N Daily Delivery Service in
the Puget Sound area
N Serving the Northwest
Since 1972
We Are Your Fleet & Heavy-Duty Driveline Specialists!
Contact your local Kia dealer for assistance and delivery of your parts.
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growing car companies in the United States. Specifying Kia Genuine
repair parts assures you of the original fit, finish, and quality it takes to
do the repairs right the first time, every time. Keep your Kia customers
satisfied by maintaining original Kia standards with Kia Genuine repair
parts: The only parts with the Kia name and the Kia warranty.
by Rob Merwin
Las Vegas—To drive a business
tomorrow, companies must use their
resources effectively to deliver brand
promise today, said Sam
Geist, of Geist and
Associates Inc., during his
HDAW 2013 keynote
speech, “Competing for
Today — Building for
Tomorrow: Strategies to
Compete Successfully,”
which was developed to
highlight current
marketplace trends and
“You will be
remembered for what you
finish, not for what you
started,” he said. “The
biggest problem in
business today is a lack of execution — we
talk, but we don’t do.”
In keeping with HDAW’s theme,
“Formula for Success — Focus on the
Future,” Geist said successful companies
will execute and deliver on their promise
and value, regardless of changes in the
industry. “Change is going to happen
whether you like it or not, so keep it at the
forefront of your action,
and stop believing your
own brochures — the only
people that say you have
value are your customers.
Make an appointment with
them and handle change
together. Also, take charge
of proper execution,
because customers will
appreciate the ease of
doing business with
companies that deliver.”
Businesses can no
longer be focused on
providing the lowest price,
because in the global
world there will “always be someone to
beat you at the price game.” The business
model has changed, Geist said, and
companies must adapt to their customers’
needs. “Today, the business isn’t selling
lemonade, it’s how to sell the lemonade.”
Customer expectations have changed,
too, he said. “Everybody wants more for
less and their needs continually grow, so
keeping in touch with customers is
especially important, because if you’re not,
your competition is.”
“Differentation” is a competitive
advantage and makes what a company
provides and stands for unique. “When
you take price off the table, what does
your company have left to offer?” Geist
Geist said too many companies spend
too much time on strategy and not enough
on execution. “Brand is a promise, and
there’s a direct correlation between
execution and profitability. Strategy will
get you in the game, while execution is the
game — it’s the driver for profits.” n
Page 14 March 2013 Parts & People
University of the Aftermarket announces
‘Heavy Duty Leadership’ class in July
The biggest problem in
business today is a lack of
execution, says Sam Geist,
HDAW 2013 keynote speaker.
“We talk, but we don’t do.”
Successful execution of brand promise and delivering value will drive profits
Midland, Mich.—Leadership
development and business succession
planning are two major concerns for the
commercial vehicle industry. To address
those challenges, “Heavy Duty Leadership,”
the University of the Aftermarket’s
leadership development program, will be
offered again in 2013. The next class will be
July 21-26, on Northwood University’s
campus in Midland, Mich.
Heavy Duty Leadership is designed to
foster the development of the next
generation of heavy-duty parts distribution,
manufacturing, service, association, and
fleet management professionals. The
program is open to any early- to mid-career
management-track professional in the
commercial vehicle industry.
The Heavy Duty Leadership program will
be taught by industry leaders in
collaboration with faculty at Northwood
University’s DeVos Graduate School of
Management and the University of the
Those who are interested in attending the
program are encouraged to contact the
University of the Aftermarket as early as
possible as class size is limited and last
year’s class was sold out early. Participants
will receive 3.5 Continuing Education Units
(CEUs) that can be applied toward industry
education certificates. n
by John Yoswick
Portland—John Spinnett has a
simple philosophy that guides his
work as general manager of
Steve’s Imports, a collision and
mechanical shop just off I-205 in
Southeast Portland.
“My biggest concern is that
everyone feels they are cared
about,” Spinnett said. “When
people pick up their car and pay
their bill, we want to leave kind
of a family feeling with them. So
they come back in here looking
forward to seeing us, rather than
devastated because they’re
dropping off their Mercedes and
it’s going to be a $1,000 bill. I’ve worked
with family my whole life, and I like to
think of everybody as family, because
family are the people you are more loyal to.
And if you treat employees and customers
like you love them like family, it all works
out for everyone.”
Spinnett has indeed worked with family
his whole life. His father, Steve Spinnett,
founded the shop in the mid-1970s at age
19 as he realized the mechanical and paint
work he was doing on air-cooled
Volkswagens had unintentionally put him
into business for himself. John’s brother
Tommy is a technician at the shop, and his
sister Rebekah works in the front office.
The business, as its name implies, has
focused primarily on German and Japanese
import vehicles, offering complete
mechanical and restoration services as well
as collision repair.
“In the collision shop, you’ll see
everything from a newer $100,000 Porsche
right next to 1960s Volkswagen and then a
Mini Cooper,” Spinnett said. “Right now
we’ve got two Volkswagens 40 years apart,
a late-model Rabbit with collision damage
right next to an old Volkswagen Type 3
we’re restoring.”
As Spinnett has expanded his role in the
business over the past five years, his father
had been able to step back somewhat, even
winning a second term this past fall as
mayor of the nearby town of Damascus.
More recently, however, Steve Spinnett has
been more involved again, running Trafton
Foreign Auto, another Southeast Portland
mechanical shop the company acquired this
past December.
Though John Spinnett learned the trade
in his father’s shop, he realized he wasn’t
the gifted mechanic that his father and
brother are, and told his father he felt he
needed to take on a different role in the
family business.
“It was hard to do that, because we’re a
car place; we work on cars. It should be in
my blood,” John Spinnett said. “But I set
down my tools one day and said I’m going
to try something else. And my Dad said,
‘Okay.’ That’s when I started playing with
In an effort to distinguish the shop from
the many others in the area, Spinnett has
focused on search engine
optimization and web and social
media marketing as well as more
traditional marketing.
“That stuff changes so rapidly it’s
hard to keep up with the changes in
the automotive industry and the
web industry at the same time,”
Spinnett said. “So it’s a matter of
forcing yourself to branch out. We
all tend to stick with the same idea
and do something the same old
way. I’m thinking there’s so much
technology out there, let’s do things
a little differently. I like to think of
Parts & People March 2013 Page 15
6a|| (8ôô} LK0-60RP or v|s|t us at to ñnd your nearest |ocat|on!
8c,s/00c 40/0m0//rc
|u|||111, 0|
Se1|||e, w4
Suu|11e, w4
5u|se, ||
/80 40/0 ºar/s
|u|||111, 0|
S1|e1, 0|
|e11u11, 0|
5vc||ej, w4
Y0w /0c/00/0y 00r 0cWcs/ s/0rcs /0 /0a00 W//0 0a//, 0c//rcr,l
|11u1, ||
C1|1ze||, ||
û1|1e1 C||j, ||
You're Covered, We Promise.
· Our commitment to quality allows us to back our recycled and aftermarket
collision products with lifetime warranties.
· LKQ indemnifes licensed auto repair shops that purchase and install any LKQ
recycled OEM, aftermarket or remanufactured product on private passenger
vehicles and light trucks.
· The groundbreaking LKQ Promise of Protection product liability indemnifcation
means the auto repair shop owner is protected from claims, liabilities, actions
and costs that might result in injury or death due to any defect in that product.
Scan the QR code with your smartphone or visit
us at for more information.
Collision Repair Training Notes
Integrity, family atmosphere, web marketing
fuel growth at second-generation shop
Continued on page 16
General Manager John Spinnett says marketing,
rather than work as a technician, has been the skill
he’s brought to the second-generation Steve’s
Imports collision and mechanical business.
Collision Technician Kent Brosseau disassembles
a Mini Cooper in the shop for repairs.
Integrity, family atmosphere, web marketing
fuel growth at second-generation shop
us as a business that’s ahead of the
curve in marketing.”
His efforts appear to be paying off,
with the company experiencing growth
over the past five years, even during the
recession. Spinnett’s success has led
other companies in some business
groups in which he participates to seek
out his help, just as he has sought out
mentors in the group who are
successful in other business endeavors.
“My dad and I have been involved in
Business With A Purpose, and then I
have a core group of successful business
people that I’ve also met through my local
church who I can call anytime I have a
question,” Spinnett said.
Steve’s Imports occupies about 8,500
square feet in two buildings at its primary
location, and between that shop and the
newly-acquired Trafton, the company
employs 15 people.
The shop uses the Audatex system for
collision estimating, and Spinnett said a
core group of dealers stand out to him in
terms of parts service: University
Volkswagen-Audi, Kuni BMW, Dick
Hannah Honda, and Carrara Motors.
In addition to adding three lifts in recent
years, the shop also switched to BASF’s R-
M paint line to better match the quality of
the finish of the import vehicles it paints in
its Spray-Tech booth.
“Industrial Finishes has been our go-to
people for that,” Spinnett said. “They’re a
good company to work with. They’ve
really set us up well, with quality product
and being competitive with price.”
Looking to the future, Spinnett would
like to greater maximize use of the shop’s
property, adding on to one of the buildings
to add additional work bays. After that, he
said, he could be interested in adding a
third shop, and has a market in mind for
His marketing efforts may help fuel that
growth, he said, but only if coupled with
the honesty and integrity his father has
instilled as a cornerstone of the family
“Whether I’m right or wrong, if I’m
honest about it, it will all end okay,”
Spinnett said he’s learned. “In every
interview we do with potential employees,
we give them a little test. We ask, ‘Would
you lie for me, if I asked you to?’ We really
hope they say, ‘Absolutely not, I’d be out
of here.’ Because our theory is: If you lie
for me, you’ll lie to me.” n
Page 16 March 2013 Parts & People
Daily Delivery from Bellingham to Renton
FREE FedEx Ground Shipping Anywhere in the Continental U.S.
Do the job right the first time.
Original MINI Parts maintain
proper form, fit and function.
Keep it genuine. Keep it MINI.
For Original MINI
parts call:
Seattle MINI
Parts Department
11550 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125
Toll free 877-401-6464
Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sat 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Serving Alaska, Washington,
Oregon, Idaho, and Montana
Elektron joins VSG family of brands
Madison, Ind.—Vehicle Service Group
(VSG) has acquired the assets of Elektron
Bremen GmbH, a global manufacturer of
resistance welders, plasma cutters, and
battery service equipment based in
Bremen, Germany, since 1942.
Elektron joins Chief Automotive
Technologies in VSG’s portfolio of top
collision repair brands. Chief is a
manufacturer of frame-pulling equipment,
vehicle-anchoring systems, computerized
measuring systems, and vehicle frame
specifications. Chief is also a provider of
comprehensive training on structural
analysis, computerized measuring,
collision theory, and repair.
“The Elektron acquisition enables us to
offer collision repair shops a ‘total repair
solution,’” said Gary Kennon, president
of VSG. “We can now supply equipment
to diagnose and identify collision damage,
repair the damage through pulling the
frame, replacing parts, or welding, and
document that the vehicle was returned to
the original manufacturer’s specifications.
Elektron is an important strategic
component as we continue building our
global collision business.”
Chief has had exclusive marketing and
distribution rights for Elektron products
in North, Central, and South America
since August 2011. Mike Cranfill, VSG
vice president of collision, has
responsibility for the brands.
“It is in our customers’ best interests
that we work to provide them with the
best possible resources for collision repair
equipment, vehicle specification data,
training and support from a single
source,” Cranfill said. “Elektron makes
some of the finest resistance welders in
the world. Their welds have been tested
and approved by more vehicle OEMs than
any other welder brand. We are privileged
to bring Elektron into the VSG family of
collision brands.” n
Continued from page 15
Technician Niles Todd checks the underside of
an Audi 2.7T Quattro.
Wholesale Parts:
425-641-0235 Fax
13617 Northup Way
Bellevue, WA 98005
Parts & People March 2013 Page C-1
©2013 PPG Industries All rights reserved.
For those who believe a paint job
is best appreciated through a curtain of smoke.
Still the One.
by John Yoswick
Palm Springs, Calif.—From hiring
practices to payment plans, attendees at the
recent Collision Industry Conference (CIC)
got a pop quiz on their knowledge of
human resources practices.
California business attorney Cory King
serves as a one-man “human resources
committee” at the Collision Industry
Conference (CIC), offering attendees at
each of the quarterly gatherings a brief
presentation designed to keep them
informed about state or federal regulations
regarding hiring, firing, and compensating
At the January CIC in Palm Springs,
Calif., King took advantage of a new
electronic audience-response system to
pose a series of employment scenarios
through which CIC attendees were asked to
“click in” their response to the simple
question, “Is it legal?” (King always begins
with the caveat that he’s not giving legal
advice and that shop owners should check
with their own business attorney to make
sure they are complying with their state’s
Test your own knowledge by answering
the “Is it legal?” question for each of the
following scenarios King shared at the
1. Is it legal to use an employment
application that asks for the applicant’s
birth date?
2. Can you ask on your employment
application: Have you ever pleaded guilty
(or no contest) to, or been convicted of, a
misdemeanor or felony?
3. Can you ask an applicant: Have you
ever been arrested for a misdemeanor or a
felony crime?
4. During an interview of a potential
employee, can you ask: Do you currently
use illegal drugs?
5. A shop’s painter is paid a salary of
$3,000 a month, but also a commission that
works out to about $2,500 a month. Does
the shop have to pay the
painter for overtime?
6. A shop has a policy that
says employees cannot share
their wage information with
one another. “If they share,
some people will get jealous
and angry, and I just don’t
need that,” the shop owner
thinks. Is it legal?
So, how’d you do? If you
had trouble, you’re not alone:
In most cases, the more than
200 attendees at CIC were
split on whether each of these
scenarios was legal or not.
For example, one-third of CIC attendees
thought scenario No. 1 was legal — and
it’s not.
“Asking someone their birth date during
the employment hiring process is an illegal
question,” King said. “It gets into age
discrimination, which is a protected
category, federally and in every state. You
do not want to know somebody’s age
during the hiring process. If they can do the
job, that’s all the law cares about.”
CIC attendees did a little better with the
second scenario, with more than 70 percent
knowing that it is legal to ask an applicant
if they have been convicted of a crime.
(King cautions that some states prohibit
asking about misdemeanor convictions.)
But asking about arrests (rather than
convictions), as in the third scenario, is
illegal (as more than 81 percent of CIC
attendees knew).
“You can ask about convictions, but you
cannot ask about arrests.”
King said the one exception is you can
ask an applicant if they are out on bail or
on their own recognizance pending trial for
something they have been
arrested for, but any other
questions related to arrests are
Similarly, you can’t ask
someone if they have a drug or
alcohol problem.
“There’s a little thing called
the Americans with Disabilities
Act,” King said. “Alcoholism
and drug addiction are protected
as a disability.”
The vast majority of CIC
attendees got that one correct.
But they were evenly split on
scenario No. 4, whether it’s legal to ask an
applicant if they currently use illegal drugs.
“The answer is yes, that is a legal
question,” King said. “You’re asking if
they comply with the law. But before you
ask the question, you need to have a strong
drug and alcohol policy. That’s not a policy
that says an employee is in violation if they
have possession of alcohol or drugs and are
under the influence of them. It’s a policy
that says, ‘You’re in violation if you have a
measurable amount of alcohol or drugs in
your system.’”
King said he thinks this should be the
first question of every applicant — if the
business has a drug and alcohol policy in
place — and inform them the company
does pre-employment drug testing of those
who are offered a job. If the applicant
knows they won’t pass that test, King said,
the interview process can stop right there.
As for the painter who receives a $3,000
monthly salary and $2,500 in commissions
— is he exempt from overtime? No way,
King said. In most states (but not
California) a commissioned or flat-rate
employee may be exempt from overtime
only if they make 1.5 times minimum wage
for all hours worked and earn at least 50
percent of their wage from commissions.
But in the scenario King posed, the painter
didn’t make half of his wage from
commissions, so he could not be exempt
from overtime.
And finally, is it legal for an employer to
prohibit workers from sharing wage
information with one another? Two-thirds
of those at CIC knew that such a policy is
not legal. The National Labor Relations Act
prohibits any such restriction, whether a
business is unionized or not. n
Page C-2 March 2013 Parts & People
DanAm Air‘s benefts;
Energy efcient
Lower installation costs
Push-to-connect technology
Immediate pressurization
Removable and reusable
Modular design
No corrosion
Leak-free guarantee
Full bore design
1/2” - 6” pipe sizes
Use for new or expansions projects
SAVE over 50% compared to copper
savings may vary
Check the savings chart at
.c ir r. mA .DanA w w w
P P $ VTI U VU t 1 F $ FBTVS .
om c
Business attorney tests collision shop owners’ knowledge of employee law at CIC
Cory King offers
attendees at the recent
CIC a pop quiz on their
knowledge of human
resources practices.
Palm Springs, Calif.—If a quick
survey at a recent Collision Industry
Conference (CIC) is any indication, a lot
of California shops may not be complying
with a new state regulation – one that
business attorneys say constitutes a good
business practice for shops anywhere.
At the January CIC in Palm Springs,
Calif., attorney Cory King posed this
scenario to the audience: If a California
shop owner has posted in the shop the flat-
rate amount technicians are being paid, is
the shop in compliance with California
employee notification regulations?
CIC attendees were evenly split, with 50
percent saying they thought the shop was
in compliance. King then asked just those
from California to respond, but still only
52 percent of the more than 60
Californians in attendance at the meeting
knew the shop in the scenario King had
posed was not in compliance.
On Jan. 1, a California law went into
effect requiring employers to detail the pay
plan of flat-rate or commission employees
in writing. The explanation of how pay is
calculated must be signed by the
employee, with a copy going to the
employee and one retained in the
employee’s personnel file. The law applies
to anyone — estimators or technicians —
whose wages or some portion of their
wages is based on commission, flat rate or
performance bonuses.
King thinks the pay plan documentation
is something all shops should consider
doing, predicting that it’s a requirement
that will spread to other states. n
New requirement in California is a
‘good employment practice’ anywhere
Parts & People March 2013 Page C-3
The World’s
Most Sophisticated
Color Expert
© 2013 BASF Corporation
BASF’s complete set of color tools delivers the most comprehensive color
management system in the industry. With the paint-sprayed chips of COLOR-MAX®,
you’ll get a perfect match the first time, every time.
Beautiful color. Speedy matches. It’s why Chip Foose
sprays only BASF in his shop, and has for over ten
years. To Learn more, visit
For more information,
scan the QR code with
your smartphone. If
you do not have a QR
code app, it can be
downloaded for free.
by Jay Sicht
Torrance, Calif.—The job before you is a
difficult and tedious one: write a thorough
and complete collision repair estimate on the
heavily hit car in front of you. Using your
best judgment and collision-repair
experience, it may take you as much as two
hours to complete the estimate, which totals
$10,000 for parts, labor, and paint and
But what if, instead of taking two hours,
you could write an estimate for that same
repair using OE-recommended procedures
in a matter of only a couple of minutes and
at the same time improve accuracy, with the
bonus of enhancing your shop’s relationship
with the insurer?
Toyota promises such benefits to both its
dealership franchisees and independent
repair facilities using its Predictive
Estimating software program, which it
introduced last fall at SEMA. The program
is nearly complete for the first 15 2012-
model-year vehicles it covers, with coverage
coming soon for the past three model years.
Plans are to soon integrate it into an
estimating system of one of the “big three”
information-provider companies. Other
companies will be able to link to a Toyota
site hosting the software program.
A more accurate estimate for repairs being
performed to an OE standard can provide
several benefits to a shop and an insurer,
including lower cycle times, much fewer
supplements — and more importantly to
Toyota – vehicles fixed correctly to enhance
customer satisfaction, said Rick Leos,
collision development consultant for Toyota.
“From a Toyota perspective, it maintains
the quality of our cars,” he said, noting that
through warranty audits, he found the
company had paid for some claims that
were the result of an incomplete collision
repair, not a manufacturing defect.
“You might have a complaint of wind
noise down the driver’s door,” Leos said.
“Well, you open it up, and guess what? The
moisture shield was taped back up with duct
tape because it was all stretched out to get
the technician’s hands in there to take the
handle off. The moisture shield was a one-
time-use part and should have been replaced
at the time of the collision repair. So, we
absorb the cost for “XYZ” Insurance
Company, and that’s not fair. Our
customer’s perception of our quality is
affected, too.”
Instead of an estimator adding parts and
repair procedures line-by-line, the new
program assumes all parts and procedures
associated with a damaged area will be
needed and then leaves it to the estimator to
subtract any that may not be (such as certain
fasteners that are reusable if they are not
damaged upon removal). This process is
quicker and much more accurate, Leos said.
For example, when replacing a door skin,
the program flags parts identified by Toyota
in its Technical Information System as being
one-time-use items with a black dot,
including parts such as a door shell bumper,
trim rivets, and moisture shield.
Additionally, operations such as the OE-
recommended method of seam sealer
application and the need to remove restraint
systems prior to welding are flagged with a
red dot to alert the estimator that there is a
CRIB — Toyota’s Collision Repair
Information Bulletin — covering that
procedure, with additional information such
as exploded diagrams and the bulletins
available as a pop-up, he said.
The information provided eases
negotiations between the shop’s estimator
and an insurer, Leos added.
“It stops the rub between the shop and
the insurance company, because here are
the instructions from the OE on how to fix
the car,” he said.
For a technician replacing a quarter panel,
the program shows the proper location of
welds, the number of welds, and where each
welding process is recommended: STRSW,
GMAW, and brazing. Leos said.
He realized the need for such software
after visiting Toyota dealership collision-
repair shops over the past four years, testing
them for the Toyota Certified Collision
Center program. When writing an estimate
on a large number and variety of makes and
models, it became too difficult for
estimators to remember all of the necessary
repair processes and little parts, he said.
“So, I thought, ‘What if I gave them an
estimate that was already done and let them
work backwards?’” Leos said.
He said over the past four years, he
gathered more than 1,100 estimates for
Toyota vehicles from those shops, with
most of the initial documents “missing so
many things, it’s unreal.”
The next step for Predictive Estimating
is the selection of which information
provider will incorporate the software’s
information into its database, the
announcement of which Leos expects to
make at the Collision Industry Conference
in April, he said.
Within a couple of years, Leos said,
other OEMs will have their information
integrated into an information provider in a
similar manner, using the technology
developed by and licensed from Toyota,
Leos said.
“A quarter panel on our car and a quarter
panel on their car is not that much
different,” Leos said. “They just have to
plug in their data. I provide them the
templates, they plug in their data, and the
information providers go from there.” n
Page C-4 March 2013 Parts & People
Lincoln Electric
Welding Apparel
Cleveland—Lincoln Electric
( has added five
new welding apparel items with a new All
American graphic design, allowing
welding operators to show their patriotic
pride by wearing a coordinated helmet and
welder’s cap or do-rag. The All American
design is featured on each of the
company’s three Viking auto-darkening
helmet series. All Viking helmets
include a switchable grind mode,
extra inside and outside cover
lenses, a Lincoln Electric bandana
and a Sport-Pak style helmet bag.
The helmets use magnifying
“cheater” lenses and are hardhat
adapter-capable, meeting ANSI
Z87.1, CAN/CSA Z94.3 and CE
certifications. The welder’s do-rag
and cap are constructed of 100-
percent cotton with sweat-absorbing
inserts for comfort.
DeVilbiss Clean Coverall
Swanton, Ohio—DeVilbiss
( has released its
Clean Coverall, which is a must for the
professional painter concerned with
keeping dirt, dust and other contaminants
out of the paint finish. It features a
unique DeVilbiss look, complete with
“skull and cross guns” and signature
colors. It offers a lightweight
durable nylon front, breathable
cotton back, pullover hood,
elastic wrist closures, hook and
loop ankle closures, zipper
front, elastic waist, and is
washable and reusable.
Micron Superstar
Filters to .01 Microns
Mazeppa, Minn.—Walmec North
America’s (
.01 Micron SuperStar Filter is
designed to provide clean, dry,
compressed air resulting in the
removal of any
vapors and
down to .01
According to
the company,
the .01 Micron
SuperStar Filter
is a four-stage
filtration system
that works best
when it is installed at, or near the point of
use. An automatic float drain under the
second stage filter opens and expels all
collected liquids whenever an ounce or
more is present, with no continuous air loss.
The third and fourth stages remove any
remaining particles down to .01 microns
and absorb any remaining vapors. n
DeVilbiss Clean
If you have new products and would like them considered for our Product Notes pages,
please send your product information to
Collision Tool & Equipment
compiled by Jay Sicht
Oper Description Part Number Qty Price $ Labor
Repl LT Cushion 6792406040 1 16.92 Incl.
R&I LT Lower w’ strip 6786406010 Incl.
R&I LT Upper molding 7575406080 0.7
Repl LT Upper molding rivet 90269A0006 7 3.64
R&I LT Belt w'strip 7572006130 0.3
Repl LT Window molding 7575606080 1 29.80 0.2
Repl LT Black out tape upper 7598606050 1 25.28 0.3
Toyota’s Predictive Estimating promises quicker and more accurate repairs
North America’s .01
SuperStar Filter
Lincoln All American welding
apparel and welding helmet
Predictive Estimating
This graphic representation shows just a few lines of a door skin replacement within
Toyota’s Predictive Estimating software program, which lists all repair processes
necessary for a full repair. Users can then omit unneeded parts and operations from
the estimate instead of having to remember all necessary little fasteners and “not-
included” operations.
I-CAR Training Schedule
For more information on registration
and class times, call 800-422-7872 or
Renton Technical College-
Renton, Wash.
• Mar. 4-Adhesive Bonding
• Mar. 6-Inspecting Repairs for Quality
• Mar. 7-Stationary Glass
• Mar. 11-Steel Unibody Front and Rear
Rails, Floors, and Front Structure
• Mar. 13-Recycled Parts for
Collision Repair
Hannah Dealer Group-
Vancouver, Wash.
• Mar. 4-Collision Repair for Toyota,
Lexus, and Scion Vehicles
• Mar. 6-Steel Unibody Front and Rear
Rails, Floors, and Front Structure
• Mar. 18-Automotive Foams
• Mar. 20-Steel Unibody, A, B, C,
D-Pillars, and Rocker Panels
Lake Washington Technical College-
Kirkland, Wash.
• Mar. 4-Recycled Parts for Collision
• Mar. 7-Corrosion Protection
• Mar. 11-Overview of Cycle Time
Improvements for the Collision Repair
• Mar. 18-Inspecting Repairs for
Quality Control
Clover Park Technical College-
Lakewood, Wash.
• Mar. 5-Color Theory, Application,
Tinting, and Blending
• Mar. 6-Mechanical Systems Analysis
• Mar. 7-Plastic and Composite Repair
• Mar. 13-Collision Repair for Select
High Volume Vehicles
• Mar. 18-Steel Unitized Structures
Technologies and Repair
• Mar. 20-Steel Unibody Front and Rear
Rails, Floors, and Front Structure
• Mar. 25-Stationary Glass
• Mar. 27-Steel Unibody, A, B, C,
D-Pillars, and Rocker Panels
• Mar. 28-Plastic and Composite Repair
Parr Ford Conference Room-
Bremerton, Wash.
• Mar. 6-Stationary Glass
• Mar. 12-Steel Unibody Front and Rear
Rails, Floors, and Front Structure
• Mar. 13- Steel Unibody, A, B, C,
D-Pillars, and Rocker Panels
Bellingham Technical College-
Bellingham, Wash.
• Mar. 6-Damage Analysis of Advanced
Automotive Systems
• Mar. 18-Cosmetic Straightening Steel
• Mar. 20-Steel Unibody Front and Rear
Rails, Floors, and Front Structure
Wesco Autobody Supply-
Mountlake Terrace, Wash.
• Mar. 7-Adhesive Bonding
• Mar. 12-Collision Repair for Toyota,
Lexus, and Scion Vehicles
• Mar. 14- Collision Repair for General
Motors Vehicles
• Mar. 19-Plastic and Composite Repair
• Mar. 21-Full-Frame Replacement
• Mar. 26-Stationary Glass
• Mar. 28-Wind Noise and Water Leaks
Clackamas Community College-
Oregon City, Ore.
• Mar. 5-Color Theory, Application,
Tinting, and Blending
• Mar. 12-Damage Analysis of Advanced
Automotive Systems
• Mar. 14-Advanced Restraint Systems
• Mar. 19-Electronically Controlled
Steering and Suspension Systems
• Mar. 21-Welded and Adhesively Bonded
Panel Replacement
• Mar. 26-Best Practices for
High-Strength Steel Repairs
• Mar. 28-Steel Full-Frame Sectioning
Star Body Works-Medford, Ore.
• Mar. 7-Wind Noise and Water Leaks
Kadel's Auto Body-Tigard, Ore.
• Mar. 20-Waterborne Products, Systems,
and Application
• Mar. 21-Steel Unibody Front and Rear
Rails, Floors, and Front Structure
• Mar. 21-Steel Unibody, A, B, C,
D-Pillars, and Rocker Panels
Robberson Ford-Bend, Ore.
• Mar. 27-Wind Noise and Water Leaks
Idaho State University-
Pocatello, Idaho
• Mar. 6-Stationary Glass
• Apr. 3-Adhesive Bonding
PPG Training Schedule
For more information, contact the
local PPG or Nexa Autocolor distributor
or territory manager or visit
Seattle Business Development
Center-Kent, Wash.
• Mar. 1 or 4-PPG Conversion –
Envirobase HP
• Mar. 4-PPG Conversion – Envirobase HP
• Mar. 6-PPG Recertification –
Envirobase HP
• Mar. 12-13-Delfleet Training
• Mar. 18-Nexa Conversion –
Aquabase Plus n
Parts & People March 2013 Page 17
Collision Repair Training Notes
Precision. That is how great repair jobs are defined. And that’s what you get with authentic Mopar®
collision repair parts for Chrysler, Jeep
, Dodge, Ram and SRT
vehicles. Collision repair done right.
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Dave Smith Motors
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Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
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m of Bellevue
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A 98409 acoma, W WA T
ay acoma W 4101 S. T
acoma Dodge TTa
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c esour or r f Check out MoparRepairConnec
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tion. orma echnical inf tions and t omo es, pr
sler Group LLC. Printed in U.S.A.
, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, SRT and Chryslerr,
Jeep Dodge
need for any of the new refrigerant,
though Robinair does have a
machine to service the new
refrigerant systems,” Mary Fulford
“At this point, the R-1234yf is not
cost efficient at about $70 per
pound,” Nancy Fulford said, adding
that it is only available currently in
10-pound containers. “R-134a is still
readily available and the pricing is
still reasonable,” she said, adding
that mild flammability issues of
R-1234yf are of concern to some.
While the EPA recently approved
R-1234yf as an environmentally more-
friendly alternative to R-134a, the
Fulfords noted that the new refrigerant is
not a drop-in replacement for R-134a.
“These are two entirely different
refrigerants,” Mary Fulford said.
Citing an article in Automotive
Engineering Online, they said DuPont and
Honeywell are the major suppliers of the
R-1234yf refrigerant and that for now the
supply chain, mainly from a joint venture
in China, is a problem.
The product buzz at MACS, Nancy
Fulford said, was about new detection
leak lighting, an important diagnostic tool
for those who service A/C systems.
“Mastercool has a new adjustable lamp
that adjusts from wide to narrow lighting
and has additional new features for
service technicians,” she said. “Tracerline
also offers a new smaller light, the Opti-
Lux 365, which is a rechargeable LED
leak detection flashlight that has a
stronger UV light.” The Fulfords noted
that using quality lamps and dyes found in
leak detection kits is imperative for
properly diagnosing of
A/C and other fluid
system leaks.
“Tracerline also
makes a leak detection
dye inspection kit for
hybrid vehicles,
something all service
people have to be
aware of,” Nancy Fulford said. “Robinair
and Mastercool also have recover, recycle,
and recharge machines for hybrid service,
but few shops have them. It’s a big
problem with air contamination and they
use different oils, so it is important to
understand hybrid vehicle service.”
While Northwest Air stocks thousands
of parts and a large inventory of tools and
equipment, Nancy Fulford said that
heavy-duty truck air compressors
continued to be the biggest seller for them
last year, followed by Robinair filters and
couplers, and third being oils and dyes.
With product lines such as ACDelco,
Delphi, CoolTrak, Denso, FPPF, Flex-a-
lite, Kysor, and others, the company
provides the service
market with everything
from receiver dryers to
temperature control
parts, fans to oil coolers,
as well as a wide variety
of UV lamps and
fluorescent dyes.
“We saw more new
aluminum air compressors at MACS that
are lightweight and offer more
agricultural, commercial, and off-road
applications,” Mary Fulford said, adding
that utility vehicles such as Kubota, John
Deere, Caterpillar, and others have good
source applications for the lightweight
compressors. n
Monroe, Mich.—
Tenneco has announced a
comprehensive 2013 Expert
Plus dealer loyalty program,
including increased
consumer offers and trade
rewards, new point-of-sale
merchandising and a full
calendar of exclusive
promotions that will help
continuously drive new ride
and emissions control sales
to its members.
The Expert Plus program,
created to help automotive
service businesses increase their share of
the undercar service market, also offers
members-only sales incentives, consumer
education materials, technician training
rewards and many other benefits. The
enrollment fee for the annual program is
“Our 2013 Expert Plus program delivers
the perfect combination of sales, training
and merchandising tools, making it easy for
our trade partners to sell premium products
and increase their ride and emissions
control sales and profits,” said Sheryl
Bomia, North American Aftermarket
programs manager of Tenneco.
The 2013 Expert Plus membership
package features the Expert Plus
“Preferred Customer” rebate book that
allows service professionals to extend
promotional offers on Tenneco products
outside of the standard promotional
periods. During 2013, the mail-in rebates
include offers for premium ride and
emissions control products.
The Expert Plus merchandising package
also includes a Monroe digital wall-mount
LED clock, a pair of Monroe and Walker
educational booklets, full-color Monroe
appointment calendar and other key shop
point-of-sale materials, as well as
increased reward opportunities for the
The loyalty program features a variety of
additional business-building tools such as
listings on the online Dealer Locators for
Monroe and Walker, tech support and
member-only access to the updated, Expert
Plus website. n
Northwest Air returns from MACS event with news on R-1234yf and new products
Page 18 March 2013 Parts & People
Battery Racks
Bumper Racks
Tenneco offers promotions and rewards
to members of Expert Plus program
The Expert Plus merchandising package includes a
Monroe digital wall-mount LED clock.
Continued from page 1
Service Technician Tom Brady repairs a Robinair
A/C machine for a customer at Northwest Air
“At this point the
R-1234yf is not
cost-efficient at
about $70 per pound.”
Parts & People March 2013 Page 19
All New! Go deeper at
GAAS 2013. For the first time ever, in-
depth Breakout Seminars will be held
on: succession planning, improving
employee morale and customer loyalty,
groundbreaking trends impacting the
automotive aftermarket, and successfully
closing the gap between strategic
planning and execution.

t w
r a
t fu
Polk is the corporate sponsor of the Global
Automotive Aftermarket Symposium
GAAS is made possible
through the generous
support of the
University of the
Aftemarket Foundation
GAAS is co-located
with the Aftermarket
eForum™, May 22-23,
offering strategic and technical
presentations addressing the business
technology challenges of the
aftermarket. To learn more visit Enjoy
discount savings when you register for
both GAAS and the Aftermarket eForum!
• “It's a Social, Mobile, Digital World! Are You Taking
Advantage or Letting Opportunity Pass You By?”
Cynthia Cohen, Founder and President, Strategic Mindshare
• “Consumer Insights and Opportunities – Three
Game-Changing Trends”
Danielle Russell, Industry Director, Automotive, Google, Inc.
• “Are We Reentering a New ‘Golden Era’ of the
Automotive Industry?”
Mike Martini, President, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations,
Consumer OE Division and John McElroy, President, Blue Sky
Here are some of the great presentations planned for
the 2013 Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium
(GAAS), May 21-22, Hyatt Regency O'Hare (Chicago).
Register today for GAAS 2013 at
by Jerold B. Smith
The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe, which is
without doubt one of our favorite vehicles
tested, offers excellent usability and superb
driving characteristics.
Our test Santa Fe Sport AWD unit had
virtually everything we require on a CUV,
including such desirables as Electronic
Stability Control (ESC) with Traction
Control (TCS), Vehicle Stability
Management (VSM), Downhill Brake
Control, Hill-start Assist Control, and ABS
with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution.
Along with its all-wheel-drive (AWD)
system, those are important features for
driving anywhere, especially in the winter
road conditions we experienced while
testing the Santa Fe.
The ESC, TCS, VSM, and other systems
do what Hyundai said they would – help
avoid accidents. The quality and proven
systems make driving in ice-, snow-, and
rain-covered roadways safer. The Santa Fe
reacted well while driving in snow, handled
with the ease of a luxury sedan, and
provided an amazing ride both on dry roads
and those filled with winter muck.
The ESC and TCS systems kept the
wheels on course and stopped wheelspin
when needed. And the 19-inch tires (17- and
18-inch tires on other models) gripped the
road nicely.
We loved the 2.0-L GDI turbo engine that
provided decent fuel economy (we averaged
24.1 combined city/highway mileage),
offered plentiful boost with 264-HP and 269
lbs.-ft. of torque, and is mated with a six-
speed automatic transmission with
Shiftronic. We were highly pleased with the
shifting capabilities and overall performance
of this powertrain package.
With generous head, leg, and shoulder
room for the driver and passengers, the
Santa Fe also provides 35.4 cubic feet of
cargo space with the rear seats up and 71.5
cubic feet with the rear seats folded. For a
vehicle this size, that is plentiful space for
hauling any cargo.
Beyond that, our tested Sport model had
features we now like to see in any vehicle,
including an eight-inch touchscreen
navigation system, rear-view camera, tire
pressure monitoring system (TPMS), heated
front seats, and seven airbags (it has a 5-Star
government safety rating). We also liked the
comfort items that included a heated and
leather-wrapped steering wheel, the
exceptional Infinity Logic 7 surround-sound
audio system with 12 speakers, SiriusXM
radio, steering wheel-mounted Bluetooth
connectivity, Blue Link telematics system,
tilt and telescoping steering wheel, lots of
power outlets, and so much more.
The Santa Fe is simply a usable, safe, and
amazing CUV that offers dozens of standard
features and a driving experience that is
second to none, with a starting price of just
more than $24,000. Our AWD 2.0-T Sport
model had an MSRP of $29,450 and a final
price, with options, of just over $35,000. In
our estimation, it’s worth every nickel!
Volvo series S60 T5 is loaded
with standard equipment
Synonymous with safety and
performance, Volvos have often set the mark
in these two arenas. Our recently tested
2013 Volvo S60 T5 AWD provided
bountiful safety and an outstanding
performance found in few sedans.
The S60 has an overall 5-Star NHTSA
that includes front crash, side crash, and
rollover ratings. It has side-impact and
driver and passenger dual-stage airbags,
inflatable curtain side-impact head
protection, and the Volvo whiplash
protection system, all encompassed in a
unibody high-strength safety cage that also
has an energy-absorbing front structure.
The City Safety system on the S60 has the
world’s first pedestrian detection system, a
lane-departure warning system, a Driver
Alert Control system that avoids
unnecessary distractions, and daytime
running lights among its list of more than 20
total safety features. Included in that list is
an incredible Dynamic Stability & Traction
Control system that provides advance
stability control and corner traction control.
Beyond being safe, the S60 is a gem to
drive and, with its electronically controlled
AWD system, maneuvered on snow and ice
quite well. In fact, this Volvo drove as well
in snow and ice conditions as some SUVs
we tested in the same environment.
Powered by a best-in-class 2.5-L
turbocharged engine that purred, the
automatic transmission that it’s married to
was the winner in our book. The six-speed
Geartronic offered a Sportmode that made
driving easy and shifting for various road
conditions comfortable. We averaged about
30 MPG combined during mostly highway
While the S60 T5 is the “starter” model
in this Volvo series, it is loaded with
standard equipment including the Volvo
Sensus Driver Control Interface that
provides all the tech and driving data
Well styled, comfortable, and
performance-oriented, the S60 was safe and
enjoyable to drive. The T5 we tested had an
MSRP of $31,750 and a final price with
options of $37,275. n
Identifix adds VW, Audi, and Hyundai
repair informaton to Direct-Hit
Page 20 March 2013 Parts & People
Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and Volvo S60 T5 combine AWD safety with performance
Recently Driven
The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe offers
amazing standard features, exceptional
safety and comfort, and a driving
experience that is extraordinary.
The 2013 Volvo S60 T5 AWD combines
style, comfort, and performance.
Roseville, Minn.—Identifix has added
genuine Volkswagen, Audi, and Hyundai
service and repair information to its
online tool Direct-Hit.
Delivering information that comes
straight from the factory, Direct-Hit allows
professional technicians to diagnose and
repair vehicles with greater speed, accuracy,
and confidence from a single online tool.
“Direct-Hit is now the only site that
combines the time-saving power of more
than 550,000 experience-based, short-cut
test and confirmed fix procedures with
service information from eight OEMs,
totaling more than 25 vehicle makes,” said
Jeff Sweet, president of Identifix. “This
latest enhancement illustrates our continued
commitment to helping automotive repair
professionals determine what’s wrong with a
specific vehicle and the best way to fix it.”
Identifix places a high priority on
customer satisfaction by responding to their
ever-changing needs and preferences. Based
on feedback along with the latest advances
in technology, the company improves
Direct-Hit on a continuous basis and posts
detailed information about product
enhancements on n
Special Sponsors
FRIDAY - APRIL 19, 2013
SHOW HOURS: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
p p SSpecial ppe ecial SSpo ppo
onsors ons nso sors rs
APRIL 19, 2013 9, 2013 APR
AM - 3 : 10:00
41 N
+ FOOD & D
1 AND, OR 9721
Parts & People March 2013 Page 21
Over 1000 transmissions in stock and ready to deliver!
We Supply:
n Automatics & Standards
n Foreign & Domestic - All Years, Makes, & Models
n Transfer Cases
n Differentials
n Torque Converters
n Hard & Soft Parts
Free Technical Support
No upfront core costs
We patronize local businesses,
keep your money local.
Competitive wholesale pricing –
direct from the manufacturer.
We offer towing and installation services.
Heavy Duty Applications for Towing
and Industrial use.
See us at ATE 2013
710 Washington Ave N
Kent, WA 98032
Toll Free - (800) 336-5525
Local - (253) 872-8200
Transmission Remanufacturing Co, LLC
Locally owned since 1981
Mention this coupon for
$100 OFF
by Matthew Sevart
Grandview, Mo.—In 2010, the U.S.
Department of Transportation’s Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Administration
launched the Compliance, Safety,
Accountability (CSA) program, which
included the Safety Measurement System
(SMS), a system designed to monitor and
analyze all safety-based violations
committed by heavy-duty commercial fleet
vehicles and their drivers.
“The CSA is keeping records of the over-
the-road trucks and fleets to determine
on-road performance in order to identify
unsafe vehicles,” said Mark Assenmacher,
marketing director for Peterson
Manufacturing Company, an innovator in
the production of vehicle safety lighting,
reflectors, electrical harnesses and related
heavy-duty products. “They are reviewing
and scoring the fleets and drivers’
operational metrics. Fleet and maintenance
directors are trying to protect their ratings
and drivers in a number of ways, and one of
which is maintaining operational lighting.”
Vehicle safety lights are one of the few
observable violations that a highway
patrolman can immediately see and cite.
Many fleets are making changes to their
lighting systems in order to avoid those
citations, while enhancing the overall
effectiveness of vehicle safety lighting on
heavy-duty/fleet trucks, said Steve Meagher,
vice president of sales for Peterson
One major push, he said, has been the
implementation of LED lights, which
Peterson designs, manufactures, and
markets under its Piranha brand.
“LED lights are a superior product and
last six to 10 times longer than traditional
bulb assemblies,” Meagher said. “As a result
of the regulations and the price point on
LEDs getting closer to the incandescent
lights, we are seeing more and more trucks
and trailers outfitted with
And while LEDs have
extended the life expectancy of
the lights, the light is only as
good as the wiring harness that
connects to the assembly,
which can often become
corroded, leading to major
component failures, he said.
The corrosion occurs,
Assenmacher said, as a result
of a mixture of road chemicals
that develops on the
undercarriage of trailers as
trucks drive through different
weather patterns.
“We call it the chemical cocktail,” he said,
“and it is causing corrosion, which is the No.
1 issue for producing ineffective equipment
— something fleets want to avoid.”
Five years ago, in response to the
corrosion issue that so many fleets were
facing, Meagher said Peterson
Manufacturing began R & D on a modular
harness/lighting system, resistant to
corrosion. One year later, the Peterson
Defender System was manufactured and
sold to replace traditional electrical harness
“For 25-30 years, the R & D on
traditional harness systems had been
limited,” Meagher said. “We designed
significant improvements and took it a step
further with the corrosion issue, so we made
the investment and created a single- source
solution that is now in its fourth year of
Assenmacher added that the Defender
System comes with a 10-year warranty,
specifically covering corrosion, and is
currently installed on a number of major
over-the-road fleets, and with more than
three billion miles on the road, there has
been little to no warranty issues.
Turning a new product such as the
Defender System around in just one year,
from concept to market, while maintaining
strict quality control, is a testament to
Peterson Manufacturing Company’s vertical
integration, which allows Peterson to keep
everything in house, Meagher said.
“We have 10 different divisions of
Peterson Manufacturing,” said Meagher,
adding that the company’s 670,000-square-
foot campus, with 450 employees, houses
management, sales, engineering, research
and development, manufacturing and
assembly, quality control, purchasing,
shipping, receiving, and warehouse
Peterson Manufacturing says innovation — from concept to market — sets them apart
Being a USA manufacturer, and producing all the core
Peterson Manufacturing items in house, via vertical
integration, really differentiates Peterson from others in
the market, says Vice President of Sales Steve
Meagher (r.), pictured with Marketing Director Mark
Assenmacher (l.), and Receptionist Karman Thompson.
Continued on page 22
Peterson Manufacturing says innovation —
from concept to market — sets them apart
Page 22 March 2013 Parts & People
OTC breaks new ground with
launch of tablet-based diagnostic tool
by Rob Merwin
Las Vegas—Let your fingers do the
OTC recently introduced the industry’s
first wireless PC tablet-based diagnostic
tool, the Genisys Touch, which features a
10.1-inch high-resolution touch screen. It
provides coverage for all domestic, Asian,
and European makes and models with an
emphasis on most common vehicles,
including out-of-warranty
vehicle years 1996-2008 for
all OEMs, said Steve Zack,
OTC technical instructor, at
the product’s launch at
“The Touch enables
technicians to access hard-to-
reach computer controlled
components and move freely
while scanning the vehicle
from its long-range Class-1
Bluetooth pairing,” he said.
Its Windows 7 operating
system, Internet browser,
USB and video-out
connectivity gives
technicians that versatility in
their bays: Wi-Fi provides for
immediate software updates
as well as new releases of vehicle
coverage; its “Fast Link” feature goes
direct to OEM subscription websites; and
Web searches for repair information, part
numbers and fixes can be conducted
during live sessions, Zack said.
“What’s really interesting about this tool
is its ‘AutoDetect,’” he said. “It
automatically looks up CAN vehicles to
set up year, make, and model, and a tech
can then navigate to trouble codes and
repair information from an embedded
database. It also can access Identifix’s
Direct-Hit, as well as search for service
bulletins and recall info.”
Technicians can learn test procedures or
functions in one minute or less with its
embedded training videos and view them
during live diagnostic sessions.
“Information for specific tests is available
with one click for videos,” Zack said.
“Techs can use its ‘Special Test’ feature to
turn components on and off, such as an
injector, or open an EGR valve, turn on a
fan or whatever they want. Techs also have
the ability to look at two columns of data
stream and then select items individually
— it’s very user-friendly.”
He said its “Symptom Assist” feature in
repair information allows technicians to
enter an issue, such as shifting problems,
and retrieve recommended repairs. It has
Bluetooth pairing to an included J2534
vehicle communication device, as well as
OTC’s optional wireless TPMS reset tool
and PC-based two-channel oscilloscope.
Zack added that its J2534-1/J2534-2/Euro 5
compliant VCI provides wireless vehicle
communication to the tablet and can also
be used to reprogram vehicle controllers. n
Steve Zack, OTC technical instructor, demonstrates
OTC’s new tablet-based Genisys Touch diagnostic tool,
which he says is the first of its kind in the market.
The new Genisys Touch is a Windows 7 diagnostic platform with a large resistive 10.1-
inch touch screen featuring Wi-Fi and web browser access. It also has Bluetooth
pairing to an included J2534 vehicle communication device, as well as OTC’s optional
wireless TPMS reset tool and PC-Based 2-Channel Oscilloscope.
“All our core items are made right here on
the campus,” he added. “We design our own
tools, cut our own tools, and mold our own
parts. Being a USA manufacturer really
differentiates us from others in the industry,
and right now, we are seeing more
companies than ever basing their purchase
decisions on ‘Made in the USA.’”
One of the major benefits to vertical
integration is avoiding the hold-up problem
that often occurs when relying on others in
the supply chain, Meagher said.
“We can go to the customers, talk to
them, find out what they need or have
issues with, and start engineering solutions
for them,” he said. “The overseas importers
and suppliers don’t have the ongoing
product development and that’s what
differentiates us from them — we offer a
total electrical solution for our customers.”
Peterson Manufacturing will soon be
celebrating its 70th year in business, and
while much has changed in the company
that got its start in the tire pump and horn
business, before finding its niche in
lighting, one thing has remained the same,
and that is the focus on the customer,
Meagher said.
“Business is so complicated today. You
have to look at the whole program — price,
quality, service, innovation, new products,
lead times, and customer service — you
call into Peterson, you are going to get a
live person. Guaranteed.”
Assenmacher added that Peterson
Manufacturing is reaching out to its
customers through a number of social
media avenues as well.
“We have a Facebook page, a Twitter
feed, a YouTube channel, and a LinkedIn
page,” said Assenmacher, adding that
Peterson is also releasing a new corporate
video that we will be available throughout
the 2013 tradeshow season. For more
information on Peterson Manufacturing or
to request the 2013 corporate video or
master catalog, contact Mark Assenmacher
at n
Continued from page 21
Parts & People March 2013 Page 23
With more than 250 million vehicles in the U.S. and Canada that need
parts or service, the aftermarket is a rewarding career choice. An
automotive scholarship can help open the door.
Scholarships are available for students training to become automotive,
heavy duty, or collision repair technicians, and to students in business,
marketing, engineering or other major courses of study.
The Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) and more
than 20 additional organizations award automotive scholarships each
year. Visit www.automotivescholarships.comto get started. Your
completed application will automatically be considered by every
organization where you meet their qualifications. More than 1,600
scholarships have been awarded since 1998, representing more than
$1.6 million in direct aid to students.
for your
scholarship at
Applications must be completed by March 31, 2013.
Steelmate USA introduces
TPMS products
Cerritos, Calif.—Steelmate USA enters
the TPMS category with four models. The
products are attractive to the “towables”
market, where valuable cargo in trailers
behind vehicles needs to be monitored
regarding tire temperature and/or air
pressure. With a cigarette lighter plug
design, three of the four models are easily
moved from tow vehicle to tow vehicle as
needed. The first model is the TO-02 and is
a basic “flashing” alert to draw attention to
a tire problem. The second unit, the TP-03,
displays the temperature and air pressure
for up to four wheels and shows the exact
tire that is causing the alert. The TP-08
model adds the capability to program a tire
location for tire rotation or replacement
from the iSTYLE display module. The
fourth unit, the TP-05, is a hideaway ECU
(Blackbox) that has video output to display
the tire monitoring on screen, on any in-
dash radio with video inputs. All the
models come with four in-wheel valve
stems that include long-life lithium
batteries, and transmit the signal to the
displays, wirelessly.
Chicago Pneumatic introduces
3/4-inch impact wrench
Rock Hill, S.C.—Chicago Pneumatic
has introduced its CP7769 series air impact
wrench, the most powerful impact wrench
in its class and the only 3/4-inch impact
wrench to offer the side-to-side (S2S)
single-hand forward/reverse switching for
improved efficiency and operator comfort,
company officials said. The CP7769 series
is designed for a wide variety of
maintenance applications, including heavy
vehicle mechanical repair and maintenance
repair operations. The CP7769 and the
CP7769-6, with a six-inch extension shank,
provide 1,440 lb-ft. (1950 Nm) of
maximum torque, the highest of any 3/4-
inch impact wrench in its class. With an
optimal balance and interaction between
motor and clutch mechanism, it consumes
less air (7.75 cfm) than competitive tools.
Custom-fit foam drawer organizers
for Verus Pro and accessories
Lincolnshire, Ill.—Technicians can turn
their tool cart into a high-end mobile
diagnostic tool station with new custom-fit
foam drawer organizers to keep their Snap-
on Verus Pro and its accessories clean,
organized, secure and protected.
Associated Equipment introduces
ATEC Bench Charger line
St. Louis—Associated Equipment Corp.
(AEC) offers its new line of portable
automotive battery bench chargers under
the ATEC brand. The ATEC chargers have
sleek new cabinetry, more efficient
transformers, and feature a digital meter
display with a push-button switch to toggle
between voltage and current readings.
Versatile coolant/auto body leak
detection dye introduced
Westbury, N.Y.—Tracer Products has
introduced its new TP-3900 Dye-Lite
Coolant/Auto Body Dye. TP-3900
fluorescent dye finds leaks in radiators,
hoses, water pumps, and fittings. Just add
one ounce (30 ml) of the dye to a cooling
system and allow it
to circulate.
Wherever the
coolant leaks out,
so does the dye,
which remains at
the site of each and
every leak. When
the system is
scanned with a
ultraviolet or blue
light inspection
lamp, the dye
glows a bright
green, showing the
exact location of all leaks. In addition to
locating coolant leaks, TP-3900 also
detects wind and water leaks.
Gates Corp. introduces coolant
hose for heavy-duty applications
Denver—Gates Corp. introduced a new
high-temperature, peroxide-cured EPDM
coolant hose for heavy-duty applications,
including trucks, buses, and off-road
equipment. It is a less expensive alternative
to silicone or sulphur-cured coolant hose.
The abrasion-resistant material is designed
to resist electrochemical degradation, binds
to system components for fewer cold water
leaks, and has a lower water permeation
rate than silicone hose.
Bar’s Leaks introduces
its cooling system repair
Holly, Mich.—Bar’s Leaks new cooling
system repair is formulated to offer
multiple benefits for engine cooling
systems. It not only stops coolant leaks and
antifreeze loss, it also prevents overheating
and corrects other cooling system problems
to protect against future breakdowns and
cooling system repairs. The dual-cavity
bottle contains two formulas that combine
to provide complete protection upon
installation. One side includes a blend of
carbon fiber sealer, leak-sealing liquid, and
stop-leak treatment to stop and prevent
antifreeze loss. The other side adds system
protection in the form of water pump
Page 24 March 2013 Parts & People
Maintaining The Quality Starts
When You Choose
Honda and Toyota Genuine Parts
3 Deliveries a day from Alderwood to South Tacoma
including the Eastside! We also service Alaska & Hawaii!
Team Seattle
Your Wholesale Parts Team
Honda of Seattle
(206) 382-8834
Toll Free: 1-800-735-7206
Fax: (206) 625-9744
Toyota of Seattle
(206) 382-8838
Toll Free: 1-800-359-5635
Fax: (206) 382-8823
Three deliveries a day dedicated to serving you.
New Product Notes
Steelmate USA introduces four new TPMS
models suitable for the towables market.
Chicago Pneumatic introduces its 3/4-inch
air impact wrench designed for a wide
variety of maintenance applications,
including heavy vehicle mechanical repair.
Gates FleetRunner Hi-Temp Straight
Coolant Hose has a working pressure up
to 50 percent higher than typical silicone
coolant hose, offering greater protection
for tough fleet and heavy-duty
Tracer Products
introduces its TP-
3900 Dye-Lite
Coolant/Auto Body
Snap-on introduces new custom-fit foam
drawer organizers to keep Verus Pro and
its accessories clean, organized, secure,
and protected.
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Parts & People March 2013 Page 25
lubricant, corrosion
inhibitors, and heat
transfer agents. In
addition, Cooling
System Repair
includes Xtreme
Cool, a proprietary
wetting agent that
reduces water
temperature to
overheating. To
treat a cooling
system, pour the
bottle’s entire
contents into the
vehicle radiator
and idle the engine for 15 minutes.
ACDelco powers up its
fleet battery portfolio
Grand Blanc, Mich.—ACDelco has
released two new fleet battery part
numbers in its continuing effort to provide
fleet servicers a broader variety of battery
choices. Both batteries – which carry an
18-month free replacement warranty – are
designed with a special lead (pb) paste
and density that helps enable them to
withstand the heavy-duty cycling of over-
the-road (OTR) truck fleets where there
are no idle laws. The flooded batteries
also are designed to last longer in high-
cycling environments and provide
near-AGM cycling capabilities at a
flooded lead-acid battery price.
Cordless Blue-Point light illuminates
entire engine compartment
Kenosha, Wis.—The new Blue-Point
128-LED Cordless Rechargeable Under
Hood Light is the brightest underhood light
that Snap-on offers its customers. With
180-degree light distribution, it illuminates
the entire engine compartment, giving
service technicians the ability to perform
service repairs faster and more efficiently.
Its diffusion tube technology eliminates
shadows and the rechargeable lithium-ion
4400 mAh battery offers three hours of
continuous light. An underhood bracket
telescopes from 47 inches to 71 inches to
fit most vehicles.
Liqui Moly introduces
new automatic gear oil
Simi Valley, Calif.—Liqui Moly has
introduced a versatile automatic gear oil,
the Top Tec AFT 1800, which covers a
broad range with long oil change intervals.
It was primarily
developed for the
six-gear family
6HP19/26/32 from
ZF, which is
installed by, among
others, BMW,
Jaguar, Land Rover,
and Porsche. It also
has an official
Dexron VI approval
from GM and a
Mercon LV
approval from Ford.
In addition to this, it
fulfills the
BMW 83 22 0 142
516 (M-1375.4),
Hyundai SP-IV,
Nissan Matic S, and
Toyota WS. Due to its low viscosity, it also
withstands low temperatures and
contributes to a reduction in fuel
consumption. Oxidation and aging stability
properties enable long oil change intervals.
EPA adds Yokohama’s new
commercial tire to SmartWay list
Fullerton, Calif.—Yokohama Tire Corp.’s
new TY517
commercial tire
has been added to
the EPA SmartWay
list of verified
Yokohama, which
now has nine
recognized as
SmartWay “low-
rolling resistance
tires,” will debut
the TY517 at the
Trucking Show,
March 21-23 at the Kentucky Expo Center
in Louisville, Ky. SmartWay Transport, a
collaboration between the EPA and the
freight sector, is designed to improve
energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse
gas and air pollutant emissions. n
The new Blue-Point eliminates shadows
and has a three-hour charge.
Yokohama Tire
Corp.’s new TY517
commercial tire
debuts in March.
Continued from page 24
Bar’s Leaks Cooling
System Repair works
in all gasoline, diesel,
and turbocharged
Liqui Moly
introduces a
versatile automatic
gear oil. Oxidation
and aging stability
properties enable
long oil change
Page 26 March 2013 Parts & People
Fax: (206) 762-5546
(206) 762-5111
There’s no better time
than now to buy a
Coats tire changer
or balancer
Tire Changer
Independently Owned
and Operated for
over 35 years!
Cash Back
Cash Back
Cash Back
Tire Changer
Rebates good though March 31, 2013.
The MOST COMPLETE Automotive & Tire Shop Supplier in the Northwest
Hennessy Industries
ASA of Washington conference updates members with news and legislative reports
by Jerold B. Smith
Leavenworth, Wash.—The
Automotive Service Association
of Washington (ASA-WA) held
its Semi-annual Retreat and
Management Conference in this
picturesque mountain town, Jan.
24-27. In addition to a variety of
business and training events,
snowmobiling was a popular
outing on Thursday prior to
opening sessions on Friday.
A general business session
provided attendees with reports
from officers and staff; the
Ascettes (a spouse support group
that provides annual
scholarships); mechanical and
collision division
representatives; the national affiliate
representing ASA-WA; safety, insurance,
and benefits consultants; government
affairs chair; and Automotive Service
Excellence (ASE).
During the business meeting, each
Washington and Oregon ASA unit
provided reports on regional activities.
The combined mechanical/collision
roundtable on Friday evening was packed
to capacity with shop owners and
industry supporters. Attendees reviewed
and discussed matters of interest ranging
from legislation to education and training.
A hospitality suite following the
roundtable provided social and
networking opportunities.
Saturday’s activities began with a
breakfast prior to an AMI-approved
management seminar by Danny Sanchez,
CEO of Autoshop Solutions. An
afternoon luncheon featured a
presentation by Darrell Amberson, AAM,
chairman-elect of the national ASA
organization and president of Lehman’s
Garage, a chain of six collision repair
shops in the Minneapolis area. Amberson
updated retreat attendees on issues
ranging from revised national bylaws to
legislation being addressed by ASA. He
answered numerous questions from the
audience about issues facing members,
and also gave accolades to ASA-WA for
being an affiliate leader in the country
and one of the most successful regional
groups for ASA.
The Saturday evening awards banquet
was the highlight of the retreat.
Numerous awards and presentations to
staff, committee chairs, the Ascettes, and
others preceded the presentation of the
prestigious Outstanding Member of the
Year Award, presented each January to a
deserving member of the organization.
ASA-WA Chairman Joel Baxter, AAM,
presented the award to Brian Smith,
AAM, co-owner of Gig
Harbor Automotive Service in
Gig Harbor. Baxter cited
Smith’s longtime service to
the industry and association,
including serving on numerous
state committees, holding
local and state officer
positions, and serving
successfully as the ASA
national affiliate delegate.
Smith received a standing
ovation upon being given the
The officers and
directors of ASA-
WA were presented
to banquet attendees
by Jeff Lovell,
AAM, president and executive
director of ASA-WA. They
include Chairman Baxter, co-
owner of B&B Auto Repair in
Bremerton; Todd Black, co-
owner of Unlimited Service in
Bellingham, chairman-elect;
Brian Johnson, owner of
Motoring Services in
Kennewick, immediate past
chairman; Wake Barney, co-
owner of All Transmissions &
Automotive in Tacoma,
treasurer; Conrad “Butch”
Jobst, AAM, owner of B&B
Automotive in Aberdeen,
secretary; and Brian Smith,
national affiliate delegate.
Rounding out the board are
Bryan Kelley, AAM, owner of
Valley Automotive in Maple
Valley, mechanical division
chairman; Richard Weeks,
AAM, of ICM in Olympia, state allied
member chairman; Rhody Hayes of EZ
Aim in Pasco, collision division
chairman; Luther Taylor, retired
automotive instructor, parliamentarian
and historian; Jeff Lovell, AAM; and
Dave Burnett, AAM, ASA-WA vice
president of membership.
The retreat culminated with a breakfast
and business roundtable Sunday morning.
The next semi-annual retreat for ASA-
WA will be June 20-23, at the Northern
Quest Resort & Casino near Spokane. n
Joel Baxter (l.), AAM, introduces retreat speaker Darrell
Amberson, AAM, chairman-elect of ASA national, at the
event’s Saturday luncheon.
Joel Baxter (l.), AAM, presents the Outstanding
Member of the Year Award to Brian Smith, AAM, at
the ASA-WA Semi-annual Retreat in January.
Parts & People March 2013 Page 27
When you need to purchase parts for Chrysler,
, Dodge, Ram and SRT
vehicles, you have a
lot of choices. But when you choose Mopar®, it says
something about you. It says that you care enough
about your customers to give them the
very best for their vehicle. Thanks!
Thanks for Choosing
Authentic Mopar® Parts.
© 2012 Chrysler Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, SRT and Mopar are
registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC. Printed in U.S.A.
Eastside Westside All Around the Sound!
120 116th Avenue NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Wholesale Direct: (425) 637-1310
Toll Free: (800) 395-1310
Direct: (425) 454-8411
Fax: (425) 637-1375
Mon.–Fri. 7:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Sat. 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
13733 Aurora Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98155
Wholesale Direct: (206) 365-3530
Toll Free: (800) 999-JEEP
Direct: (206) 365-4930
Fax: (206) 365-5204
Mon.–Fri. 7:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Sat. 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Seattle’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dealer since 1984!
There is no easy answer to this
question, but here at Elite we can give
you some points that you need to
consider. We realize that you are paying
rent, insurance, etc., on a 24-
hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year
basis, so many will argue that
you should be open on
Saturdays since you’re already
incurring many of the fixed
expenses. Some will also argue
that if you are closed on
Saturdays, then stranded
customers, or those who can’t
make it in during the week, will
wind up at your competitors’ shops.
Obviously, there is truth to that argument
as well. But before you make a decision
to open up your shop on Saturdays, or to
continue to remain open on Saturdays,
here are five considerations that should
not be overlooked:
1. Run the numbers and pay close
attention to the details. By being open on
Saturdays you’ll more than likely incur
the added cost of overtime, which will
escalate your operating expense, as well
as the expenses that are based on payroll,
such as insurance. The bottom line is that
you’ll need to come to a conclusion as to
exactly how much you’ll need to generate
in Saturday sales (closed ROs) to make it
a worthwhile endeavor for your business.
Also, you need to make sure
that when you forecast your
necessary Saturday sales you’re
not counting work that you
would have otherwise
performed during the week.
2. The consideration that is
most commonly overlooked (but
that can cost you a fortune) is
the cost of employee morale. If
you plan on having your techs
and service advisors put in the extra day,
there will be a hefty price that you will
ultimately have to pay. You may very well
experience lower productivity Monday
through Friday, a decrease in the quality of
customer service, or an increase in
employee turnover, just to name a few. We
realize that some of you may be telling
yourselves that you have some young,
motivated staff who would love to be open
on Saturdays so they can earn a higher
income, but you’ll more than likely find
that the excitement wanes over a short
period of time. Opening your doors on
Saturdays may be great for short-term
performance, but odds are, it will not be the
best choice when it comes to long-term
business building.
3. Whatever you do, don’t ask your
customers if they would like to see you
open on Saturdays! Far too many shop
owners place value on these opinions when
the overwhelming majority of them will
naturally say “yes” since it’s to their
benefit, and there is absolutely no
downside for them.
4. Take Saturdays for a “test drive.” If
you feel being open on Saturdays is
something you just can’t pass up, then
before you tell the world, you should have
a skeleton staff work on Saturdays for 90
days and then measure the results. During
this test drive, make certain that your entire
staff understands that the Monday through
Friday goals will still need to be reached,
and that Saturday is not to be used as an
optional “bring it in for service” day for
your existing customers who contact your
shop during the week. Otherwise, you’re
robbing Peter to pay Paul.
5. Lastly, consider this: If your intent is
to drop as much money onto the bottom
line as quickly as possible, then opening on
Saturdays may very well be a good
decision for you. And if that is the case,
you may want to consider being open on
Sundays and holidays, too, because the
same financial logic prevails. On the other
hand, if your interest is in building a
profitable, successful business that will
grow in value over the long term, and in
creating a great environment for your
employees to call their home away from
home, then closing on Saturdays, and
losing some potential sales along the way,
will more than likely be the perfect choice
for you.
. . . . . . . . . . .
Since 1990, Bob Cooper has been the
president of Elite Worldwide Inc., an
ethics-based company that helps both
struggling and successful shop owners
take their businesses to new levels
through one-on-one coaching from the
industry’s top experts. The company also
offers shop owners sales, marketing, and
management solutions in the form of
downloadable audio training courses,
seminars, and service advisor training.
You can contact Cooper at, or at
800-204-3548. n
Cooper’s Keys to Auto Repair Profits
Bob Cooper
The million dollar question: Should your auto repair business be open on Saturdays?
AED will stage its annual AXD trade
show for installers on the evening of March
8, at its Swan Island warehouse in Portland,
followed by the annual meeting and trade
show for its member jobbers on Saturday,
March 9. That evening, all will attend a
Casino Night at the Marriott Hotel
Downtown on Portland’s waterfront. For
details, call 800-666-2660.
The Portland International Auto
Show, which was established in 1910 by
local Portland dealers, held its 104th event
in late January at the Oregon Convention
Center in Portland. Record crowds
attended the newly expanded show. During
press day, Volkswagen (VW) officials
said the Portland market led the nation in
2012 TDI sales at 48 percent of vehicles
sold, while the national sales rate for VW
diesels was 21 percent. Also, General
Motors’ representatives said Portland will
be one of two regions, including California,
which will get the new Spark EV this
summer. Ford officials said the 135-dealer
Portland region, which includes Oregon,
Washington, Alaska, and Montana,
outperforms national percentages on small-
car sales, as well as electric vehicles.
The annual Eugene Roadster Show,
one of the largest in the region, will be
March 30-31, at the Lane Event Center in
Eugene. For details, visit
This month marks the beginning of the
105th year for Parts & People’s
Northwest Edition, which was founded
in March 1909 to serve the Pacific
Northwest. For most of those years the
publication was known as Northwest
Motor, but it has been part of the Parts &
People group since 2001.
Six Robblees’ Inc., a distributor of
car, truck, and trailer wheels as well as
small trailer
components, tire
shop supplies and
equipment, and
heavy duty parts,
was one of five
nominated for the
11th annual
Truck Parts &
Distributor of the
Year award at the
Heavy Duty
Week (HDAW)
2013 in Las
Vegas in January.
The company has
locations in
Oregon, Montana, Alaska, and Northern
Nick Sebesta, formerly assistant sales
manager at the Spokane NAPA
Distribution Center (DC), has been
promoted to sales manager at the Seattle
NAPA DC. He replaces Randy Van
Horn, who served as the Seattle sales
manager for seven years and has been
promoted to Mountain Division sales
manager, based in Denver. Sebesta is an
11-year veteran with NAPA and held
various positions in Spokane, including
being a territory sales manager for two
years and wholesale manager for four
years. “I’m very excited about my recent
move to Seattle and look forward to
working with the Seattle team and all the
NAPA stores that we service,” Sebesta said.
Since its opening June 2, the LeMay-
America’s Car Museum(ACM) in
Tacoma has been a busy place. “In just the
last six months, we opened our doors to the
public, welcomed 150,000 visitors, debuted
a motorcycle festival, established long-term
partnerships with businesses and charities,
and hosted the Kirkland Concours
d’Elegance,” David Madeira, ACM
president and CEO, said. A full schedule of
events is planned for 2013 at the world’s
largest collection of vehicles. ACM is also
available for private events, including
meetings, conferences, dinners, and car
club outings. Visit
for details.
The Washington State Senate is
reviewing a bill that may have an impact
on collector car enthusiasts. The bill (SB
5121) deals with inoperable vehicles
parked on private property and would
permit the repair or modification of
vehicles 30 years or older (the state’s
definition of “collector vehicles”) on
private property. For full details on the bill,
contact local state senators or visit Statewide
supporters of the bill are being assisted by
SEMA and its government affairs division.
Carstar Auto Body Repair
Experts has expanded in Washington
with the opening of Complete Collision
Carstar in Federal Way. This is the
third location for Owner Jeff Middleton,
who also operates Exhibition Automotive
Carstar in Kent and Ballard Collision
Carstar in Seattle. “We congratulate Jeff
Middleton on his expansion to a third store
and his continued commitment to
operational excellence,” David Byers,
CEO of Carstar Auto Body Repair Experts,
said. “We are thrilled to expand our
presence in Washington with another top-
notch collision repair center.”
The majority of tool and equipment
purchasing decision-makers used the
Internet more for seeking information, and
less for purchasing tools and equipment,
according to the newly released AAIA
2013 Digital Tool and Equipment
Purchasing Trends report. The report
provides an analysis of the purchasing
decisions of professionals who use shop
tools and equipment for automotive repairs.
The report is available for a fee at
Registration is now available for the 40th
Page 28 March 2013 Parts & People
We Specialize in Hard to
Find Cylinder Heads!
(503) 230-0852
Exchange Cylinder
Heads and Cams
Complete Cylinder
Head Repair
Welding & Line
Boring Specialists
Complete Import &
Domestic Coverage
Mile Warranty
Portland, Oregon
t A
This 2013 Ford Mustang GT Coupe
Premium was a popular car at the
Portland International Auto Show. Its
official exterior color name is “Gotta Have
It Green.”
Bob Yates, president
of Blanchard Electric
& Fleet Supply in
Seattle, attended
HDAW 2013 in
January in Las Vegas,
where he saw Seattle-
based Six Robblees’
Inc. nominated for
distributor of the year,
enjoyed networking
opportunities, and
gained insights
through educational
Continued on page 29
People & Places compiled by Jerold B. Smith
Parts & People March 2013 Page 29
anniversary Knowledge Exchange
conference of the National Catalog
Managers Association (NCMA) at the
Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark, April 20-
23, in St. Louis. Automotive catalog and
product content managers will gather with
their trading partners and vendors for three
days of education, professional
development, and networking. NCMA is a
segment of the AAIA. NCMA members
can register for $495, and the fee for non-
members is $695. Forms and information
can be found online at the NCMA
conference page at
The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow
Engine Challenge, a scholarship
program for high school shop teams, is
expanding in terms of numbers of
sponsors, teams, and scholarship dollars.
Design Engineering Inc. (DEI)
announced its sponsorship of the program,
which is designed to encourage high school
students to take an interest in the
performance aftermarket by providing a
series of competitions that exhibit their
skills. For a full schedule events, or to sign
up a high school team to compete, visit
Matrix System Automotive
Finishes celebrates 30 years in the
automotive paint
industry. With
nearly 125
employees and
more than 400
distributors, Matrix
System continues
to be a supplier to
the PBE market
widely known for
its basecoat
platforms and
clearcoat products.
Matrix System also offers a full
complement of companion products
A Chip Foose-designed
WD40/SEMA Cares 1953 F-100 sold
at Barrett-Jackson recently for
$170,000, with all proceeds benefitting
Childhelp and Victory Junction
charities. The truck was rebuilt with an
updated drivetrain and suspension and
custom paint. Other features include an
original flathead engine from Edelbrock,
speed equipment from Egge, BASF paint,
and a custom MagnaFlow exhaust.
Betts Co. announced that BettsHD is
the company’s new operating division for
spray suppression and fender products at
HDAW 2013 in Las Vegas. BettsHD
combines the resources of Betts and Life-
Time Fenders into one source for
safety-related products focused on heavy
duty tractor/trailer applications. Heavy duty
tractor/trailer components previously
branded or offered distinctly by Betts and
Life-Time Fenders will be branded as
Fras-le, a friction material
manufacturer, announced at HDAW 2013
in Las Vegas that it began production of
heavy-duty brake lining at its friction
manufacturing facility in Prattville, Ala. It
is the first time Fras-le has produced
heavy-duty brake lining in the U.S. The
new friction materials are supplied to
Meritor for aftermarket use on new and
remanufactured brake shoes in North
The annual KOI Auto Parts-
Federated Auto Parts Cavalcade of
Customs and Training Expo, Jan. 11-
13, in Cincinnati, was a success, with
record-setting attendance and 550 KOI
customers participating in more than 100
training sessions. As part of the Cavalcade
of Customs, KOI offered 30 different types
of training classes for a total of 106
Continued from page 28
This custom-built 1953 Ford F-100
recently sold for $170,000 at Barrett-
Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale, Ariz.
For the first time in the U.S., Fras-le is
producing heavy-duty brake lining.
KOI hosted a student-day event for more
than 370 local vocational school students
and their teachers before the Cavalcade of
Customs show began.
Matrix System
Automotive Finishes
celebrates 30 years
in the automotive
paint industry.
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There’s no reason to keep late nights when your business is on TRACS, the Total Repair Automotive Computer System from NAPA.
We have met the needs of installers for over 80 years, and understand those needs better than anyone in the industry. TRACS
helps you run every aspect of your business more easily and effectively: from estimating, billing, and invoicing, to employee time
management, customer service history, electronic parts cataloging and ordering. You can even run multiple part matrixes on
every single item you sell, resulting in the profit your business needs to stay healthy. All from a single source, proven supplier with
a long history of success, a dedicated support team after the sale, and the uncompromising quality for which NAPA is known. You owe it to yourself and
your business — for a free demonstration to see how TRACS can help your bottom line, call 800.659.3710 or go to
Page 30 March 2013 Parts & People
Mechanical Repair Training Notes
People & Places
sessions during the three-day event. The
550 KOI service technician customers
attended a total of 1,234 training classes.
Fifty-two of Federated and KOI’s supplier
partners set up booths for the show, while
KOI had five booths of its own.
The Automotive Lift Institute Inc.
(ALI) announced the availability of the
2013 edition of
its “Vehicle
Lifting Points
for Frame
Engaging Lifts.”
The updated
guide is a quick-
manual for
lifting point
information as
by the vehicle
Visit ALI’s
website to order this
updated guide or for information on other
safety materials and standards.
ALI will partner with Petty’s Garage to
support the Petty’s Garage
Performance Tour for its second year in
2013. The Performance Tour brings Petty’s
Garage expert car designers and builders,
custom parts, and unique vehicles directly
to fans and auto enthusiasts at events across
the U.S. Among the cars on display as part
of the tour is the Legacy by Petty
Challenger, a custom Dodge Challenger
convertible built by Petty’s Garage as a
tribute to Richard “The King” Petty by
ALI. A full schedule of tour stops is
available on the Petty’s Garage website at
The University of the
Aftermarket Foundation welcomed
Dorman Products Inc. as a lifetime
trustee. The company recently contributed
$100,000 to the foundation in order to help
secure the future of the aftermarket through
education. Jeff Darby, senior vice
president of sales for Dorman, will serve as
the company’s representative on the board
of trustees.
For the fourth consecutive year, the
board of directors of DMA Goodpoint
Inc. have approved the issuances of a
6.25-percent dividend to its preferred class
shareholders. By industry comparative
standards, that ranks DMA Goodpoint
among the highest for companies issuing
an annual dividend. Over the four-year
period, shareholders have also seen an
appreciation in share value of more than 20
At the recent Collision Industry
Foundation (CIF) meeting at the Hilton
in Palm Springs, Calif., the CIF Board
elected two additional members to the
board of trustees to carry on the
Foundation’s initiatives throughout the
coming years. The two new trustees are
Shawn Heimback, of Saint-Gobain
Abrasives Inc., and Cheryl Boswell, of
DCR Systems. In addition to Heimback
and Boswell, the CIF Board elected in the
fall of 2012 Dave Merrell, PartsTrader;
Petra Schroeder, DuPont Performance
Coatings; Kelly Broderick, Dedoes;
Brandon Eckenrode, Sherwin-Williams
Automotive Finishes; and Rick Tuuri,
Audatex, a Solera Co.
Service & Repair
Week (ASRW)
announced that Dan
Stander, AAM, Fix
Auto Highlands Ranch
in Littleton, Colo., will
serve as the next event
chairman for the
Congress &
Exposition (NACE);
Bill Moss, AAM,
Technical Institute
To register, contact your local CARQUEST
store or visit
Location TBD-Everett, Wash.
• Mar. 11-12-VW/Audi Diagnostic
Location TBD-Kent/Fremont/
Bellevue, Wash.
• Mar. 13-14-VW/Audi Diagnostic
Location TBD-Spokane, Wash.
• Mar. 18-19-Modern Misfire Diagnosis
Location TBD-Yakima, Wash.
• Mar. 20-21-Current Probe Diagnosis
Location TBD-Port Angeles, Wash.
• Mar. 26-27-GM Duramax Diagnosis
Location TBD-Vancouver/Portland/
Interstate, Ore.
• Mar. 19-21-Diagnostic Secrets of a
Mobile Diagnostic Technician
Location TBD-Salem, Ore.
• Mar. 25-27-Body Control System
Diagnosis: Lighting Systems
Location TBD-Eugene, Ore.
• Mar. 26-28-Modern Misfire Diagnosis
Location TBD-Portland W/Tigard, Ore.
• Mar. 26-28-Diagnostic Secrets of a
Mobile Diagnostic Technician
Location TBD-Helena/Butte, Mont.
• Mar. 20-21-Modern Misfire Diagnosis
NAPA AutoTech Training
For more information or to register,
Best Western Creek Inn-
Missoula, Mont.
• Mar. 5-No Start, No Code Diagnostics
Dennis Technical Education Center-
Boise, Idaho
• Mar. 7-No Start, No Code Diagnostics
Lewis and Clark State College
Auto Shop-Lewiston, Idaho
• Mar. 11-Mode 6 Diagnostics Enhanced
North Idaho College Auto Shop-
Coeur D’Alene, Idaho
• Mar. 12-Misfire III
Seattle Distribution Center-
Kent, Wash.
• Mar. 11-Scan Tool Dynamics Ford
Diesel Systems
Skagit Valley College-
Mt. Vernon, Wash.
• Mar. 12-Scan Tool Dynamics Ford
Diesel Systems
South Puget Sound Community
College-Olympia, Wash.
• Mar. 13-Scan Tool Dynamics Ford
Diesel Systems
West Sound Technical Skills
Center-Bremerton, Wash.
• Mar. 14-Scan Tool Dynamics Ford
Diesel Systems
Rogue Community College-
Grants Pass, Ore.
• Mar. 11-Scan Tool Dynamics Ford
Diesel Systems
Central Oregon Community College-
Bend, Ore.
• Mar. 12-Scan Tool Dynamics Ford
Diesel Systems
State of Oregon Transportation
Dept.-La Grande, Ore.
• Mar. 12-Scan Tool Dynamics Ford
Diesel Systems
Ramada Inn Airport-Portland, Ore.
• Mar. 14-Scan Tool Dynamics Ford
Diesel Systems
University of Alaska – TVC-
Fairbanks, Alaska
• Mar. 19-Toyota Engine Management
Wasilla NAPA Training Center-
Wasilla, Alaska
• Mar. 20-Toyota Engine Management
NAPA Auto Parts Store-
Anchorage, Alaska
• Mar. 21-Engine Dynamics VE II
ACDelco Training
For more information, visit
University of Alaska-
Anchorage, Alaska
• Mar. 12-Enhanced Automotive Circuit
• Mar. 13-Network Communication
Shoreline Community College-
• Mar. 19-20-Network Communication
• Mar. 21-Evaporative Emissions Controls-
Why is there always a code but never a
leak we can find? n
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Daniel A. “Dan”
Stander, AAM, of
Fix Auto
Highlands Ranch,
will serve as the
next event
chairman for
John Washbish (l.), secretary of the
University of the Aftermarket Foundation,
accepts a check for $100,000 donated to
the foundation from Steve Berman,
chairman and CEO of Dorman Products Inc.
ALI will partner with Petty’s Garage to
support the Petty’s Garage Performance
Tour for its second year in 2013.
ALI announced the
availability of the 2013
edition of its “Vehicle
Lifting Points for Frame
Engaging Lifts” guide.
Parts & People March 2013 Page 31
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MAIL TO: Circulation Dept., Parts & People, PO Box 18731, Denver, CO 80218-0731
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Aisin World Corp. of America ...........................5
Aluminum Head Rebuilders............................28
Automotive Research and Design....................8
BMW of Bellevue ............................................16
BMW Seattle.....................................................6
Borroughs Corp. .............................................18
Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Bellevue...................27
Chrysler LLC...................................................17
Drivelines NW, Inc. ..........................................13
Elite Worldwide ...............................................28
Engine & Performance Warehouse, Inc. ........11
Exedy Global Parts Corp. .................................6
Federated Auto Parts......................................10
Federated Warehouse ......................................2
GAAS.........................................................19, 23
Honda of Seattle.............................................24
Husky Truck Center ........................................14
Jasper Engines & Transmissions....................12
Jet Chevrolet ...................................................31
Kia Motors America ........................................13
LKQ, Corp. ......................................................15
McCurley Chevrolet Cadillac..........................31
NAPA Auto Parts...............................................7
NAPA Tracs .....................................................29
Northwest Sales Group ..................................26
Performance Warehouse................................32
Potter-Webster Co. .........................................20
RDO Equipment................................................4
Scarff Ford-Isuzu...............................................4
Seattle Mini......................................................16
Tire Dealers Warehouse..................................10
Total Lubricants USA Inc. .................................9
Town & Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge...........27
Toyota of Seattle .............................................24
Transmission Exchange Co............................14
Transmission Rebuild Center .........................21
Warehouse West .............................................22
Advertisers’ Index
The right part, the right fit. Better dependability and quicker, easier
Each GM Powertrain component incorporates the very latest engineering
3 years/100,000 miles* for GM OE Powertrain. 2 years / 50,000 miles*
for GM Performance Parts Engines. Warranty covers both parts and labor.
The installing independent service center may perform the GM Powertrain
warranty repairs.
Warranties reside with the vehicle, not the owner, so vehicles can be sold
with an added value of the warranty.
GM, Ford and Chrysler makes it 3X easier for you to receive product,
warranty, availability and purchase information, as well as technical support
1-866-OE-PARTS (1-866-637-2787).
See your Genuine GM Parts dealer for peace-of-mind and competitive prices
*Whichever comes first — fromdate and mileage of installation by an
authorized GMDealer or a qualified service center. For over-the-counter
sales, warranty begins on the date and mileage of retail sale. Contact your
Genuine GMParts dealer for details.
Jet Chevrolet
• Same-day /Next-day delivery
to most areas
• Low cost shipping to Alaska
Federal Way, WA
Parts Phone: 800-257-6655
Chevrolet Cadillac
Pasco, WA
Parts Phone: 800-456-6257
owner of EuroService
Automotive in
Warrenton, Va., will
return for a second
term as the event
chairman for the
Congress of
Automotive Repair
and Service
(CARS). Each
chairman will
represent his segment
of the industry and
ASRW. The 2013
event is scheduled for
Oct. 17-19, at the
Mandalay Bay
Convention Center in
Las Vegas.
Automotive Parts
Associates (APA)
has hired Gary
Martin as executive
vice president. Martin
will be responsible for
maximizing APA’s
operating performance and overseeing
APA’s strategic plan. He will be working to
further integrate member and vendor
participation in APA’s data warehouse.
Public relations and training will be key
components of his new position. Martin
will be based at APA’s headquarters in
Lenexa, Kan., and will report directly to
Dan Freeman, president and CEO.
In memoriam: The Tire Industry
Association (TIA) announced the loss of
Past President Steve Disney, who died
recently in Houston of complications
following artificial heart transplant surgery.
Disney also served as president of the Tire
Association of North America (TANA)
prior to the merger with the International
Tire and Rubber Association (ITRA).
Disney was the first president of the newly
formed TIA in 2002 and his leadership was
instrumental in establishing a strong
foundation for the association. A recipient
of TIA’s Industry Leadership Award in
2003, his vision and focus on the future led
to discussions that gave life to what has
become the strongest tire-related
association in the world. Disney leaves
behind a legacy of playing a vital role in
merging two organizations. n
March 1-3 * 2013 Automotive Training
Expo (ATE), Doubletree Hotel, SeaTac,
Wash. Visit
March 6-8 * The Work Truck Show (in
conjunction with the National Truck
Equipment Association Educational Days
March 5-7), Indiana Convention Center,
Indianapolis. Visit
March 7-10 * 41st annual Boise
Roadster Show, Expo Idaho, Boise. Call
208-938-8986, or visit
March 8-9 * Annual AXD Installer
Show (March 8) and AED Annual Meeting
& Jobber Show (March 9), AED
Warehouse, Portland. Call 800-666-2660
for details.
March 15-17 * 57th annual Portland
Roadster Show, Portland Expo Center,
Portland. Visit
March 21-23 * Showpower 2013, the
Undercar/Transmission Expo, Memphis
Cook Convention Center, Memphis, Tenn.
March 26-28 * 62nd annual Vehicle
Maintenance Management Conference
(VMMC), Professional Automotive
Training Center, Shoreline Community
College, Shoreline, Wash. Visit
March 30-31 * Eugene Roadster Show,
Lane Event Center, Eugene, Ore. Visit
April 1-30 * National Car Care Month
(Be Car Care Aware Campaign), sponsored
by the Car Care Council, a nationwide effort
to promote proper vehicle maintenance and
safety to consumers. Visit
April 5-7 * 25th annual North American
Trade Show, Electrical Rebuilders
Association (ERA), Wyndham Indianapolis
Hotel & Conference Center, Indianapolis.
April 16-18 * SAE 2013 World
Congress & Exhibition, Cobo Center,
Detroit. Visit
April 23 * Spring Luncheon,
Automotive Old Timers (open to all),
Johnny’s at Fife, Fife, Wash. Contact Mike
Shea at 253-848-1975.
April 23-25 * ToolTech 2013,
sponsored by the Equipment & Tool
Institute (ETI), San Diego. Visit
April 27-28 * 2013 West Coast Trade
Show, Performance Warehouse, PW
Hillsboro Warehouse, Hillsboro, Ore. Visit
May 11 * 31st annual Spring Classic
Auto Exhibit & Gathering, sponsored by
Portland Transmission Warehouse (PTW),
S.E. 11th & Clay Streets, Portland, Ore. For
details, call 800-444-4556. n
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Calendar compiled by Jerold B. Smith
Bill Moss, AAM,
owner of
Automotive in
Warrenton, Va.,
will return for a
second term as
the event
chairman for
Gary Martin has
been hired by
APA as its
executive vice
Page 32 March 2013 Parts & People
Please complete and fax to: (503-417-5307 or 1-800-999-9819) Register Online @,
or mail to: Performance Warehouse 9440 N. Whitaker Rd. Port. OR 97217 by April 12, 2013 and your FREE SHOW TICKETS
for Saturday April 27th & Sunday April 28th, 2013 will be mailed to you PRIOR to the show
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Mailed/Faxed by:___________________________________ Date:_____/_____/_____
Hillsboro Warehouse
Saturday Show Hours:
3:00PM - 8:00PM
Sunday Show Hours:
9:00AM - 4:00PM
Over 500 Manufacturers
Talk to the Sales Representatives
about whats New & Exciting for
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