Hunter Road Force Balancer named “GM Essential Tool”

This past Friday, GM sent a service bulletin to its dealers announcing the Hunter Road Force balancer is officially a "GM Essential Tool" required for servicing their vehicles.  This means every GM dealer in the U.S. that does not already have a Gen 3 or newer Hunter Road Force balancer will automatically receive a new RFE13GM starting in February.

There are two (2) very important things to realize with this announcement:

  1. Effective January 20, 2017, the only configuration Road Force balancer allowed at a GM dealer is the RFE13GM.
  2. The GM Essential Tool price charged to their dealers will be unprecedented - far better than distributor or NADA pricing.

As a result, please do not solicit Road Force balancer orders with GM dealers outside of this essential tool auto-ship process.

GM will permit dealers with Gen 3's and Gen 4's to take advantage of the special one-time GM Essential Tool pricing and obtain the RFE13GM.  Considering GM intends to write labor times for Road Force testing and match-mounting, those dealers with Elites will greatly benefit with the speed.

Many more details will follow.   This will create one of the largest opportunities in Hunter's history to sell accompanying tire changers.

To reiterate though, please do not attempt to sell GM dealers Road Force balancers at NADA or around the program.  This will only result in hard feelings afterwards when dealers realize they did not obtain the correct configuration, and most certainly overpaid.

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