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B2B Automotive Publication
Parts & People, a monthly, trade-only publication, wields a 30-year reputation for local content and national relevance in the automotive industry. We exist to share and cultivate ethical and profitable automotive business practices with byline content that celebrates business development, best practices and business success stories across the industry, including collision-specific coverage.


We Serve Your Industry
We feature peer-directed articles by some of the nation’s top automotive journalists to bolster automotive businesses with local coverage in six regions west of the Mississippi and national articles that provide industry overview. We support and promote regional training and industry events – both technical and management – to further serve our community, from local shop owners to national manufacturers.



We Target Your Market
We provide a receptive audience and ideal exposure for our advertisers by addressing all levels of the channel, distributors, jobbers, parts departments, and service repair shops. Using Parts & People as an advertising and marketing venue provides visibility and branding to target-market readers at automotive businesses and schools in six regions west of the Mississippi.

We Maximize Your Marketing Investment
Our advertisers use their ad space to promote better business by taking advantage of more space at competitive prices, ads that always touch copy and sponsored content options to better engage their audience. They add credibility to their brand by sharing their message with our audience of small-business owners and managers, who decide what products and services to use in their business and rely on us to provide the information they need to continue to grow professionally and within their communities.

Local Coverage
Parts & People provides visibility and branding delivered directly to the purchasing decision makers at every level within each region. Regional advertisers never pay for circulation outside of their market because we set our circulation boundaries within one-day ground UPS from major hub cities within the region. Ask about multi-region discounts to broaden your reach.


We’re excited to collaborate with our advertisers to create and promote sponsored content in print and online that enhances the journalistic offering we present our audience. We offer three sizes for sponsored content (editorial, informative) or native advertising (advertorial, promotional) in print as well as an online option. …and Why You Should, Too!

• Engagement
Readers engage advertising content that looks like editorial copy similarly to articles. That’s huge!
• Trust
Consumers trust mutually beneficial copy over traditional ads, showing increased brand affinity toward the advertiser.
• Efficacy
Hyper-relevant content keeps customers informed and engaged, optimizing purchasing pathways.
This hyper-relevant content garners higher purchase intent and optimizes purchase pathways.



Our most relevant online advertising strategy to date includes sponsored content slots featuring a photo in our above-scroll article reel and labeled placement within our own content. Publish as often as once a week or monthly in tandem with our print publication. Priced competitively for the market, your first piece at $2,000 covers a one-time activation/set-up fee. Subsequent pieces within six months cost $1,750. Because consistent campaigns ensure greater efficacy, we offer negotiable discounts for campaigns of three or more sponsored articles. All sponsored content campaigns are subject to a 50 percent fee if you require assistance writing and comprising your content. We’ll always edit it to match our style.

Call us for rates ~ 800-530-8557 or email

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Parts & People

Parts & People is published monthly by Automotive Counseling and Publishing Company, Inc., a Colorado corporation, P.O. Box 18731 Denver, CO 80203, 303-765-4664. President-Lance Buchner. Founded by Lance Buchner and Dave Lucia.