ASE Education Foundation Updates Guide for New Automotive Instructors

LEESBURG, VA, June 27, 2018 –  The ASE Education Foundation has expanded its online automotive instructor guide targeted toward those exploring a career transition to becoming an instructor as well as new instructors. Units covering advisory committees and student placement have just been added to the existing resources. The New Instructor Guide is free and was developed through grants from Ingersoll Rand and the National Network of Business and Industry Associations.

The guide was created to help new and nearly new automotive instructors be more successful in making the transition from doing to teaching. It is also a resource for instructors already in the field. The New Instructor Guide includes short video segments that outline best practices, tips and techniques for:


• Developing Quality Lesson Plans

• Delivering Lesson Content so it Engages Students

• Managing Successful Lab Sessions

• Assessing Your Students' Progress and Mastery

• Developing the Most Valuable Advisory Board

• Staying Connected with the Current Automotive Industry

• Engaging Local Industry to Place Students in the Workforce


The Guide also includes printable resources such as lesson planning templates and job sheets.

The Instructor Guide can be found at   For more information about this program, contact the ASE Education Foundation at 703-669-6650 or at

The ASE Education Foundation works with over 2300 automotive technology training programs and over 50,000 students nationally to provide the transportation industry a viable workforce through standards and credentials for institutions, organizations and individuals. The Foundation also offers career development and workplace exposure creating relationships and partnerships with employers. For more information, visit

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