Automotive Distribution Network Announces 2019-’20 Leadership 2.0 Scholarship Award Winners

GERMANTOWN, Tenn., July 9, 2019 – The Automotive Distribution Network has awarded scholarships to the following recipients to attend Leadership 2.0, an industry-focused education program offered through Northwood University: Network headquarters staff members Chris Harman, IT product manager, and Shay Berthelson, director of technology; along with advisory council member Dena Ganje from My Mechanic, and Sean Ayala, a W M Automotive representative from Fort Worth, Texas.

“The University of the Aftermarket offers a great opportunity to help all of us secure the future for this business that we all enjoy.  The aftermarket continues to be a viable, growing industry providing a wide variety of career paths for ourselves and our employees,” said David Prater, president of the Network.   “We are proud to be able to assist our employees, members and customers in participating in Leadership 2.0 and other programs offered by the University.”

Network attendees will participate in two intensive one-week sessions. The first session will be held at the Northwood University campus in Midland, Mich., beginning this fall with a course featuring lectures by respected industry leaders. After breaking to collaborate remotely with a team on an aftermarket-specific project for six months, the group’s scholarship recipients will return for the second session in Raleigh, NC in spring 2020 to further review industry trends and issues while completing their group assignments.

The Automotive Distribution Network, operating under the brands of Parts Plus, Parts Plus Mexico, IAPA and Auto Pride, is one of the most diverse groups in the auto-care industry. The Network is a proud member of Nexus North America and Nexus Automotive International, a worldwide group of parts distributors committed to bringing a global approach to the industry. For more information, contact Mark Lowry at Network Headquarters, 3085 Fountainside Dr., Ste. 210, Germantown, TN, 38138. (901) 682-9090,

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