California Automotive Resource Center website offers abundance of information and advice

The California Automotive Resource Center (CalARC, is a website developed in collaboration with the Foundation for California Community Colleges to bring the automotive community, the State Smog Inspection Program and the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) together.

CalARC provides information for individuals who seek training to become licensed, for technicians and licensees seeking employment, for technicians seeking technical information, for employers seeking to hire skilled technicians, and for instructors to distribute information regarding their training.  When you first access CalARC, it is highly recommended to register, which opens the doors to all areas of CalARC — Ask & Answer, Forum, Training and Careers.

The website is a vast database of knowledge and information, so here’s a brief breakdown of each area:  Ask & Answer – connects the technician to either the BAR or to seasoned technicians. Some questions that are typically asked include, “Will the new monitor standards affect our STAR Score,” “Does BAR use OIS Data for STAR Certification,” “How do I obtain a Smog Check Technician License,” and “How do I appeal a citation,” among others. Forum – a great place to share your thoughts, concerns, vent, and or just to collaborate with fellow technicians. Some of the topics recently posted include “Scan Tools,” “Technicians Hourly Rate,” “Update Training,” and more. Training – as a licensed technician, you have questions, in the past you’ve called around to different schools or the BAR Licensing Division and all you received was a transfer of calls or a runaround. Well, that frustration is over. The training section of CalARC provides information such as available classes offered, licensing information regarding brake, lamp, smog check inspector, smog check repair and resource materials. Additional topics also include licensing flow chart, smog check license application, smog check renewal application, and smog check examination handbook. Training also provides you with your personal training history, including the name and date of the courses you’ve taken, the courses you need or want, and where to take them. Careers – Looking for employment? Looking for technicians? Careers is an employment resource center that brings smog check technicians and employers together. Technicians can upload their resumes for potential employers to view, and employers can post available opportunities for technicians to consider.

CalARC is a community that bridges the gap between BAR, smog check technicians, smog check inspection and/or repair facilities. Visit the website and take advantage of the community that BAR has brought together.

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Since 1993, Jonathan Summers has been teaching automotive, first as a high school automotive instructor, area training manager for Precision Tune Auto Care, and Washington State smog instructor. He is president and founder of the California Smog & Automotive Institute in Riverside and is a subject matter expert for BAR. Summers also has numerous certifications and has authored several books. You can contact him at or at 951-781-0412.

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