TechForce Foundation's FutureTechs Rock Awards Winner & Finalists for 2019

Antonio Yepez-Cervantes
Automotive Technician Student
Ventura College
Ventura, CA (between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara)

From Antonio's nomination:
"Tony's passion for automotive began by taking an automotive class out of curiosity. He has since immersed himself in his college's T-Ten automotive program, secured several ASE, S/P2 and NC3 certifications and has set a goal of becoming an ASE Master Technician by the time he completes his program. In the meantime, Tony is also pursuing an associates degree in automotive technology, in addition to his technical education.
Tony is a hard-working, ambitious, self-motivated person who works well in teams. He is accountable, organized, regularly engages with industry news and has a stellar attendance record and GPA.
Tony is not only interested in self-improvement. He is genuinely enthusiastic about leading and teaching others. He stays after classes just to help other students struggling with a concept. His patience and ability to explain things in both layman and technical terms are impressive."

In his own words:
"Understanding that many young adults have trouble finding the right career for themselves has made me realize that I have been lucky and fortunate... I've been taking courses at College and have set a goal to become an ASE Master technician before the age of 22. I am currently an ASE Certified Technician with 4 ASEs to my name and will soon be taking two more. This is the beginning of my journey..."
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Felyciti Alvarez
Welding & Machining Student
Fallbrook High School
Fallbrook, CA (near San Diego)

From Felyciti's nomination:
"In just one short year Felyciti has made her mark at her highschool's metal shop. Her accomplishments in all facets of metal shop as well as her determination to continue learn and improve has thoroughly impressed her instructors. Since starting metal shop in her junior year, Felyciti, now a senior, has stepped up to guide the less experienced students in her class by assisting and teaching them concepts and skills.
Felyciti has also established herself as one of the best TIG Welding students in her State, by placing at a recent state-wide SkillsUSA Competition. Her skills include machining parts and many different processes of welding. Felyciti has worked hard since first starting shop class last year, to become a very skilled, talented young woman in the technical fields of Welding and Manufacturing."

In her instructor's words:
"Felyciti possesses a unique combination of skills that encompass and demonstrate an understanding and ability to use mathematics, design, fabrication, welding and machine shop knowledge, putting her in the position of being able to not only understand the concepts behind creating, engineering and manufacturing, but also how to apply those concepts and do the work of manufacturing."

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