After Recent Erroneous Reports, Industry Needs to Know the Missouri Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Still at Risk

A press release distributed by an automotive industry association inaccurately eluded that the Missouri vehicle safety inspection program was safe since House Bill 451 was not passed this session. Even though Rep J. Eggleston’s House Bill 451 did not make it through the Senate, the same wording was added to other bills which were passed during the final days of the session several weeks ago. AASPMissouri and the Midwest Auto Care Alliance have worked hard to represent both the industry and consumer in keeping this important safety program intact. MWACA and AASP‐Missouri representatives have been present at numerous hearings at the Capitol, as well as providing detailed and timely communication with our members and industry. In addition, members and industry have been able to keep updated on the legislative movements through a joint website,

As previously reported by AASP‐Missouri and MWACA, amendments that would basically water down this important safety program were successfully added to both Senate Bill 89 and Senate Bill 147. The newly added amendments on both of these bills exempt vehicles ten years of age or less and with less than 150,000 miles. These bills both passed and currently sit on Missouri Governor Parson’s desk awaiting his signature so that they become law.

Our industry still has an opportunity to keep this program in full force by asking Governor Parsons to not sign either Senate Bill 89 or Senate Bill 147 that include the amendments which significant weaken Missouri’s esteemed vehicle safety inspection program.

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