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Missouri State Inspection program takes a beating, but keeps ticking

We fought a strong battle to save The Missouri State Safety Inspection Program. It survived, but it’s wounded.

The last day of session for 2019 in Jefferson City was May 17, and we were successful in stopping HB451 as it died in the Senate Transportation Committee.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to send emails, make calls and speak with your legislators. Thank you to AASP-Missouri State President Mike Moehlenkamp (Gary’s Auto Service) for the many trips he made to Jefferson City this session to testify and walking the halls trying to educate the legislators with me. And thank you to Sheri Hamilton and MWACA for working together with us on this legislation. Sheri developed the website that provided information pertinent to the legislation we opposed. It was a great experience to work together as one industry.

Too bad if a bill can’t survive on its own that the legislators can throw at it everything trying to sneak it by. Rep. Eggleston amended both SB147 and SB89 with the exemption language basically making the safety inspection ineffective by eliminating 49 percent of the vehicles to be inspected.

What is very sad is that no one testified in favor of HB451 at the hearing and more than 12 associations and individuals opposed, but it still passed out of the House Committee.

The final outcome was very disappointing, like losing by a hand pass.

We were successful in keeping the Missouri State Safety Inspection Program. However, it is a very much-weakened program now. SB89 passed with the Rep. Eggleston amendment that exempts vehicles for 150,000 miles or 10 years before a vehicle would be required to have a safety inspection. So the program has taken damage but is still afloat.

So what is next? It is not a law until the governor signs the bill. Contact Gov. Parsons and request he not sign SB89 or SB147.

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Ron Reiling, AAM, is the executive director of AASP-Missouri (, and can be reached at 636-949-5990 and

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