Community Wholesale Tire promotes Andy Berra to president and Adrienne Berra to executive vice president

Community Wholesale Tire, a family owned and operated business, has made some organizational changes, promoting Andy Berra to President and Adrienne Berra to Executive Vice President, effective September 1, 2017.  The current President, Phil Berra, will remain with the company as chairman and CEO.  Beth Berra, wife of Phil and mother to Andy and Adrienne, will continue in her role as the Corporate Secretary and Business Manager.  Liz Berra, wife of Andy, also contributes to the company as the Creative Director.

Mike Berra, a first generation American, opened a service station in 1928.  Mike sold the station and started Community Tire Company in 1935.  The company sold new and used tires and batteries and had one mold for repairing used tires.  Eventually, the company grew into two separate entities.  Michael, Mike’s eldest son, developed and ran the retread division, and in 1974 Mike’s other son Phil graduated from college and began to grow the wholesale division.  Phil was elected President in 1986.  In 2007 the two businesses legally separated becoming Community Wholesale Tire and Community Tire Retreading.

Andy Berra started his career at Community Wholesale Tire over 20 years ago doing miscellaneous administrative and warehouse jobs at the company’s old headquarters in downtown St. Louis.  After graduating from Marquette University in 2004, Andy started full-time with company in 2006.  Adrienne has been with the company since graduating from Loyola University in 2008.   

Community Wholesale Tire has three Midwest distribution centers, an eight-state marketing area, and over 200 employees.  The company has been able to sustain year after year growth and gives back to the community with a strong charitable program.


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