Lincoln Chapter Meeting - Sales Plyers and After the Yes

Lincoln Chapter Meeting - Sales Plyers and After the Yes

Date: May 21, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM CDT
Event Description:

2 Event Night
Sales Plyers and After the Yes
presented in person by David Eschbach

Sales Plyers:
This is a presentation describing how and why Benefits and Features are designed to work together. Research suggest, and my experience proves, that all too often we rely on Features because we work on, “Features”. Using a simple pair of plyers, I explain how the two pieces of the plyers make it one of the most valuable tools in the shop. Yet, if you take one piece of the plyers away and the tool is rendered useless. 

Defining Benefits and Features
• Understanding how to utilize Benefits first
• Identifying that the customer will buy based on the Benefit not the Feature
• How to create Benefit Statements for all recommendations

After the Yes:
Research indicates that the cause for most customer complaints occur after they agree to have the work completed. Most training focuses on greeting and customer commitment, but fails to emphasis the importance of what should take place after the customer has agreed to do the work. 

• Understanding that the customer truly does not commit until they have agreed to spend money with you
• The importance of establishing a process with a system of check points for all customer transactions
• Provide ideas for managing the customer throughout the entire service experience.

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