AutoText.Me’s Craig O’Neill (left) and John Monks, of Houska Automotive, discuss the cloud-based application’s features that manage a shop’s workflow to create efficiencies.Alvin Ortiviz (left), of Hayes Automotive, reviews features of Bolt On Technologies’ digital inspection tools with Bolt On’s John Toy. Shops can send customers inspection reports generated with tech notes, recommendations, and images.Jimmy Lea, of Kukui, presents, “You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure,” where he states that data derived from a shop’s website and management systems can allow it to better plan marketing and in-shop resources.Trainer Tony Salas teaches “A Day in Diesel Diagnostic Repair,” sponsored by Diesel Forward. He says the average technician uses less than 30 percent of a scan tool’s capabilities, and encourages them to explore their tools to discover new features.

ASA-CO Annual Summit 2019

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