From l., ASA Mechanical Division President Stacia Hamp, ASA Exec. Director Kari Foster, State Sen. Laura Woods, ASA Sec-Treas Dana TePoel, ASA Chairman Steve Horvath, met recently at Learning Circle to discuss legislative issues with the senator.

ASA-Colorado meets with state legislator regarding abandoned vehicles

ASA tells Sen. Laura Woods it’s a “lose, lose” issue

Westminster, Colo. – Members of the Automotive Service Association-Colorado met recently with Colorado Sen. Laura Woods (R-Arvada) to discuss abandoned vehicles and other issues that face the auto repair industry. 

The ASA-Colorado “Learning Circle” is a monthly meeting in which the ASA members share best-practice ideas and exchange ways in which the repair-and-maintenance shops can best serve their customers. 

One issue that frequently plagues the industry is the problem of abandoned vehicles in repair shop parking lots.

“The average repair shop can often end up with a few of these cars every year,” said ASA Secretary-Treasurer Dana TePoel, who owns Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck in Westminster. “Somebody sends the junker on the back of a tow truck during our ‘off’ hours, and then depending upon the value of the car and the type of work to be done, the owner might decline to authorize the repair. While the owner is trying to decide what to do, we might fall out of contact with them, and everybody ends up in a bad position. It’s a lose-lose.” 

The ASA members explained to Sen. Woods that there is currently no legal accommodation for repair shops to take ownership and dispose of these junkers. The ASA suggested that Woods create legislation that would force the Department of Motor Vehicles to recognize this abandoned-vehicle situation in its bill of sale and other legal paperwork.

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