Attend "Convert the Price Driven Customer"

This is one of our most popular classes adapted and rewritten to better look at what it takes to change the price or commodity driven customer into a value driven one.  This class will look at the differences and why most customers need to be better educated to be able to understnad the difference. 

Dinner at 6pm, class starts at 6:30pm

This course is part of the ongoing Professional Business Development Series.

  • Do you struggle to find classes on a regular basis for your front counter staff?
  • Do you enjoy taking classes with other shop owners that share your interests?
  • Are you constantly working on the development of yourself and your team?

If you said yes to any or all of these questions then this Series is for you! The NAPA Elite BDG Council and ASA Colorado have assembled a years' worth of world-class training for shop owners and staff at an incredibly low cost to their members!

Not a member of ASA or a formally recognized BDG? Get on board today and move your business to the next level! 

Send an email to or today to learn more about  joining a BDG and/or ASA today!

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