Mike Zerr (above) and his partner, George Van Arnam, are building sales nationwide.

New National Differential owners increase revenues through robust online sales

Remanufacturer of differentials, axles and transfer cases is doubling sales

Colorado Springs, Colo.—George Van Arnam and Mike Zerr have recently assumed ownership of National Differential, a drivetrain specialist headquartered in Colorado Springs for differentials, axles and transfer cases.

With customers from all over the U.S. and as far as Israel, business has nearly doubled each month from last year and that trend is expected to continue through 2019, according to Zerr.

“We’re shipping nationwide as our website has continued to gain traction and becomes more streamlined,” he said, adding that National Differential has a quick customer response and shipments are have a two-three day delivery with FedEx.

Staff member Walt Lovi has 32 years experience in remanufacturing and ensures each product is fully disassembled, inspected, and repaired to the same standard as a brand new part. All remanufactured parts are measured against factory standards and tolerances.

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