Collision shops interested in having GM training at their facility can contact their GM wholesale parts dealer.

InShop comes to shops: GM training hits the street for collision repairers

Detroit—GM’s InShop Clinics bring training resources for the latest OEM repair steps and trends directly from the factory to the field. Until recently, GM Training Clinics were conducted exclusively at GM dealerships or in conference/training facilities. Now, shop staff can take part as GM training experts discuss auto repair technology in shops.

Instructors are available for three hours, which includes prep time, an hour dedicated to formal instruction and an additional hour to answer remaining questions and provide further help.

Current clinics cover training for collision repairers, along with mechanical repair instructions that can benefit shops.


Courses include:

• “Bolt on Body Panel Adjustments” (W-NR03-01.01IST)

• “Post Collision-Brake Inspection and Repair” (W-EM05-07.01IST)

• “Post Collision-Power Steering Inspection and Repair” (W-EM05-08.01IST)

• “Post Collision-Tires and Wheels” (W-EM05-09.01IST)

• “Supplemental Restraints-Service and Repair” (W-EM05-02.01IST)

• “A/C Compressor Replacement” (W-DS11-17.01IST)

• “Fuel Pump Replacement” (W-DS11-17.02IST)

• “Batteries” (W-DS11-17.03IST)


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