BASF shows Onyx HD enhancements at NACE

Detroit, Mich. — Mike Freeman, market segment manager for BASF R-M Automotive, spoke to Parts & People at NACE about enhancements to the company’s Onyx HD refinishing system, which combines waterborne and low-VOC solvent into a single line, sharing a common set of toners. “Our big focus is improving productivity, profitability for our customers and getting more cars through their shops,” Freeman said. Freeman said BASFS recently “wet-matched” more than 700 colors to ensure the best possible color match in either water or solvent for all of the newest colors. “Instead of using a computer with an algorithm to determine what your formula should be, we are mixing by hand to make sure we have dead-on matches,” he said. BASF recently added new toners for better color match, Freeman said, along with color tool enhancements. “We made some other changes not directly to the paint: we’ve improved our spectrophotometers to make the color match easier for the shop, and our new COLOR-MAX cabinet of paint chips and variants was released at the beginning of 2015.” As the industry moves toward more consolidation by MSOs, Freeman said, it’s important to keep productivity in mind. “Onyx HD, in certain colors is five times faster than our competitors are, with faster flash times, faster dry times, and can cover in fewer coats, in a lot of cases,” Freeman said. “And at the end of the day, it’s all still compliant with low VOC regulations in places like California and Canada.” Freeman added that Diamont is a trusted name and popular solvent product sold in National Rule VOC areas, but Onyx is a global product where R&D dollars are focused. But the company sells a lot of Onyx in non-regulated places, too, he added. “Most people were not aware of the flexibility, and that’s why this re-launch is important for us,” Freeman said.

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