Brian Herron, president of Drew Technologies, accepts the SEMA New Product Award in the Collision Repair & Refinish Product category for his company’s Remote Assisted Programming kit as presenters Jessi Combs and Dennis Pittsenbarger look on.Drew Technologies’ SEMA Award-winning RAP kit allows remote OEM-level reprogramming of electronic modules.The Like90 Quick Check offers rapid, accurate simulation of clearcoat on sprayout cards. Betag Innovation’s Aluminum T-Hotbox is a handheld unit for aluminum dent repairs.

Best New Products announced at the 2016 SEMA Show

Las Vegas–Each year, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) awards the most innovative and cutting-edge automotive aftermarket products.

This year, more than 3,000 products were entered into 16 different showcase categories to be considered for the SEMA New Product Awards. “Winners were selected based on a variety of factors, including quality, marketability, innovation, technology, consumer appeal, and more,” according to a SEMA news release.

Drew Technologies won the Collision Repair & Refinish Product category with its Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) product. Runners up were Bonding Solutions, with its Like90 Quick Check Temporary Gloss Simulator, and Betag Innovation, with its Aluminum T-Hotbox.


RAP offers remote OEM-level reprogramming

Ann Arbor, Mich.—According to Drew Technologies, its Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) kit (, allows remote reprogramming of replacement OEM electronic modules. The RAP kit includes a Windows PC, J2534 device, internet access modem, OEM subscriptions, and a battery maintainer that attaches to the car’s battery. No expertise is needed, and the technician calls Drew to remotely reprogram the vehicle. The service costs $125 per use, with success guaranteed, according to the company, and no cost to lease the kit as long as the service is used at least twice a month. Vehicles currently supported, according to the website, are certain modules for late-model Ford, GM, and Nissan, with Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota to be released soon.


Like 90 Quick Check Temporary Gloss Simulator offers greater sprayout card accuracy

     West Valley City, Utah—The Like 90 Quick Check Temporary Gloss Simulator (, distributed by Bonding Solutions, is an aerosol gloss enhancer to provide more accurate color-match checks of sprayout cards and to check bodywork. The spray evaporates completely, with no residue, and simulates the clarity of fresh clearcoat on the basecoat sprayout, enough for 150 sprayouts. It can also be used to check for defects in repaired panels, and can be sprayed over cured plastic filler, and will cover approximately 15 to 20 complete six-square-foot panels.


Aluminum T-Hotbox for conventional or paintless dent repairs

     Wollerau, Switzerland—The Aluminum T-Hotbox from Betag Innovation ( is a hand-held induction-heating unit designed for aluminum repairs. It features several timer and power adjustments for repairing “soft” dents, for either conventional or paintless dent repair or reduction.


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