Suburban Mfg.’s Tsunami Rove provides a portable air filtration package for immediate service.The Tekna Basecoat spray gun is the first in a series of material-specific, premium spray guns from DeVilbiss.The Sartorius TopMix2.Touch features a glass-front, 15” multi-touch display.Ingersoll Rand’s new R-Series rotary compressors deliver high-quality air for refinishing or protecting valuable pneumatic tools.

Collision Product Notes - April 2016

Tsunami Rove provides portable packaged air filtration

     Monticello, Minn. — Suburban Mfg.’s ( Tsunami Rove provides the shop with a versatile packaged system including a water separator, oil-coalescing filter, and automatic float drain to assure proper draining of water, oil and other contaminants. The system is mounted on a 30 gallon receiver tank to provide mobility and storage of clean, dry air. Simply plug the shop’s air connection into the ball valve inlet located on the Tsunami pre‐filters, and it’s ready for service, according to the company.


Sartorius TopMix2.Touch is compact smart scale

The new Sartorius TopMix2.Touch features a 15” multi-touch display along with a compact footprint. The new glass front display can be quickly and easily cleaned to save time and money, while the optional USB Ex-Keyboard with an integrated mouse pad can be used up to nearly six feet away from the display.


DeVilbiss introduces basecoat-specific Tekna spray gun

     Swanton, Ohio—DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing’s ( new Tekna Basecoat spray gun is designed to spray well at low pressures with exceptional metallic control and reduced overspray, according to the company. The new gun is the first in a series of material-specific, premium spray guns from DeVilbiss, and the Tekna Basecoat guns come with an all new HVLP air cap, with optimal performance when sprayed at 14-18 PSI.

     The Tekna Basecoat spray guns achieve excellent results with both waterborne and solvent-based materials, according to the company, and are anodized inside and out for corrosion and scratch resistance. All Tekna Basecoat kits include an HV20 air cap, two fluid tips, HAV-555 digital gauge, gun wrench and color ID rings. Kits are available with or without an aluminum cup.


Ingersoll Rand R-Series compressors deliver high-quality air

     Davidson, N.C. — Ingersoll Rand’s new R-Series rotary compressors ( are ideal for automotive shops that are committed to delivering high-quality work to their customers, according to the company. The R-Series compressors provide automotive shops with high-quality air that helps produce impeccable paint finishes and maintain the life of valuable pneumatic tools. The R-Series is built with an adaptable package that can be used indoors or outdoors while maintaining lower overall operating costs. R-Series compressors are available in 4-11 kW (5-15hp), with flows of 8.1 CFM to 57.5 CFM and pressures up to 200 PSIG on fixed-speed units or 145 PSIG on variable-speed drives. 




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