The mixing room-mounted SATA clean RCS micro offers gun cleanings in between color changes in as little as 20 to 25 seconds.The Würth fixing clamp and pliers set allows quick placement of clamps in tight areas for welding and bonding.Chicago Pneumatic’s first composite grinder has been designed to provide users with high power and greater comfort and safety.Keco’s K-Bar pulling tool provides leverage for removing the majority of damage in a large, deep dent. The K-Bar is shown (l.) combined with a Centipede pulling tab.

Collision Product Notes - January 2016


Compiled by Jay Sicht

SATA clean RCS offers quick intermediate spray gun cleaning

Spring Valley, Minn.—The SATA clean RCS micro ( pneumatically operated rapid cleaning system ensures quick, clean and comfortable intermediate spray gun cleaning when using disposable cup systems, such as the SATA RPS, according to the company. Because of its high cleaning efficiency, work interruptions during color changes are now extremely short. That helps optimize the work process as well as the use of the spray booth, thus increasing profitability.

Suitable for waterborne or solventborne paint systems, there are several sizes of the clean RCS available. The micro model is designed to be used in the mixing room very quickly after each paint job (a painter can clean and blow dry the gun and be ready for the next color in about 20 to 25 seconds, according to the company,) with a gun disassembly and cleaning at the end of the day still recommended.


Würth fixing clamp and pliers set for welding and bonding

Ramsey, N.J.—Würth’s fixing clamp and pliers set ( allows quick and easy clamping of sheet metal for welding or bonding, with large time savings compared to impact or screw clamps, according to the company. Because of their small size, gap dimensions can be set with less effort in tight spaces, such as trunk edges, hatchbacks, door columns, and triangular windows and allow readjustment of sheet metal at any time.


Chicago Pneumatic introduces powerful composite angle grinder Rock Hill, S.C.—Chicago Pneumatic ( has unveiled its first composite angle grinder for the vehicle service market, designed for greater operator comfort and safety. At 1.1 HP, the new CP75XX series is one of the most powerful angle grinders on the market, according to the company, and is ideal for body panel cutting, surface preparation, weld seam removal and frame grinding.

High quality bevel gears and durable design provide 1,000 hours between maintenance and as a composite tool, the CP75XX series is compact and lightweight, weighing 3.5 lb. and measuring 10.6 inches long, providing users with easier maneuverability and handling when it comes to delicate work such as body panel cutting. The head is manufactured from aluminum, providing the tool’s robustness, while the body is made of steel and aluminum with a composite over-molded comfortable grip, which insulates the operator’s hand from the cold.

The grinder features a robust steel wheel guard that can be adjusted to protect the operator and to facilitate access to the application. It also features a streamlined safety lever for additional ease of use. Equipped with a 360-degree swivel air inlet, the CP75XX provides users with exceptional maneuverability to avoid potentially dangerous air hose entanglements.


K-Bar pulling tool for powerful large, deep dent removal

Oklahoma City, Okla.—Keco’s ( K-Bar is a heavy-duty dent-pulling tool made from extruded aluminum. With a 30-degree pivoting base pad, sliding saddle and easy grip lock, the dent technician can easily and quickly attach a variety of different larger tabs (Super Tabs or Centipede Crease Tabs) to the sliding saddle. The technician can move the K-Bar around and slide the saddle into the perfect position. The K-Bar allows for powerful leverage angles to allow a technician to remove the majority of a large, deep dent, according to the company.

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