Martech Service Company’s P-20 Personal Air Breathing Unit, used properly, provides Grade “D” breathable air using the existing compressed air supply.Killer Tools’ Painter’s Helper mirror support can hold more than 10 pounds.Glasurit Color Boosters can reduce base consumption and improve color hiding and reduce process times.The new Chief MI200T squeeze-type resistance spot welder with lightweight transformer pliers is more powerful, efficient and maneuverable than other spot welders — and it also costs less.Steck’s Antenna Wrench II works on antenna nuts on even difficult applications with limited access.Ingersoll Rand’s two-speed cordless polisher/sander can be used for a variety of mechanical and collision repair operations.

Collision Product Notes - June 2016

OSHA grade “D” breathable air from compressed air supply

Mazeppa, Minn.—Martech Services Co.’s Model P-20 Personal Air Breathing unit ( complies with OSHA’s Grade “D” breathable air requirement, according to the company.

When used properly, it will work with the existing filtered compressed air supply to provide Grade "D" Breathable Air for a proper NIOSH approved respirator, according to Tom Wright, director of sales and marketing. And with the provided 54" tool air hose assembly, it will allow for a bypass of air for a paint spray gun. 

It can be used with full hoods and equipped with vortex cooling tubes if so desired. The Personal Air Breathing Unit is complete, belt mounted system, with a built-in filter with filter monitor, and a carbon monoxide monitor with both audible and visual alarms.  The monitor runs on a single battery, and continuously monitors the air for compliance with current OSHA standards.


Painter’s Helper holds more than 10 pounds

Orangevale, Calif.—Killer Tools’ ( ART44X Painter's Helper is a heavy-duty truck mirror support that can hold more than 10 pounds.  With its powerful magnet, it attaches to any steel surface, and its exclusive “load extender” helps distribute weight.


Color Advance Boosters enhance hiding and save time

outhfield, Mich. – The Color Advance Boosters in BASF’s waterborne Glasurit 90-Line ( efficiency and performance for challenging red, blue and green colors, according to the company, through a higher pigment concentration to reduce the number of coats required to achieve a flawless repair.

“Our Glasurit chemists developed these boosters to significantly improve hiding and still provide a high quality Glasurit finish for many tri-coats, metallics and vivid colors,” said Shefali Cromer, Glasurit market segment manager for BASF. “The boosters can reduce base consumption by up to 50 percent, resulting in lower film thickness, faster drying and reduced process times.”

The Color Advance Boosters are available in three red, three blue and two green boosters. When added to the Glasurit 90 Line toners they enable a more even application and harder curing, allowing for better ease-of-use, improved tape resistance and easier sanding.


Chief MI200T is premium inverter STRSW with a rock-bottom price

Madison, Ind.—Chief’s MI200T, a squeeze-type resistance inverter spot welder for repairing high-strength steel (  with lightweight transformer pliers, is more powerful, more efficient and more maneuverable than other spot welders, according to the company. And with a list price below that of many spot welders with older cable-based technology, it’s more affordable, too, the company added.

“The new MI200T has all the features shops need to efficiently and properly repair vehicles made with high-strength steel and adhesives,” said Mickey Swartz, director of global product management for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG).

The TrueAutoMode automatically sets the weld parameters for every weld and can produce up to 14,500 amps of welding current, while drawing less power. The MI200T has the industry’s longest welding cable, at nearly 20 feet, and has many optional C arms to reach even the toughest spots. The high efficiency means the welder typically requires only a 40-am service, according to the company.

“This top-of-the-line smart welder with trans-gun is priced even lower than many competitors’ basic cable models,” Swartz said.


Antenna Wrench II removes difficult antennae

Dayton, Ohio—Steck’s Antenna Wrench II, part number 21650 ( removes antennae even on difficult applications, including on raised hood designs that prevent many tools from accessing the bezel nut.

The Antenna Wrench II works in conjunction with or independently with original Antenna Wrench (21600). Made in the USA, the Antenna Wrench II is laser-cut from rugged steel, then grit blasted and plated to give it a strong and polished finish. The Antenna Wrench II works as a two, three and four notch bezel nut wrench of any diameter.


Cordless two-speed polisher/sander for intricate work

Davidson, N.C.—Ingersoll Rand’s IQV12 Series G1621 cordless polisher/sander ( allows automotive technicians to prepare and finish multiple types of surfaces in tight spaces. The electric tool features a two-speed gearbox for sanding and polishing a variety of surfaces, from sanding brake rotors and removing gaskets, to polishing bumpers and headlight restoration. In addition, its unique tool-free spindle lock allows technicians to change backing pads quickly, without fumbling for more tools.

“The Ingersoll Rand IQV12 Polisher/Sander gives auto body and automotive technicians the versatility they need to get in tight spaces to perform detailed, intricate work,” said Brian Fetner, global product manager for Ingersoll Rand Power Tools. “Auto body technicians will find that the tool can reach into tight places to work on a variety of surfaces like fenders, mirrors and lights, while automotive technicians can quickly prep an area to rebuild, such as brake rotors.”


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