The SM Series is available in 7.5 to 15 HP with flows from 19 to 55 CFM and pressures up to 217 PSIG.Malco Products offers axial welding pliers in six configurations.Trick Tools’ Hel-Hook is easily assembled to provide storage on the welding gas bottle.

Collision Product Notes - March 2019

Kaeser introduces redesigned SM series rotary screw compressors

Fredericksburg, Va.—Kaeser Compressors Inc.’s ( SM 7.5, SM 10, SM 15, and SFC 8 compressors have been redesigned to reduce energy costs, improve overall performance, and extend service life. The new Sigma 06 airend, with increased intake capacity combined with IE4 motors on the 10 and 15 HP models, delivers up to 10 percent more flow than previous versions and as much as 43 percent more flow than comparable competitive models, according to Kaeser, while compressor efficiency has improved up to 10 percent over prior models.

The updated models also include a dual-flow fan combined with an external facing cooler, resulting in approach temperatures as low as 7 degrees F. This improves the effectiveness of downstream dryers and filters in removing contaminants that impact product quality and tool life.

The SM Series is available in 7.5 to 15 HP with flows from 19 to 55 CFM and pressures up to 217 PSIG. To reduce floor space and installation time, these models are also available with integrated dryers and as Air Centers with an integrated dryer, filter, and storage tank.


Axial welding pliers quickly hold to weld more perfect joints

Annandale, Minn.—Malco Products, SBC(, has bolstered its growing line of professional tools for collision repair technicians with six different axial welding pliers. The fast, secure clamping and one-finger release of Malco’s axial welding pliers help workers accurately hold two pieces of metal together to weld more perfect joints.

“Professional auto-body repair technicians know all too well the time-wasting frustration of trying to hold two pieces of metal together to weld perfect joints,” said Marketing Manager Nancy Gunnerson. “Malco’s axial welding pliers increase productivity and reduce that frustration with one hand.”

With six different axial welding pliers, each designed to secure various types of joints, auto body repairs are infinitely more manageable. The small profile and straight-line motion of the jaws make for fast, efficient work in tight, narrow, and hard-to-access spaces. They feature forged steel construction and nickel plating to resist welding splatter.

Malco axial welding pliers are available individually or as a kit with six different axial locking pliers in a durable grab-and-go hard-shell case.


Hel-Hook provides storage on welding gas bottle

Pella, Iowa—Trick Tools’ ( Hel-Hook four-hook assembly slips over the top of the welding gas bottle to store PPE gear, welding helmet, leads, bottle cap, wrenches, and more. Shipped as a kit, it is easily assembled with slotted construction and welded together, ready to go in minutes.



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