Keco’s K-Beam Jr. mini bridge lifter provides controlled power and leverage to pull large dents.Pro Spot’s glue tab dent pulling system (shown with the pull bar, also shown at right), allows dent removal without heat input.Specular’s chip filler can be applied, cured, and sanded within two minutes.

Collision Product Notes - May 2019

Mini bridge lifter allows work around dents and creases

     Oklahoma City—Keco’s ( K-Beam Jr. mini bridge lifter provides controlled power and leverage to pull large dents just likes its “big brother,” according to the company, with the ability to “work creases with unrivaled control and precision.” The sustained pulling from the tool, about a foot long, allows a technician to work with knockdown punches to release tension around dents and creases.

     Features of the K-Beam Jr. include a threaded lifter with a knob and hex nut, which allows for a hand turn for precise tension or use of a power drill for quick adjustments; a locking, sliding saddle, with angles up to 60 degrees; sliding, padded crease feet; a lightweight, high-strength, compact body; and it includes two adapters, which support all standard size PDR hail and crease tabs, Keco Super Tabs, Centipedes, and Black Plague crease tabs.


Pro Spot glue tabs repair painted, heat-sensitive materials

     Carlsbad, Calif.--Pro Spot International’s ( Pro-GTK glue tab dent pulling system allows major dents to be fixed without heat, which is crucial when repairing new advanced, heat-sensitive materials such as HS steel and aluminum. These materials demand new processes to repair, with little or no heat input, according to the company. It will help with your dent repair process by cutting repair time by avoiding welding or arc procedures.

     The reusable glue pull tabs work directly on painted materials, so there is no need to grind. Multiple styles of pull accessories allow repairs on a wide variety of dents. Because there is no welding involved, the process is safe for electronics and computers, no panel removal is required, and there is no burn-through.


Repair chips in two minutes with UV chip filler

     Bangkok—Specular (; Instagram@fxspecular) has introduced hard and flexible UV liquid chip filler. According to the manufacturer, it can be applied to chips, scratches, or pinholes, cured, and sanded within two minutes. The type of UV photoinitator resin used in the product works with any range of UV-A, and can also be cured in sunlight in one minute.

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