Collision Product Notes - November 2015

Desiccant air drying system provides top-quality paint jobs

Swanton, Ohio—DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing’s ( new desiccant air drying system, the CamAir DAD-PRO, provides worry-free air filtration for top-quality paint jobs.

Air enters the two-stage filtration package, where the first stage filter removes oil, water and dirt down to 5 microns. The second-stage coalescer removes oil vapors and dirt particles down to .01 microns. In the final stage, the desiccant tank removes water vapor and humidity down to a dew point of -40° F. For ease of maintenance, the desiccant is bagged.


SATA/ Dan-Am Kneeler Pad cushions hard surfaces

Spring Valley, Minn.—The padded SATA/Dan-Am Kneeler ( is ideal for any job requiring a technician to kneel down on hard surfaces. According to the company, the kneeler allows a technician to comfortably kneel on a grated paint booth or concrete floors for masking or painting vehicles down low, and washing and detailing. The pad is light, durable, and easy-to-clean with soap and water, while it is not affected by paint thinner or acetone used to remove paint overspray.


AkzoNobel introduces U-TECH E250 direct-to-metal epoxy primer

Troy, Mich.—AkzoNobel’s (www. U-TECH E250 direct-to-metal (DTM) epoxy primer is an all-in-one surfacer and sealer for commercial builders and refinishers. According to the company, as a high-solid, low-VOC, HAPs-compliant DTM epoxy primer, it is versatile for direct use over multiple substrates, including galvanized steel, blasted steel, aluminum, body filler, and existing finishes.

Available in black, white and shades of gray, it can be tinted with intermix tints for greater flexibility, effectively eliminating steps and reducing production time. Additionally, the VOC flexibility of 3.5 or 2.1 lbs/gal makes the product appropriate for all regulated areas.

“We are very pleased to be able to add this new epoxy primer to our U-TECH line, said Kari Greason, commercial  vehicle segment manager for AkzoNobel’s Vehicle Refinishes business. “As a direct-to-metal primer, this product delivers the productivity, simplicity, and most importantly, consistency that all painters are looking for. This product lives up to the brand promise of U-TECH: delivering “Better process, better results.”


AkzoNobel introduces U-Base U-TECH basecoat system

Troy, Mich.—AkzoNobel’s (www. Vehicle Refinishes business has released U-Base U-TECH basecoat system, which was designed for the commercial builder and refinish markets. It is a two-component polyurethane basecoat system, and replaces the Polybase and Polybase Plus systems.

The U-Base basecoat system introduces four new components: U-Base Binder, R300 Reducer Fast, R300 Reducer Slow, and Metallic Wet Blend additive. Those components work with the existing U-TECH toners to create an all-in-one system for basecoat and single stage applications. U-Base uses a simple mix ratio of 3:1:1 and offers a ready-to-spray low-VOC, HAPs-compliant solution with less than 3.5 lbs./gal, making it a universal fit for all refinish regulated markets. 

“It is extremely easy to use,” said Kari Greason, commercial vehicle segment manager for AkzoNobel’s Vehicle Refinishes business in North America. With the scale and size of jobs in this segment, most painters believe that the better and more easily paint ‘wets up’ during application, the better the end result. This one product characteristic opens the door to multiple benefits including better flow and leveling, better hiding, faster coverage, faster dry time, less paint used, lower cost, and ultimately a higher gloss level when the job is finished.”

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