At the SEMA Show, Evercoat Zone Manager Mike Franqui shows how Rage Optex applies pink and will turn green when it has properly cured.  CS-Products_Evercoat_Optex.jpg Evercoat’s Rage Optex body filler (shown) and putty won Best New Collision Repair & Refinish Product at the SEMA Show. (Photo by Jay Sicht)Like90 Products’ Show Gun cleaner meets California VOC regulations.Scangrip’s Nova-UV S rechargeable UV LED light can be used on heat-sensitive materials.Christopher French, global market leader for auto refinish for Carlisle Fluid Technologies, shows off the DeVilbiss DV1 spray gun, launched at the SEMA Show.  The DeVilbiss DV1 is optimized to spray today’s most challenging basecoats.Celette introduced its Cameleon Premium fixture set at the SEMA Show. (Photo by Jay Sicht)Joe Arnold, president of S.M. Arnold Inc., shows off the company’s new Velocity LT long-throw random orbital polisher at the company’s SEMA Show booth.  The S.M. Arnold Velocity LT long-throw random orbital polisher was designed for rapid removal of paint defects.

CS-Products December 2018 from the SEMA Show

Evercoat Optex body filler named best at SEMA Show

     Cincinnati—Evercoat launched its Rage Optex body filler with color-changing technology at the SEMA Show, where it was also named Best New Collision Repair & Refinish Product at the show. Changing colors from pink to green, it indicates to the body shop technician that the repair material is properly catalyzed and ready to sand. It’s formulated with Ecoresin technology, which the company says allows fewer steps in the repair process and faster and easier sanding. It’s available as a body filler in one-gallon or three-gallon sizes, and putty in 16-ounce or 30-ounce Pumptainers.


Like 90 Show Gun cleaner is SEMA runner-up

     Sparks, Nev.— Like90 Products’ ( high-power aerosol spray gun cleaner, Show Gun, was named runner-up for the SEMA Show’s Best New Collision Repair & Refinish Product. It comes with a two-way spray top that allows either a wide fan spray or a focused stream through a straw, and it meets California VOC regulations.


Scangrip Nova-UV S is runner-up for SEMA award

     Svendborg, Denmark—Scangrip’s ( Nova-UV S rechargeable UV LED light is designed to cure paint work in one minute and allow it to be sanded and polished immediately. With a flexible bracket and strong magnets, it can be placed in different positions to obtain the desired UV cure angle. The die-cast aluminum housing is resistant to solvent, shocks, and vibration, and because no heat is produced on the panel or paint during curing, it can be used on plastic or any heat-sensitive material.


DeVilbiss introduces DV1 ‘next-generation spray gun’

     Scottsdale, Ariz.—Featuring an improved air and fluid management architecture, the DV1 from DeVilbiss ( is optimized to spray the most challenging basecoats on the market today, and it’s designed for the professional painter who requires the highest-level performance from their spray gun, according to the company. It’s designed as a quieter, soft-spraying gun with a smooth trigger pull, an ultra-comfortable ergonomic fit and feel, and exceptional atomization for optimum transfer efficiency and the finest finishes. It began shipping mid-November.


Celette introduces Cameleon Premium fixture set

     Lombard, Ill.—Celette ( introduced its Cameleon Premium fixture set at the SEMA Show. The stand-alone set includes 16 sliding blocks, extra sockets, additional standard plates and more adapters for horizontal and multi-angle fixtures.

     The company bills it as “the expert-level solution” for front and rear bumper fixing and positioning; front McPherson strut fixing; four-wheel independent suspension positioning; rear shock absorber; cradle points with angle and rear trailing arms with angle. In addition, the set consists of two universal holding devices that facilitate extra anchoring and holding positions to the vertical fixing points.


Velocity LT random orbital polisher rapidly removes paint defects

     St. Louis—S.M. Arnold Inc.’s ( Velocity LT random orbital polishers, available in either 15mm or 21mm long-throw orbits, are specifically designed for the rapid removal of paint defects. They feature a soft-start acceleration ramp to bring the machine up to speed, which decreases the kickback effect and minimizes compound spattering. The polishers feature a powerful 750 watt, 7.5-amp motor, Bosch bearings, a precision-machined counterbalance, and multiple handling options: a rubber fore-grip, “hexed” mid-body grips, and pistol grip, along with a D-handle and right-angle handle.


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