The ADPKIT features more than 60 different tools to effectively work with aluminum.

New Snap-on aluminum dent pulling kit is an organized tool station

Kenosha, Wis.—Snap-on knows technicians and shops need the right tools to meet the demands of an ever-evolving vehicle service industry. Take the new Snap-on ADPKIT Aluminum Dent Pulling and Tool Kit, which helps address the increasing use of aluminum for body panels by vehicle manufacturers. The kit is designed to repair a wide range of dents, creases and hail-damaged aluminum panels along with structural panel repairs. Organized in a heavy duty roll cart, the ADPKIT covers all bases for aluminum body repair making it the most comprehensive on the market.

“The ADPKIT features more than 60 different tools to effectively work with aluminum,” said Mike DeKeuster, product manager for Snap-on. “Compared to steel, aluminum is a lighter, stronger construction material, and it requires a separate set of body tools to eliminate the potential of cross contamination with steel panel use.”

The dent pulling kit features an aluminum stud welder equipped with an exclusive three-prong electrode, two types of studs and a variety of pulling tools. In addition to tools for dent pulling applications, the ADPKIT also includes a variety of other tools specifically designed to work with aluminum. The complete body hammer and dolly set are equipped with rubber covers to minimize stretching, and the variable temperature heat gun, with an infrared thermometer, works to release work hardening of panels prior to straightening.

“This kit does more than just pull dents in aluminum panels. The process of rivet bonding is widely used in modern aluminum vehicle construction. It features self-piercing rivet tools along with solid riveting tools to repair structural members used in today’s vehicles. It also contains material removal tools to quickly prepare panel surfaces to accept adhesives. Aluminum also requires special panel hemming tools, another valuable component of this set. From the top shelf, which holds various pullers to the bottom drawer where technicians will find a set of seven locking C-clamp pliers, the ADPKIT offers the benefit of an organized dent pulling tool station,” DeKeuster said.

Inside the drawers of the ADPKIT are foam inserts to hold each of the tools neatly in place. That feature also aids in keeping the tools isolated from those for steel panel use. Multiple riveting tools, adhesive removal tools, panel hemming tools and more are included in this comprehensive kit built to give collision repair centers everything they need for aluminum applications.

“The ADPKIT is another example of Snap-on responding to industry changes by designing a complete set of tools for repairing vehicle makes and models featuring aluminum body panels,” DeKeuster said.

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