Kaleb Silver, of Hunter Engineering, says some standardization of vehicle safety system resets and calibrations would be helpful to the industry.

Advice and caution for shops that sublet alignments, recalls

Pittsburgh—Given that many collision repair shops sublet out their vehicles alignments – and potentially all the safety system resets and calibrations that must be done after that alignment – what cautions should shops take in subletting that work?

Kaleb Silver, of Hunter Engineering, said shops should make sure the sublet vendor doing the alignments has its equipment calibrated at least once a year.

“I also would suggest asking if they are trained and equipped to perform the required resets, and I would suggest asking them for documentation in some form that they completed those,” Silver said.

What about alignments and calibrations on vehicles that have been modified with lift-kits, larger tires, brush guards, heavy-duty bumpers or winches?

“We get our specs from the OEM for the vehicle,” Silver said. “Any time you make a modification such as you’re talking about, the first step would be typically to get the vehicle back to a factory ride height.”

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