AirPro Prevails in Astech Lawsuit

(Jacksonville, FL – July 17, 2019) – AirPro Diagnostics LLC is pleased to announce that the lawsuit filed against it by Repairify, Inc / Astech challenging AirPro’s “Truth Campaign” has been dismissed by U.S District Court Judge Ewing Werlein, Jr. This was Astech's second unsuccessful attempt to use litigation to damage AirPro’s growth in the market place.

AirPro’s President & CEO, Lonnie Margol, reacted to the favorable Court ruling stating: “AirPro remains confident that its "Truth Campaign", listed on our website, can easily be verified through an independently conducted, side-by-side comparison and renews its challenge to Astech to participate. We are, however, confident that Astech has finally learned through the courts that AirPro meets and exceeds its 10 Minute Response pledge and that it is far from 'mathematically impossible'. If Astech decides to continue on its failed path of senseless litigation, AirPro will certainly prevail as it proves AirPro delivers superior customer service using OEM software "local" to the vehicle.”

AirPro has been tested and approved by OEMs and meets the rigorous manufacturer requirements by having live OEM software and the scan tool resident or “local” to the vehicle. As such, the AirPro system follows the process that OEMs utilize to validate their vehicles in the manufacturing process. AirPro delivers pinpoint diagnostics, module programming as well as legacy, static and dynamic calibrations in-shop while offering an industry first and highly coveted “10-Minute Response Pledge”.

For more information shops should contact AirPro at: or 904-800-7096

The AirPro is a state-of-the-art, OEM-compliant scan-tool that utilizes ORION, a proprietary cloud-based Diagnostic Enterprise Management System to deliver services. AirPro is backed by a team of highly skilled, master technicians delivering services within a “10 Minute Response Pledge”. This unique combination provides the automotive aftermarket with reliable and accurate scanning, diagnostic and calibration solutions. AirPro provides a cost-effective method to deliver vehicle repairs with the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.


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