American Honda launches new collision video

Torrance, Calif. – American Honda Motor Co, Inc. has launched a new consumer-oriented video, ProFirst - Quality Collision Repair.

The video focuses on a comparison collision between two Acura MDX vehicles, one a standard production vehicle and the other, an identical vehicle that was previously damaged and then repaired incorrectly. The crash was conducted according to IIHS protocols. The difference between how each vehicle fared is dramatic and accentuates the need for proper repair using the correct tools, equipment and procedures.

The video also highlights American Honda’s network of ProFirst certified collision shops in that they have the right skills, training, equipment, and information to make proper vehicle repairs.

“The use of high strength steel, ultra-high strength steel, aluminum, and other exotic and innovative weight-saving materials will only increase as we moved towards ever-increasing CAFÉ standards,” said Leigh Guarnieri, American Honda’s manager of the Collision Marketing group. “Making proper repairs on these vehicles is crucial to the safety of our Honda and Acura customers. This will continue to be the driving force behind our ProFirst program.”

The video can be seen at American Honda’s consumer web site, Go to the video titled, “”ProFirst and Collision Repair.”

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