Assembly Technician Clint Roby shows off the compact footprint of the FS Curtis ECO Scroll ES08 10HP oil-free compressor at the recent SEMA Show. (Photo by Jay Sicht)The Wanda 8200 2K Spot & Panel Clear is designed for excellent sprayability and throughput.Lincoln Electric’s updated Viking PAPR 3350 welding helmet now includes 4C lens technology and an optional extended battery pack.The SATAjet 5000 B Sailor was designed and developed by custom painter Connie Manjavinos and graphic designer Bryson Kinslow.

Collision Product Notes - January 2018

ECO Scroll oil-free compressors are quiet and compact

St. Louis—FS-Curtis’ ( ECO Scroll oil-free air compressors are energy-efficient, easy to operate and maintain, and are quiet and compact, according to the company. The oil-free air alleviates defects such as fisheyes, streaks, or other oil carryover imperfections, which avoid costly corrective steps, and no costly filtration is needed. They can operate at a 100-percent duty cycle and are maintenance-friendly.


Wanda Spot & Panel Clear offers speed and excellent sprayability

Troy, Mich.—Wanda’s ( 8200 2K Spot & Panel Clear is an acrylic urethane clearcoat for use over Wanda Basecoats that can improve cycle time by providing the speed needed to get jobs done quickly for same-day delivery. 

Intended for air and baking conditions, it offers high gloss and is designed to be sprayed over spot, panel, and multi-panel areas in a wide variety of environments, offering speed and increase throughput. According to the company, it uses a simple 3:1 mix ratio, and offers excellent sprayability, flow, and leveling, great sag resistance for a smooth final finish, and consistent performance in a wide variety of environments.


Viking PAPR 3350 reduces eyestrain, increases runtime

Cleveland—Lincoln Electric ( has updated its Viking PAPR 3350 Welding Helmet with 4C lens technology and an optional extended battery pack. According to the company, the 4C lens technology improves the optics and reduces eyestrain by minimizing the lime-green coloring in the liquid crystal display (LCD) in both active and inactive states. The technology gives operators the ability to see a clear and undistorted view of the welding arc and puddle to maximize control and minimize defects. The 4C technology is ideal for a range of industries that use multiple welding processes, such as stick, MIG and TIG.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery now provides up to 16 hours of battery life at the low airflow setting and is rated for 500-plus charges. The PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) is a complete powered system that draws air from the environment through a HEPA filter located on the belt and delivers filtered air in the breathing zone within a premium-level VIKING auto-darkening welding helmet. A patent-pending adjustable baffling system inside the helmet directs airflow away from the eyes to avoid dryness.


SATAjet 5000 B Sailor is SATA’s latest special edition gun

Spring Valley, Minn.—SATA Spray Equipment’s ( latest limited-edition gun, the SATAjet 5000 B Sailor, was created as an entry by Connie Manjavinos for SATA’s 2016 Design Contest. Known worldwide on social media with Girls behind the Gun, Manjavinos said she was inspired by classic pinup motifs and traditional tattoos, and developed the colorful spray gun in cooperation with graphic designer Bryson Kinslow, from Sharkface Apparel.

Because of its robust and attractive surface treatment, the gun is suitable for daily use in the paint shop, and is available in WSB and 1.2 to 1.5 nozzle sizes in the SATAjet 5000 B spray gun series, with the option of HVLP and RP technology in standard format, as well as with all three sizes of RPS disposable cups.

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