The 3M Total Automotive Sanding System is offered in five systems (Electric Body Repair Set shown), with Festool tools and accessories and 3M consumables.

Collision Repair Shops Finding Several Benefits with Total Automotive Sanding System

Technicians are Seeing Enviromental Benefits along with Time Savings

ST. PAUL, Minn. (November 2, 2016) – Collision repair body owners and technicians are quickly embracing the new Total Automotive Sanding System, introduced in July by 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division and Festool, and finding it delivers efficiency improvements for technicians and environmental benefits for the entire shop.
The Total Automotive Sanding System is engineered to support the ongoing needs for cleaner, safer, more efficient and profitable collision repair shops.  From ever-changing regulatory standards to increased pressures for efficiency and profitability, 3M now offers a total solution to improve shop cleanliness and performance.
Status Symbol Auto Body Finds Less Dust Means Less Cleaning and Rework
For Mike Packer, owner of Status Symbol Auto Body in Colorado Springs, Co., the Total Automotive Sanding System in his shop has decreased the amount of dust and increased efficiencies in body and paint prep.
“The technicians spend less time dealing with dust now,” he said. “The Total Automotive Sanding System has decreased the amount on the vehicles and in the vehicles.  It’s very efficient for the technicians because the dust is being vacuumed up while they are sanding so they can see the actual surface of the vehicles sooner and clearer.”
Packer also noted the system has been very reliable and he likes the environmental benefits he sees.
“We are in hail season right now so it gets used every day,” continued Packer. “We have a lot of conventional repairs going on in the shop and we’ve had no mechanical issues with it. I highly recommend the Total Automotive Sanding System not only for improving the sanding process, but also for the health benefits of technicians.”
Mobile Sanding Stations Minimizes Vehicle Movement
At Body Shop Express in San Diego, owner Patrick O’Neil said his Total Automotive Sanding System has been a tremendous asset for body prep and paint prep.
“The system has been helpful for what we are trying to accomplish as a shop,” O’Neil said.  “We do things differently than most shops.  We have one technician per car, so they work on the car from body prep and body work, to paint prep and primer. We keep the car in one place instead of moving the car to different departments. Having a sanding system that comes with a cart and moves helps us eliminate the need to move the cars, and that is critical to our process.  We also have two technicians sharing one cart and sanding system in their workspaces.
“The added benefit of cutting down on the dust is also important, not only for the benefit of our technicians,” he added.  “It cuts down on the overall dust in the shop.  We have a lot of specialty equipment in our shop and the sanding system helps keep everything cleaner.”
The Total Automotive Sanding System is designed and equipped for three specific areas of today’s collision shop – body repair, paint prep and paint finishing.  There are five systems offered – the Body Repair Set and the Paint Prep Set are available with recommended Festool pneumatic and electric tools, accessories and utilize 3M high-performance abrasives and other consumables, as well as dust extraction equipment.  The Paint Finishing Set is available with Festool pneumatic products, accessories and uses 3M Paint Finishing abrasives, liquids and pads.
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