Industrial Finishes & Systems And Us Autocure Introduce “Phoenix” Automated Curing Machine

EUGENE, OREGON, July 10, 2019—Industrial Finishes & Systems Inc., a leading distributor of automotive paint, equipment and supplies, is pleased to announce their agreement to be the exclusive distributor for US Autocure.

US Autocure has developed the “Phoenix,” an industry-changing gas catalytic autonomous paint curing technology. Their robotic system has been engineered by auto body veterans Tim Beal and Byron Davis and aerospace engineer Mickey Meyer. This team brought extensive, first-hand knowledge of body shop bottlenecks, particularly as relates to the curing stage.

The system utilizes infrared light sources following a programmable pattern to greatly reduce curing time, resulting in shorter overall cycle times and greater shop output. The Phoenix moves along 16 points of articulation, allowing it to follow vehicle or component contours for a thorough cure and remarkable finish. The system dramatically reduces cure times, allowing shops to increase output without expanding facilities or adding technicians. The Phoenix is the first and only infrared curing system that is in full compliance to Canadian & US Fire Prevention Class 1, Division 2 standards. As a result, the Phoenix can be installed in pre-existing paint booths without separate enclosures.

According to Industrial Finishes & Systems President Glenn Duckworth, “The Phoenix’s impact on shop processes and efficiency align the product perfectly with our approach to providing complete customer systems and solutions. This system allows shops to grow revenue and profits without investing in facilities expansion or increasing labor.”

While other infrared curing systems have been introduced over the past few years, these systems have drawbacks that limit their usefulness. Development of the US Autocure system was born from a “wish list” created by body shop professionals who were familiar (and frustrated) by the available infrared systems. As a result, the Phoenix addresses the shortcomings of other infrared systems. The system is American-made with US-based technical support, reinforcing US Autocure’s “service first” approach.

“We had experience with the existing infrared curing systems available for body shops,” commented Time Beal of US Autocure. “Generally speaking, we had mixed results. In order to achieve the results we needed, we had to build our own machine. The Phoenix has allowed our shop to see the finish quality we need while increasing our throughput without expanding our shop or adding technicians.”

In addition to the auto body industry, the Phoenix has potential applications in the RV, marine, aerospace, and industrial markets. The system’s sophisticated software and articulating robotics allow it to adapt to a large number of applications. The product is extremely well-engineered and made in America.
Duckworth added, “This technology is a game-changer for our customers and industry. Together with the team at US Autocure, we have a unique opportunity to bring this important product to our markets and directly impact the future of our customers.”


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About US Autocure
Proudly offering American design, build, installation and support, US Autocure provides industries with cost effective, efficient, profitable solutions through manufacturing of the world’s highest quality automated curing solutions. For more information, visit


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