Innova’s new fleet management system alerts of maintenance through telematics

Irvine, Calif.—Unique to the automotive aftermarket, the new Innova Fleet Services Management System gives auto parts stores a sales advantage by alerting both the fleet customer and the parts store of required vehicle maintenance through telematics.

“The new Innova Fleet Management System was developed by parts people for parts people,” said Mike Fitzgerald, vice president and general manager of Innova Fleet Services. “With all of the features of a traditional fleet management system, the Innova Fleet Management System takes it one step further by alerting both the fleet manager and the parts store of vehicle service needs. This one-of-a-kind feature, available only from Innova, provides the auto parts store with an exceptional opportunity to proactively reach out to the fleet customer and capture the parts sale.”

Easy to use, the new Innova Fleet Management System is more affordably priced than traditional fleet systems, Fitzgerald said. After purchasing the system from the parts store, fleet managers can perform a simple set up, manage vehicle maintenance, receive reports and alerts, and realize a fast return on their investment. Each alert, such as when the check engine light is illuminated or when vehicle service is due, is sent to the fleet manager and the corresponding auto parts store.

Product features of the new Innova Fleet Management System include: improved fuel economy, driver score, route history, vehicle location, crash detection, check engine, vehicle maintenance, and reports and alerts.

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