Launch Tech lives up to name and introduces new diagnostic tool, telematics device

Company launches bang-for-buck scan tool and telematics device for independent repairers

Ontario, Calif.— Scan tool manufacturer Launch Tech has released its new CRP 229 diagnostic scan tool, said Harlan Siegel, the company’s vice president, and, he added, it comes in at a price and value point that is unequalled.

“We harnessed the power of our pro line product and put it into a small and affordable package,” he said. “It’s what gives us the competitive edge — there is nothing like it in that price point in the diagnostic tool market.”

The CRP 229 is Android-based and provides read/clear codes, live data and graphing for all modules and for all mass production cars sold in the U.S. There is no additional coverage needed to purchase.

Launch Tech’s website states the tool has powerful reset capabilities for electronic parking brake, steering angle, oil light and battery registration. This level of reset capability is “unheard of at this price,” said Siegel, with such features usually found in tools selling in the $1,600- to $3,000-plus range.

Because of its Android interface, learning how to use the tool is intuitive. “If you can use a phone you can use the 229,” he said, though the company has a help line for customers who need assistance, as well as a field support team providing free product knowledge and instruction seminars across the country.

The CRP 229 comes equipped with the standard OBDII 16-pin connector, and also included  are a Mercedes-Benz 38-pin connector as well as a BMW 20-pin connector and carrying case. The 229 includes tri-lingual capabilities, too, with English, French and Spanish built in.

Complimentary software updates come via Wi-Fi  monthly for the first year. After a year, the owner of the 229 can buy a subscription for continued software updates at an annual cost, he said.


Telematics and GOLO

Competing with OE-connected car programs is a challenge for any scan tool maker, but Launch Tech has entered the arena with the new GOLO, an in-car telematics device that connects to a customer’s Android- or iOS-based cell phone via Bluetooth and sends live data from the vehicle back to the repair shop, Siegel said.

He explained GOLO plugs into the standard OBDII 16-pin connector and relies on the customers’ current cellular service to communicate. Assuming the customer is located somewhere with cellular coverage, the technician back at the shop can review live data from the car and read, as well as clear trouble codes on any GOLO-equipped car in the country and all without an extra data plan.   

Using GOLO requires a “GOLO CarCare” account with Launch Tech, as well as one of Launch Tech’s pro line scan tools such as the X-431 Launch PAD II or Scanpad for the GOLO to “talk” to.

Once installed in a customer’s car, the GOLO provides remote diagnostic options but can also be used for marketing. For example, maintenance reminders or service specials can be communicated directly to the customer’s phone via text or voice.

“GOLO gives the independent repair facility On-Star-like capability,” said Siegel. “Our focus with GOLO is really for the survivability of the independent shops. We know the OEs want to grow their outreach for out of warranty vehicles and remote diagnostics helps them do that. With GOLO, the independent shop owner can offer remote diagnostics, too, connecting the shop to their customer, aiding in customer retention.

“We have shops that have installed 300 or more GOLO dongles resulting in a customer value-added proposition as well as a major competitive offering,” he said.

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