Young Technicians Symposium debuts at NACE/CARS

Detroit, Mich. – Limited to 30 attendees, the Young Technicians Symposium offered the first time this year at CARS for technicians making the jump from general repair to diagnostics.

     Led by Jim Wilson, senior training instructor-Automotive Aftermarket, Robert Bosch LLC, the all-day intensive program taught electrical and onboard diagnostics techniques in the morning: “Review the Foundation of Automotive Electronics”, “How to use Ohm’s Law in the Real World”, “Review the Most Common Electrical System Failures with Practical Application Examples”, and, “How to get the most info from a Wiring Diagram”.

     The program continued in the afternoon with Engine Management Fundamentals, covering “Review the Key Fuel System Control Components”, “Evaluate Critical Sensor Inputs and Environmental Conditions”, :Benefits of using a Consistent Diagnostic Starting Point?”, and “Learn how to get the most from the 4-Step Process”.

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