Launch Tech USA’s Scott Gompper presents the company’s Millennium line of code readers at AAPEX.

Launch Tech USA introduces new scan tool product and line of code readers

Las Vegas—Scott Gompper, Director of Marketing for Launch Tech USA, introduced the company’s X-431 PRO at AAPEX in Las Vegas, which is a professional, bi-directional scan tool tablet. It uses a class-1 Bluetooth 4.0 connector to ‘talk’ to a vehicle, he said, adding that it services all makes/all models and all modules.

“It’s a completely new system from us with all new hardware along with our established software. It’s an opportunity for techs to have a wired experience with a wireless device — it has fast live data and graphing, along with module coding capabilities.”

Launch also introduced its Millennium line of code readers. “It’s a complete new line of hand-held, multi-functional diagnostic tools for professionals and DIYers,” Gompper said. The line includes six models, each with escalating features and functions, such as ABS and SRS live data, oil reset, battery reset, steering angle reset and more.

“The live ABS and SRS data allows techs to do more than simply see a code. Live data gives them the information needed to fix the problem, which makes it unique. It increases shop productivity at an attractive price point,” he said.

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