Clore’s built-in printer documents results for customer or job tickets.The T7100S is easy to use with minimal training required for service technicians, says Adam Brown, John Bean.Mach Flex lifting systems are available in configurations of two, four, six or eight columns.

Tool & Equipment Notes - February 2017

Clore Automotive printing battery tester performs both battery and system tests

Lenexa, Kan.—The Clore Digital Battery and System Tester with Integrated Printer (BA427) performs complete battery and/or system testing on 6 and 12 Volt batteries and 12 and 24 Volt charging systems. The built-in printer documents results for customer or job tickets. The easy-to-use interface guides the operator through every testing step. Included battery management PC software allows collection of test results to track battery health over time.


New John Bean T7100S Tire Changer offers high-volume output and performance

Conway, Ariz.—The new John Bean T7100S Tire Changer offers shops an opportunity to expand their tire service business.

“The new John Bean T7100S is an advanced center post tire changer with an innovative ergonomic feature set that increases productivity and performance,” said Adam Brown, product manager for John Bean. “The T7100S is easy to use with minimal training required for service technicians. Its efficient functionality helps to reduce shop overhead and grow the bottom line by increasing the volume of jobs performed.”

Features include:

• PROspeed – New exclusive self-adjusting speed system maximizes rotation speed depending on the torque required and automatically adjusts rotation speed to compensate for tire resistance.

• Center Clamp Design – Better than a traditional turntable, the center clamp design reduces risk of wheel damage, does not require jaw protectors and the capacity is not restricted by clamping jaw range.

• Wheel Lift – An enhanced ergonomic design assists technicians with lifting and positioning heavy tires on the machine.

• Bead Breaker – Traditional on-side bead breaker offers familiar function and operation but is controlled by a new finger trigger.

• Tire Lifting Tool – integrated hook helps lift heavy tires during demounting.


Rotary introduces first remote-controlled wireless mobile column lift

Madison, Ind.—Rotary Lift has reinvented the wireless mobile column lift to make it faster and more powerful for lifting any truck, bus or other heavy-duty vehicle. Rotary’s new Mach Flex powered by RedFire wireless mobile column lifting system provides the ability to lift more than 150,000 pounds with a patent-pending remote control. Using the remote control lets the technician move around the vehicle while operating the lift from anywhere in the bay for maximum visibility and flexibility.

In some shops, especially those servicing buses or other long vehicles, two technicians often work together to operate mobile column lifts — one to run the lift and the other to walk around and check that everything is going smoothly. The Mach Flex’s industrial-grade remote control allows use by a single technician, eliminating the need to stay at each column to sync it before moving to the next, which reduces setup time.

The MCH19 FLEX offers a new, higher lifting capacity of 18,800 pounds per column, enabling a set of eight columns to pick up vehicles weighing up to 150,400 pounds.

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