Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation Launches Urgent Response to California Wildfires

The Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation (AACF) has launched phase one of urgent response to aftermarket families affected by the California wildfires. The New York Times reported that California is fighting approximately 17 large fires simultaneously, including the largest in the state’s recorded history. The blaze has claimed 59 lives and destroyed nearly 9,000 homes.

“Applications for help have been increasing in the wake of the unprecedented wild fires in California, so we initiated our crisis-response plans last week,” said AACF President Lynn Parker. “Hundreds of aftermarket employees live and work in the fire areas throughout California.”

AACF Executive Director Joel Ayres added, “We are working with our Awareness Partners: SEMA, the Auto Care Association, MEMA and others to try to reach aftermarket families in need as quickly as possible.”

Aftermarket families in need are asked to complete the simple application on the AACF website. And for those wanting to contribute, donations can be made online or by calling 772-286-5500.

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