CARDONE Remanufactured Diesel Particulate Filters.

CARDONE Introduces Remanufactured Diesel Particulate Filters

Philadelphia—In a continuous effort to provide new product solutions to its customers, CARDONE Industries is pleased to announce the release of A1 CARDONE Remanufactured Diesel Particulate Filters.

Advanced exhaust systems on diesel vehicles play an integral role in reducing emissions to an environmentally friendly level. Within the exhaust system, Diesel Particulate Filters are responsible for removing soot from the exhaust stream.

Historically, when a DPF failed, the only option was to purchase an expensive, brand new unit. A1 CARDONE Remanufactured Diesel Particulate Filters provide an alternative for light to medium duty trucks and passenger cars at a significant cost savings over new.

CARDONE DPFs are function-tested prior to being remanufactured to ensure only the best units are selected. Once the units pass the function test, they are thoroughly cleaned to remove loose particulate matter then baked at high temperatures to reach required performance levels. After reassembly, the units are media blasted and coated to restore the exterior appearance and increase corrosion protection. Each unit is then flow tested to on-car exhaust levels to verify it meets O.E. performance specs for performance and reliability.

This latest innovative offering to an already robust remanufactured lineup represents CARDONE’s continued commitment to the environment and its customers. 

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