MotoLOGIC now provides unedited OE repair and diagnostic information for more than 98 percent of the cars and light duty trucks on the road today.

With an ear to the ground, MOTOSHOP listens to customer needs and revamps

Market research leads the Advance product to build on past successes

Roanoke, Va.—Throughout last year, MOTOSHOP invested in customer feedback and observed how they are using its suite of shop management products — from MotoLOGIC Repair & Diagnostics, MotoREV Shop Marketing, MotoSKILL Shop Tech Training to the MotoSHOP Shop Management System — to enhance and provide a better mousetrap.

“We improved each one individually after having listened to our customers and building that feedback into our products,” said Jad Dunning, Advance vice president and general manager of MOTOSHOP. “It’s about ease of use — we’re focusing on getting technicians the information they need in the fastest way possible, so they can seamlessly and effectively add parts to tickets, manage workflow in bays and market to their customer base in automated ways.”


MOTOSHOP suite enhancements

Among the changes was a re-release of MotoLOGIC Repair & Diagnostics with a new user interface. “Different technicians use technology different ways, and MotoLOGIC now offers techs the option to search content in ways they’re most accustomed,” Dunning said.

MotoLOGIC now provides unedited OE repair and diagnostic information for more than 98 percent of the cars and light duty trucks on the road today. The Web-based platform features a new dynamic search function that allows technicians to find the repair information they need either by keyword, by vehicle systems menu or by following the OE Table of Contents. Through a partnership with MOTOR, MotoLOGIC recently updated its labor information to MOTOR’s Gen5 data – making MotoLOGIC the only repair and diagnostics resource with the latest information. And with the addition of OEM information for late model Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi vehicles, MotoLOGIC now houses more than 30 million searchable articles of repair and diagnostic content.

“It’s been very well received, as evidenced by increased retention rates and sales velocity — the market is telling us it was a great step forward,” Dunning said.

MotoREV Shop Marketing, designed to help customers touch their consumers with targeted messages for return service, has recently integrated new communication devices for users to deploy.

The new Receipt Email functionality, for example, allows a shop to immediately capture and integrate a customer’s service visit into both a shop database and the customer’s personal service profile. Early adopters of the new feature have seen customer email open rates exceed 40 percent. New mobile website designs for shops using MotoREV also make connecting with consumers easier, as tasks including appointment scheduling and reviewing coupons have been optimized for today’s mobile-first customer.

“Again, this is a result of direct feedback from our customers, similar to our MotoSHOP Shop Management System, which has also experienced numerous, valuable releases within the last year. We spend a lot of time in the field, listening, watching and improving our products.”

MotoSHOP Shop Management System helps shops automate their business and offers a streamlined solution for service writers to build a customer database, create quick estimates – including integrated labor and parts ordering – handle invoicing and more. MotoSHOP also offers tools that enhance the customer service experience, including educational videos to help explain repair processes. Recent MotoSHOP enhancements include a configurable parts pricing matrix and the ability to export to QuickBooks.

“We’re designing and delivering the best solutions for our customers,” Dunning said.

MotoSKILL expanded its training offerings in 2016, adding 18 new courses to its comprehensive on-demand training program.

“MotoSKILL underwent a new platform re-release and now offers 150 titles and 500 hours of content,” he added.

New functionality allows a shop’s employees to view past course results and print certifications of completion, while shop owners and managers can view a dashboard of their team’s progress.


MOTOSHOP suite integration

Dunning said MOTOSHOP has also begun to integrate its products together more effectively. “If you’re a MotoSHOP Shop Management user, you now have direct access to MotoLOGIC Repair & Diagnostics, as well as MotoREV Shop Marketing. It represents a more seamless experience for our customers that delivers on what they need to be successful every day in their shops.

“We want our customers to serve their customers better using technology in the way they expect it to run. We’ve made a lot of strides.”

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