Hella Gutmann Solutions aims for holistic approach to diagnostics in US market

European diagnostic tool company differentiates by providing real-time repair information

Peachtree City, Ga.—Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) has a big presence in the European market, said Christian Burkhardt, business and development manager, but emerged onto the U.S. automotive diagnostic scene only this year, intending to provide a holistic approach to the diagnosis and troubleshooting of European cars sold here.

“Other companies offer tools or both tools and hotline support,” he said. “We provide those plus verified, real-time repair information.”

Hella makes several diagnostic tool options for independent repair shops and dealers alike. Its Mega Macs 42SE is a hand-held scanner aimed primarily at mobile applications, while the Mega Macs 66 is a larger scanner providing more comprehensive diagnostics as well as scope functionality. And Hella’s Mega Macs PC is a Windows-based software solution designed to be installed in a shop’s PC, requiring no hardware at all. Burkhardt further detailed each product as follows below.


The Mega Macs 42SE

The 42SE offers wireless communication with the vehicle. It’s primarily designed for quick access to vehicle data or mobile applications. Burkhardt said he envisions used car dealers and service advisors adopting the tool to check vehicle functions quickly, noting that the 42SE also talks wirelessly to other computers in the shop, too. In Europe, the 42SE is used for camera sensor calibration in some applications, which may come to the U.S., but Burkhardt said the technology isn’t ready for implementation here at the moment.


The Mega Macs 66

The Mega Macs 66 has touchscreen functionality, communicates wirelessly and shows interactive circuit diagrams, recommended service procedures and known repairs directly on the screen. The 66 comes with an oscilloscope function and replaceable hardware modules for future function upgrades. Burkhardt said it is to be the first tester to deliver real-time, error code-based repair  procedures. 


Mega Macs PC

The Mega Macs PC is a software kit that works with a Window-based notebook, tablet or PC. The diagnostics profile is similar to that of the Mega Macs 42 SE, the difference being that a shop is buying a stand-alone software solution. 

Hella offers subscriptions for its tools and support packages, which vary depending on the need, he said. “The basic package includes your option of tool plus OBD connector, warranty and twice-annual software updates, which is complimentary for the first year. However, you can opt for one of several enhanced support packages that can include real-time repair support and even one-on-one support from Hella’s technical hotline.” 

Burkhardt added he knows of no other scan tool maker that provides such an approach. “We have no competitor that links all the diagnostics, technical data and verified fixes together” for Audi, BMW, Fiat, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, Saab, Smart, VW and Volvo.

Hella’s presence in Europe is substantial, he said, with a support staff of some 60 technical experts online and on the phone to help its customers learn how to use the tools and interpret the data. While its U.S. staff isn’t near that level yet, its goal is to offer the same support. 

“In the end, the difference between our device and other devices is that we don’t offer only a tool,” Burkhardt said. “We offer complete service coverage of diagnostics, data and hotline. This is what separates us from our competition.”

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