Bogi Lateiner, of the Velocity Channel’s “All Girls Garage,” introduces MAHLE’s new ArcticPRO units at AAPEX. They will be available for sale during the first quarter of 2016.TechPRO is a new generation scan tool providing speed in diagnostics, low cost of entry, and a standardized and easy user interface.

MAHLE announces ArcticPRO A/C machine lineup additions at AAPEX

Las Vegas—MAHLE Service Solutions announced at AAPEX 2015 additions to its line of ArcticPRO air conditioning (A/C) service units. The ArcticPRO ACX1185 is a unit that offers integration of the TechPRO diagnostic tool to service vehicles that use R134a refrigerant and the new ArcticPRO ACX1285 also offers TechPRO integration to service vehicles that use the new R1234YF refrigerant. Both units offer a larger 7-inch LCD touch screen for ease of use. “Offering these units with TechPRO integration allows technicians to diagnose A/C issues without having to hook up a separate scan tool and A/C machine, plus it automatically retrieves the VIN,” said Jon Douglas, general manager, MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. “This also provides techs with speedy diagnostic procedures and the ability to provide consumers with a comprehensive report to review.”

In addition to its high-end Smart AC products with TechPRO, MAHLE Service Solutions has added three new value-priced units to its ArcticPRO lineup including the ACX1120H, ACX1150 and ACX1150H, thus offering a complete range of A/C servicing units to satisfy all customer needs. All three units service vehicles that use the R134a refrigerant and include new ECO LOCK® couplers which minimize any refrigerant leak in the atmosphere. ECO LOCK® sets new milestones in ecological, economical and efficient A/C servicing.

The ACX1120H has a large, back-lit LCD screen and alphanumeric keypad, while the ACX1150 and ACX1150H feature a 4.3-inch touch screen display with an intuitive user interface. The ACX 1120H and ACX1150H are designed for servicing all passenger cars, trucks and hybrid vehicles.

The ACX 1120H, 1150, and 1150H include a high-performance vacuum pump that saves four minutes off the service time compared to a typical double stage pump. Thanks to the unique “long life,” high performance pump, it features a self-cleaning function which increases the life of the vacuum pump oil up to 1,000 hours. This saves technicians time and money by minimizing the frequency of oil changes. All three units include a SUPERCHARGE function that allows technicians to service any vehicle under any climate condition, without having to wait for the vehicle to cool down.

New MAHLE TechPRO scan tool is now available

MAHLE Service Solutions also announced at AAPEX 2015 that its TechPRO diagnostic scan tool is now available for sale. The laptop or tablet-enabled device was introduced at AAPEX 2014 as a “game changing” device which features the ability to decode a vehicle identification number (VIN) in one second with one click. Speed of diagnosis is measured in seconds versus minutes for competitors’ tools. It also features a low cost of entry for technicians to obtain the tool and a versatile user interface. It was engineered so the vehicle communication interface (VCI) and software can be used with a technician’s current desktop, laptop or tablet, making it unnecessary to buy or lease extra hardware. In addition, regular vehicle data and software updates are downloaded automatically and seamlessly via the Internet. TechPRO enhances the experience of end users with an industry leading, first of its kind, human machine interface (HMI), making it easy to use for every technician.

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