Transtar Launches Transend™ -- Get Ready To Shift Into The Future Of Parts Ordering

[Cleveland, Ohio, April 8, 2019] Transtar Industries is proud to announce the launch of transend™, a proprietary eCommerce platform that enables users to look up the exact transmission and driveline parts applications that match a vehicle using license plate number, VIN, or year-make-model-engine type. Transtar expects transend to reduce part ordering and return errors by more than 90%, and slash the time spent on placing orders over the phone by more than half.  
The days of sifting through a multi-thousand page catalog for aftermarket transmission and driveline parts are over. Transend users receive a list of products specifically suited for the repair of the vehicle they are working on simply by entering the license plate or VIN. Traditional year-make-model-engine searching is also an option. Users can also filter and purchase items by transmission type, product type, brand, price, and availability, as well as searching by any industry part number and then customize shipping options.
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tom DeMille, comments, “By giving our customers immediate access to parts information online – all by simply entering the license plate of a car – we’ve enabled our sales team to develop more meaningful relationships with their customers. The time that was spent matching part numbers to transmissions is now dedicated to working directly with shop owners to understand their needs with the goal of making them more profitable.”
With hundreds of transmission types in operation, shops now require highly specialized knowledge to accurately and efficiently match parts to a vehicle; by leveraging data and analyzing trends, transend removes the uncertainty and allows shop owners to focus their time on repairing vehicles, customer service management, and growing their business.
“Transend is yet another example of our commitment to providing our customers with the best experience possible,” says Chief Executive Officer Neil Sethi.
Register for your free transend account today at and shift into the future of parts ordering.

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