August 2015 - Collision Product Notes

Weld station repairs aluminum and steel

Sacramento, Calif.— Killer Tools’ ( KT500 Aluminum Weld Station is easy to use and includes everything needed to start repairing aluminum, including a lever puller, T-handle puller, and a variety of 500 M4 and M5 aluminum and steel studs, 20 M4 and M6 pulling tabs, 40 M4 and M6 steel nuts, and four M4 and M6 nut attachments. It’s easily rolled around the shop on eight-inch rubber wheels and operates off of 110 volts.

Innovative Tools offers Scangrip color-matching lights

     St. Paul, Minn.—Innovative Tools’ ( line of color-matching lights is designed for long run time. Perfect for any paint, polish, cleaning or prep-zone operation,  they are supplied with a replaceable glass lens resistant to all kind of solvents and stand up to daily cleaning. The long operating time of the color match work lights makes it possible to complete a job without interruption by time-consuming recharging.

     The portable Sunmatch light offers up to three hours of run time and is easy to carry in a pocket or on a work belt. The lamp can also be placed anywhere during inspection work with a hook or strong built-in magnet. The flexible lamp head tilts up to 180 degrees, and according to Innovative, it’s durable and dust- and waterproof.

     The Scangrip Multimatch is also rechargeable, with up to six hours of run time, but can be used with or without the power cable. The Multimatch is also dust- and waterproof and sturdily made of die cast aluminum. The flexible foot makes the Scangrip Multimatch easy to place for optimal lighting, and a tripod is available for even further possibilities of placement. According to Innovative, it’s ideal for inspection during polishing, painting, and cleaning, and as a general work light.

Dolly cover prevents aluminum cross-contamination

     Dayton, Ohio—Steck Mfg. Co.’s Soft Strike general purpose dolly cover is made from Buna rubber to easily transition from working body tools on steel to aluminum without the worry of cross-contamination and galvanic corrosion. 

     Instead of investing in redundant body tools, a technician can apply the Ford-approved red rubber removable cover to the tool he already owns, giving him the ability to work on aluminum with no worry of galvanic corrosion. The Soft Strike general purpose dolly cover also eliminates the problem of a rubber dolly not being heavy enough to work effectively by allowing one to simply add the cover to an existing steel dolly, according to the company.

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