Auto repair shop owners skip the work

Streamlined profit management software efficiently increases car count

LITTLETON, COLO. – July 2, 2015 – The true secret to financial success in an automotive repair shop is having the right information at the right time. But, what shop owners really want is to spend time in the shop and with customers, or with family and friends, and not sitting behind a screen entering and analyzing data.
Released today with improved usability and a new slate of tools that visualize a shop's performance, the newly updated Rapid Profit Management (RPM) ToolKit™ from Auto Profit Masters gives shop owners the ability to have real-time updates on critical data that can reveal the true health of their business QUICKLY, removing manual data entry from the equation.
The improved RPM ToolKit now interfaces with top point-of-sale systems including RO Writer, Mitchell SE, NAPA Tracs, YES, ShopKey, WinWorks and Protractor, giving shops the ability to sync their numbers INSTANTLY with the touch of a button. Efficiently combining the power of sales data with profit management results in tens of thousands of added and increased annual profits within the first year, and reducing “paper” work by hundreds of hours.
“At the end of the day, when the last thing I want to do is enter data or look at numbers, the improved RPM ToolKit gets rid of the work,” said Kenny Walters, owner of Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts in Walled Lake, Mich. “It syncs directly with my RO Writer system, skips the work and gets me right to the answers.”
Unlike other shop management software or accounting reports, the improved RPM ToolKit gives shop owners the ability to go BEYOND the numbers and see the actual effectiveness of their marketing and the condition of their customer base, while increasing car count. Easy-to-navigate dashboards visually show results (or lack thereof) in a shop’s most important benchmarks and what they can attribute to their success.
After the RPM ToolKit points out an area of inefficiency, bottleneck or problem, one click leads to a guided lesson in correcting a shop step-by-step, supported with dozens of training podcasts, step-by-step videos and guidebooks intended to give shop owners the opportunity to learn the way they learn best -- reading, listening, watching or doing. This user-friendly system guides owners to measure, track, train and hold their team accountable for the shop's profitability, inspection process, and even positive team culture.

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