The Berryman cleaner is specifically formulated for vehicles with more than 60,000 miles.The Bendix all-makes, all-models product line s designed to exceed OEM specifications.Penray’s new 2-Step Oil and Fuel Treatment Kit offers a chemical service kit that removes debris and deposits from fuel systems.Raybestos plated brake calipers undergo a rigorous remanufacturing process.The diagnostic calculator will give users a thorough breakdown on how profitable MODIS Edge could be for their shop.

National Product Notes - March 2017

Berryman Automotive Products introduces new fuel system cleaner

Arlington, Texas—Berryman Automotive Products introduced Berryman B-12 Chemtool High-MileEdge Fuel SystemCleaner. The 99-year-old company offers the High-MileEdge in a 15-ounce easy-pour metal can and is VOC compliant in all 50 states.

The cleaner is specifically formulated for vehicles with more than 60,000 miles to thoroughly clean the entire fuel system. It is effective on all gas-powered engines. The Berryman product features powerful detergents and Berryman’s exclusive High Energy Solvent Technology (H.E.S.T.) solvents to deliver one-tank cleanup for fuel injectors, intake valves, carburetors and combustion chambers. High-MileEdge dissolves fuel residue and carbon deposits while restoring lost power, reducing idle and hesitation, lessening octane requirements and improving overall driving experience. By dispersing moisture and stabilizing gasoline, this product can also improve fuel economy while being both catalytic converter and oxygen-sensor safe.


Bendix Brakes announces Enhanced Stop by Bendix automotive brake product line

Long Grove, Ill.—MAT Holdings announced the launch of the enhanced Bendix brand Stop by Bendix product line, which offers complete all-makes, all-models automotive brake product coverage. Stop by Bendix automotive brake products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

The enhanced Stop by Bendix product line doubles the coverage of the previous product line to offer coverage for all makes and models of passenger cars and light duty trucks. The product line features an improved shim design, offering quieter performance, as well as the signature Bendix blue burnishing stripe. The stripe acts as a lubricant during the brake products’ break-in period, ensuring noise-free performance.

Stop by Bendix products feature proprietary friction formulations and multi-layer brake shims that deliver smooth, reliable, and quiet performance, and meets or exceeds the performance of the vehicle’s original brake products.


The Network announces addition of Motorcraft to WebShop

Germantown, Tenn.—The Network announced that Motorcraft images and smart page data are now available within the Parts & Accessories Catalog in WebShop.

“Product Data continues to be one of the most important parts of the selling process in today’s automotive aftermarket. Having your best product data available to the counterman and beyond is required to provide an accurate value proposition,” said Bill Atkinson, Motorcraft sales and marketing manager.

Tom Frey, vice president of Technology for the Network, said, “Inclusion in the Network’s WebShop sites allows Motorcraft to provide more information and advantages to buying a premium product for maintenance and repair to our customers. Providing our customers the most complete and up-to-date product information helps them make the best buying decision.”


Penray launches 2-Step Oil and Fuel Treatment Kit

Wheeling, Ill.—Motorists and technicians alike are always looking for ways to extend engine life and restore engine performance to original levels. Penray’s new 2-Step Oil and Fuel Treatment Kit offers a chemical service kit that removes debris and deposits from fuel systems, while fortifying engine oil with a specially formulated compound that strengthens and extends the life of engine oil.

The 2-Step product includes Penray’s Total Fuel System Cleaner, which is effective in dissolving and removing harmful deposits throughout the fuel system. It removes debris, varnish, and other contaminants from fuel tanks, fuel lines, and sensitive fuel injectors, resulting in more complete and consistent combustion. The result is an engine that is easier to start, is more responsive, and achieves improved fuel economy and lower emissions levels.

The 2-Step kit also includes Penray’s oil treatment, which includes detergents and other additives, increasing the lubricity and life of both conventional and synthetic engine oils. The use of the additive promotes easier starting, prevents dry start-ups, and extends the life of critical engine components like engine bearings and piston rings.


Raybestos introduces RPT Plated Brake Calipers

McHenry, Ill.—New Raybestos Rust Prevention Technology (RPT) Plated Brake Calipers are remanufactured calipers that function and fit like OE. A proprietary zinc electroplating process inhibits rust and provides all-weather protection against the elements.

“Raybestos RPT plated calipers are friction ready and engineered for safe, leak-free operation,” said Kristin Grons, marketing manager, Brake Parts Inc. “Strict testing criteria guarantees the calipers provide trouble-free installation and optimal performance in demanding driving conditions such as rain, salt and snow.”

Raybestos plated brake calipers undergo a rigorous remanufacturing process to ensure they not only meet or exceed OE standards, but that they also adhere to global industry standards including SAE J1603, QC/T 592-2013, ASTM B117 and JASO C448. All recovered components are thoroughly cleaned, checked for wear and straightness, and zinc electroplated. The seals, boots, bleeder screws and O-rings are replaced with new materials. 


Snap-on adds MODIS Edge to diagnostic calculator

Lincolnshire, Ill.—Snap-on has added its MODIS Edge combination full-function scan tool and scope/graphing meter to its diagnostic calculator feature available on the Snap-on website at The online tool helps automotive repair technicians and shop owners determine how much profit they could be making by using a Snap-on diagnostic platform.

“With the addition of MODIS Edge to our diagnostic calculator, technicians and shop owners can easily see the value of investing in our latest integrated diagnostic system,” said Mark Schaefer, director of marketing, Snap-on Diagnostics. “The diagnostic calculator will give users a thorough breakdown on how profitable MODIS Edge could be for their shop, based on how it would be used. Fast and easy-to-use, the diagnostic calculator is another great resource to help our customers grow their business.”

To find the user’s potential return on investment, the diagnostic calculator asks a few simple questions such as how many times a week does the shop connect to a vehicle, how many service/health checks does the shop perform each week and what the shop charges for those services. The user then indicates which diagnostic tool they either own or are looking to purchase. Lastly, the user enters their name and e-mail address to receive a customized message about their potential profit breakdown, based on the answers given. In addition to MODIS Edge, the diagnostic calculator also includes VERUS Edge, SOLUS Edge and ETHOS PRO.


Purolator introduces 10 new part numbers to premium oil filter line, PurolatorBOSS

Raleigh, N.C.—Purolator, a manufacturer of automotive filtration products for the aftermarket, announced the introduction of 10 new part numbers to its premium oil filter line, PurolatorBOSS. Extending coverage to reach 25 million passenger vehicles on the road today, the new part numbers include five spin-on and five cartridge oil filters.

“2016 was a tremendous year of growth for Purolator,” said Kevin O’Dowd, global director of product and brand marketing for the automotive aftermarket for MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC. “Now, with the announcement of 10 new part numbers to the PurolatorBOSS line, we have significantly extended our coverage of the passenger vehicle market with an extended-mileage filter solution that offers maximum engine protection.”

The new part numbers fit models such as the Subaru Outback, Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota 4Runner.


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