New John Bean Opti-Tread evaluates tread depth for up to six-wheel vehicles

Conway, Ariz.—Portable, wireless and battery-powered, the new John Bean Opti-Tread is a diagnostic tool to evaluate and reveal problems using tire tread depth and tire pressure measurements for vehicles with up to six wheels. Fast and easy to use, it performs all inspections and provides a detailed, written report in under two minutes.

“The new John Bean Opti-Tread diagnostic tool provides a uniquely easy-to-understand tire audit report that reveals a detailed list of problems that service technicians can clearly present to their customers,” said Brian Gates, product manager for Snap-on Equipment. “Opti-Tread displays individual tire pressure and three tread depth readings per tire for a total of 16 measurements along with qualitative evaluations. The result is a tire audit report that builds customer trust and will help customers understand the condition of their tires and what needs to be serviced.”

The John Bean Opti-Tread can be used inside or outside the shop. It runs a full day on a single charge and the wireless Bluetooth communication allows for more freedom of movement. The software can be installed on Windows workstations or tablets and is ideal for use at the service advisor desk for a fast tire condition report. Opti-Tread is a useful add-on for audit machines and fast alignment verification in service bays and it is also installed in many lube and oil departments to increase revenue with little added labor. Muffler shops also find it handy to increase traffic to their alignment bays.

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