Redline announces new Power Intake Adaptor Set for turbo, diesel, supercharged engines

Orange, Calif.—Redline Detection announced a new product, the Power Intake Adaptor Set, which features a pair of inflatable block off bladders with a pressurized vapor pass-through that allows technicians to test an entire boosted intake and exhaust system, end to end, quickly and easily. The professional grade adaptor is inflated with compressed air to conform to any size intake or exhaust. Engineering prevents over inflating the bladder or over pressuring the system with pop-off safety valves and safety cable.

Power Intake is the only OEM globally mandated/essential block-off tool available. Thousands of technicians are now able to replicate the full load of a running boosted engine to perform service and repair on turbo, diesel, supercharged and high performance engines, with the engine safely off. “This presents a real growth opportunity for technicians and shop owners to increase the services they offer their customers, to expand their business to service and repair boosted engines,” said Alex Parker, executive vice president of Redline Detection. “Redline is all about engineering professional grade equipment that helps technicians to work more efficiently and to grow their business.”

Compatible with PowerSmoke PRO, or any brand high-pressure diagnostic leak detector, Power Intake also works “air only.” Built-in couplers make testing quick and simple. Vapor pass-through allows technicians to accurately locate leaks in seconds, increasing shop efficiency, finding additional repair jobs, and improving customer service in one simple procedure.

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