Associated Equipment Announces New and Improved BEST IN CLASS Battery Charger Warranty

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – Associated Equipment Corp. (AEC) announces New BEST IN CLASS Warranty program for domestically made wheeled battery chargers.

Associated Equipment’s new BEST IN CLASS warranty provides TWO (2) year manufacturer’s warranty with FIVE (5) years transformer/rectifier for heavy duty battery chargers (6001A, 6002B, 6006, 6009 and 6012) and THREE (3) years transformer/rectifier warranty for INTELLAMATIC® wheeled smart chargers. Associated provides both in and out of warranty repair parts and service at over 200 service providers across North America as well as from its manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO.

“We are excited to announce that we are immediately implementing our new warranty policy retro-actively on qualified chargers currently in the field or available for sale that fall within the new TWO (2) year warranty period.  We want our customers and end users to know that we stand behind our products and that when they buy Associated Equipment products, they know they have invested in a tool that lasts”, stated Kimberly Cottle, President and CEO of Associated Equipment, “we continue to lead the market in professional quality battery management tools and equipment and this is another step in raising the bar for our St. Louis based company.”

“Associated is known for manufacturing the best quality professional battery chargers on the market and while we have always provided a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on our chargers, we believe the new two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty provides our customers with increased value proposition and ROI for our US made wheeled chargers”, continued Cottle.  “Customer confidence in the quality and reliability of our battery chargers along with service after sale, is what sets us apart from our competition.”

Associated Equipment is committed to providing the highest quality battery service equipment to the professional tool and equipment distribution markets and professional technicians.

Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) designs, patents and assembles, in St. Louis, Missouri, a full line of battery charging, testing and portable power solutions, booster cables and clamps, for automotive, heavy duty/fleet, aircraft and recreational vehicle use for a worldwide customer base.  AEC designs, imports and quality assures product under ATEC® brand with unique packaging targeting commercial channels.  AEC also provides a full line of fume extractors, downdraft tables and ambient air cleaners for the welding industry under the Ace Industrial Products™ brand.


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